The Summer. Our Summer

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: September 03, 2010



Chapter Six

I parked outside Carol’s Books, checking myself out in the mirror first. It had been yesterday when Logan and I kissed and now I was a nervous wreck. Rowan didn’t know yet, I was trying to prepare myself for her cockiness and well I wanted to see first if things were what I thought they were.

I hopped down and took a big breath, before making my way up to Carol’s Books.

“Hey,” I greeted with a big grin.

“Hello,” Carol said warily.

“What’s up with the grin?” Luke asked, wiping a table.

“Is it illegal to grin?” I teased.

“And she is teasing. Okay, either her favorite author is releasing a new book or she finished up a whole book in record time,” Luke tried to guess.

I rolled my eyes. “No and no. I’m just happy this morning, is that a crime Luke?”

He stared suspiciously at me while I shrugged it off.

“No it is not that Luke, she has a different kind of happiness,” Carol said, staring at me.

“Hello everybody,” Logan greeted with a cheeky grin.

I blushed and looked away.

“Holy crap!” Carol exclaimed. “You two kissed!”

I closed my eyes. Oh shit, well I didn’t want to have this conversation.

“I’m, um, going to do something,” I said, ready to stand up.

“Oh no,” Carol shook her head and silenced me with a look.

I swallowed and stayed frozen into place.

Logan grinned and sat in the chair beside mine. “Hello, cutie,” he winked.

I pressed my lips together and looked down at my lap.

“Isn’t that cute?” Carol squealed.

“Oh man,” Luke mumbled. “Here we go.”

“You have to tell me everything,” Carol said looking at both of us through excited narrowed eyes.

“Carol, please don’t go there,” I shook my head and rubbed my temples.

Logan chuckled.

“How did it happen?” she demanded.

“It just did, now can we please get to work?” I asked.

“Logan,” she said, knowing she wouldn’t get a word from me.

“Luke had left, she wanted to arrange something, though there wasn’t anything to arrange. She stopped in the YA section and all I could think is how much I was dying to kiss her, so I got her talking and then gathered the courage to kiss her,” he shrugged.

I stared at him. He was dying to kiss me? A silly smile crept to my lips and a blush rose to my cheeks.

He chuckled and kissed my cheek.

“Aren’t you two the cutest?” Carol said excitedly, clapping her hands in delightment. “Aw, see Avery I told you he liked you.”

I rolled my eyes. “Oh, please you deduced that too early.”


“Okay, you have to tell me everything,” Rowan demanded as we sat with our Subways in front of us.

I grinned. “Well, yesterday was raining, right?”

She nodded urgently.

“Well Carol gets all depressed and she left early, then left Luke because well business was dead and I get nervous when I’m forced to make conversation so I looked for something to do, there wasn’t anything we’d already did all we could and Logan followed behind me. At last I stopped in the YA section and leaned in a bookshelf, staring at the spines. He asked what was it that I saw and I told him than he started comparing my answer to persons and next thing you know he is leaning in and I met him halfway and we kiss,” I shrugged.

She grinned and squealed. “I can’t believe you kissed Logan Trainor! How was it?”

I laughed. “Awesome, he is a good kisser,” I admitted.

She made me her duh are you stupid or what? face. “Of course he is a good kisser. It would be like a crime to be that hot and not be a good kisser Avery. Tell me every single detail about the kiss.”

I shook my head and grimaced with a laugh. “Ew Ro, no! It was great, innocent and well what do you expect for a first kiss? We didn’t make out.”

She looked disappointed. “Well, how was he this morning?”

I smiled. “Um, he got all smiling and then told me ‘Hello, cutie’ and I blushed and look away and he kissed my cheek.”

Rowan squealed and clapped her hands. “That’s so sweet Avery. I mean he is like the hottest guy in town and he is head over heels for you. What did I tell you?”

I sighed. “That he liked me, but we just kissed and well I don’t really know where we stand.”

She made her duh face again. “It’s obvious he wants to be your boyfriend silly. I swear you can be so slow when it comes to relationships babe.”

I smiled sheepishly.


“Um, I was wondering, if you wanted to, um, go to this pool party a friend of mine is throwing?” Logan asked as casually as he could leaning on a book shelf.

I sighed. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. Um, I mean your friends are well, probably I’m not their type of person,” I told him shyly, staring down at my feet.

“They’ll like you. If you show them who you really are, they’ll like you as much as I do,” he said tucking a lose strand of my hair behind my ear.

I looked at him. “It’s not that easy, Logan.”

“Please Avery? For me? It’ll mean a lot to me,” he pleaded doing a puppy face.

How come everybody has one? And why was it so irresistible all the time? If Rowan’s was impossible to deny imagine Logan’s.

I groaned. “Fine, but it isn’t fair if you do that face.”

He laughed. “I never said I would play fair,” he winked.

I rolled my eyes and gave him a soft peck in the lips.

Logan and I had been giving this whole dating thing a shot for two weeks now, and well needless to say two of the best weeks of the summer so far.

He winked. “You are the best Avery.”

“Yeah, well I know, but thanks for reminding me.”

He grinned and shook his head, amused.


“Here we are,” Logan said as we parked outside this gorgeous house in the expensive part of town and I stared at the house.

It was this modern house, all white, glass and black. Really massive and expensive looking. Trees and bamboo around it making the house look extra modern.

“Well it’s lavish,” I commented.

He chuckled. “It is, that’s Brandon for you. You ready?” he winked and placed his arm around my waist.

I sighed. “As ready as one can be.”

He chuckled and kissed my cheek. “You’ll like them and we’ll be here an hour, maybe two, okay?”

I nodded. “Okay.”

He winked and we made our way up the lawn.

“Logan, my man!” a guy I vaguely recognized from school too greeted, throwing out his arms like Logan was the king of the other kingdom and he was welcoming him to his castle only to show how much he had. Okay I saw too many Disney movies when I was a kid, okay?

“Brandon,” Logan grinned, but he kept his arm around my waist. So this guy was the host.

He was tall and had brown short hair and I think he was part of the swimming team. That’s right all the jocks in our school got along. Soccer, football, swimming, lacrosse. Name the sport the teams were in good terms.

“Who is the lovely lady?” he asked his eyes turning to me.

“Avery Watson,” I said before Logan could introduce me.

He nodded. “You’re in school, right?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’m that girl who always manages to blend into the scenery.”

He laughed. “She’s funny, man. So make yourselves at home.”

Logan and I ventured in, he introduced me to his friends like his ‘girl’ and I got a lot of glares from the girls at the party and death stares from, as Logan explained, Becca’s friends.

“Hey man we’re starting a water polo game, want to play?” Ben asked Logan.

Logan turned to look at me a question in his eyes. I could not let him go.

“You go ahead,” I told him with a reassuring smile.

He beamed and kissed my cheek. “You’re the best Avery.”

I smiled. “Oh, I know.”

He and Ben laughed and went ahead to play their water polo game.

“He really likes you,” a girl told me. She was short with brown hair and stunning green eyes.

I smiled. “I think so, you are?”

“His sister. I’m a sophomore and he doesn’t stop rambling about you,” she confessed.

I chuckled. “Well I like him too.”

“You’ll better do. I do kick boxing,” she warned, but I could tell she was being playful.

“Dang, I wanted to dump him, but now I’m stuck with him. I like my face pretty,” I teased back.

She snickered. “I like you Avery.”

“Thanks…” I trailed off, not really knowing her name.

“Lorelei,” she told me.

I nodded and I could see Logan in the pool grinning in our direction.


“I’ll see you Monday,” Logan said as he dropped me off at my house. He had insisted to walk me to the door and all like a gentleman.

“Yeah, I’ll see you,” I told him.

“Honey,” my mom said opening the door and staring at Logan. “Oh, so he is Logan?” she asked.

“That’s me Mrs. Watson,” he told her, extending his hand.

“Oh tell me Olivia. I’m nor Mrs. Watson I’m just Olivia Keasley,” she assured him.

Logan nodded. “Okay, Olivia.”

I looked away embarrassed.

“I guess I’ll wait inside,” she said. “Nice to meet you Logan.”

“You too Olivia,” he smiled and turned to me. “Your mom is great.”

I smiled. “Yeah, she’s kind of crazy. Well see you Monday.”

“See you,” he said and kissed me briefly in the lips, leaving me flushed and smiling.

He chuckled and retreated down our lawn.

I waved as he got in his car and drove away.

“Well he certainly is a hottie Avery,” my mom winked as soon as I much stepped inside.

I groaned. “Mom, please.”

“What? He is? And he’s totally into you,” she beamed. “Oh, yeah your father called.”

I grinned. “I’ll call him back.”

“We have to talk boys,” she urged me.

“Mom, later, please?” I urged her.

She sighed. “You love George way more than you love me,” she said offended.

“I don’t,” I told her and gave her one big hug, she couldn’t reject my hugs.

She kissed the top of my head and laughed. “I know you don’t. I’ll hunt him down if you did.”

I looked pointedly at her.

“Gee, I’m kidding,” she said holding her hands up.

I grinned and moved on to our kitchen to dial Dad.

“Hello,” he said groggily in the other side.

“Hey Dad,” I greeted.

“Kiddo, hello. Your mom told me you were out on a party. How was it?” he asked enthusiastically and I could picture him perking up in his expensive couch in the loft he lived in New York.

“It was great, a lot of fun and I felt welcomed,” I informed him.

“That’s awesome sweetie. Tell me who did you go with? Rowan?” he asked. As you could probably tell my dad was a man of details and cared about the person, which was one of my theories as in why he was such a great lawyer.

“Um, actually Logan,” I told him shyly.

“So a guy? Is he your boyfriend?” he asked a little more wary now.

“Um, yeah pretty much,” I told him.

“Okay, does he respect you? Make you smile and talks with you about books?” he demanded.

I smiled. “He does, he does and he does. He works with me at Carol’s Books so it’s a topic, yeah,” I told him with a chuckle.

He laughed. “Okay, so I take it I have nothing to worry about?”

“Noup, nothing at all Dad,” I assured him.

“Okay, how’s your brother?” he asked. “Is he there? I would love to talk with him.”

“He’s great and I think he’s not. I didn’t see his car in the driveway, but I can check if you want to,” I told him.

“Nah, it’s okay,” he assured me.

“How’s work going?” I asked.

He sighed. “It’s been crazy lately. My only free time comes down to breakfast and dinner and when I go and get my coffee. I have this client who just needs the divorce like in right now and his wife is being difficult about it and claiming they are in this forever and that he should forgive her. Let’s just say it’s a big drama thing they have going on and another client who wants his husband to accept crazy conditions and well let’s just say I spend most of my time revising cases.”

“I’m sorry about that, Dad. You’ll see things will get better and you will have your time back. What are you doing now?” I asked, because Dad didn’t show at the office Sundays but if the business was as crazy as he described he would be working right now.

“I had been revising some papers, but got tired of it and decided to watch some TV. ESPN or maybe History Channel, if something interesting is on. Maybe HBO, I don’t know.”

I smiled. “Well I hope you do find something interesting.”

“I’m home,” Caleb called.

“Still want to talk with Caleb?” I asked Dad.


“Caleb, you dumb Dad’s on the phone,” I called out to him.

“Who are you calling dumb, dwarf?” he demanded, grinning at me.

“Well it was nice to talk with you Dad. I love you,” I told him.

“I love you too kid and don’t forget to write,” he said.

I handed the phone over to Caleb and left the kitchen.


“Hello stranger, it’s nice to see you too,” Rowan said, entering Carol’s Books wearing a miniskirt and a tank top, revealing more than I would have felt comfortable with.

I smiled. “Hello, Ro. What brings you here? Are you here to buy a book?”

She snorted. “I came because my so said ‘best friend’ has been very distant and FYI she wasn’t answering my calls during all Sunday.”

I smiled sheepishly at her. “Um, I kinda went to a party and then Dad called and he and Caleb were on the phone for forever and well I’m sorry Ro.”

She sighed. “Well I forgive you just because you weren’t reading, but at a party. And we all know how hard that is to do,” she said and Carol laughed.

“That’s truth. Good to see you here Rowan.”

“Hello Carol, see I think she’s being more of a friend than you have been this three days,” she told me disapprovingly.

“Hey, not saying that to my girl,” Logan told Rowan playfully and kissed my cheek.

Rowan giggled and I blushed.

“Well you’re excused just because he is freaking hot.”

Logan chuckled.

“Hey, he is my boyfriend,” I told her with a disapproving look. “You’re not allowed to call him hot.”

She rolled her eyes. “Okay so are you available for lunch?”

I nodded. “Sure.”

She grinned. “Sorry to steal her away from you Logan, but she was my best friend first so line up.”

Logan laughed as did Carol.

“Ro, shut up,” I told her. “Well I’ve see you guys later.”

“Bye gorgeous,” Logan winked.

I smiled and linked my arm with Rowan’s.

Once outside she squealed. “He’s so into you Ave! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! You’ve kissed those plum perfect lips!”

I laughed. “Jeez Ro, I thought you were past that by now. I mean it’s been what two weeks?”

“Oh babe I still can’t get over it. I mean Logan Trainor is your boyfriend! That’s like major! And he even has ‘In a relationship with Avery Watson’ as his status in Facebook. I mean isn’t that kind of surreal for you?” she rambled.

I chuckled. “Sometimes it can be kind of surreal, yes and I found the Facebook thing adorable, but imagine this is just some other relationship. Not that I’d had one of those before.”

“Oh Avery, your enthusiasm kills me,” she said sarcastically as we got to her car.

I rolled my eyes and poked out my tongue at her.

She mock gasped at me and we both cracked up.

A/N: Hey there guys, i wanted to inform you that if you interested there's a scene that I couldn't include here, because I thought of it too late and it didn't fit ANYWHEREin the previous chapters, so I put it up at my website and here's the link in case you're And as always thanks for all those of you who comment and read this :D You guys are awesome with capital A :)

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