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ok i dont know what flash fiction is so (Y) but yea Orpahange is about a girl gets abondoned, tragic events in her life, few cliff hangers, good friend, bad friend, attempt suicide and so on, but i like it. so :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Orphanage

Submitted: April 21, 2009

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Submitted: April 21, 2009



“The mother was only young, sixteen what else could she do? She had no money and her parents were certainly not going to let her keep her, their own grandchild they made her do it, poor child will grow up without a family”

No child shall be without a family, no mother to care for them, no father to spoil them. This child although shall go through life without either, living as... an orphan.

July 17th 1992 a young girl was walking about the street with a wicker basket, heading for the church. With the rain pouring heavily all that the girl is, couldn’t be seen, nor was a peep heard from her as she makes her way over. She rests the wicker on the step then concludes in a short prayer leans into the basket and retrieves something. A few chaps at the huge doors that hang from the religiously decorated arch and runs.

The priest comes to the door in haste, “Margret” sounding regrettable “Another one, fifth this month”
“Oh... James, what on earth could possess a human to leave such a beautiful creature.”

“God works in mysterious ways Margret, remember that.”

“Yes... Yes, But we can't take another one James, we have to go to the orphanage”

“in the morning my dear... dear wife” they agreed and took the basket in, and from there they took her to the orphanage, and she’s still there sixteen years on.

She has a friend, there are a lot kids there, but only a few the same age, because most of them got adopted or fostered when they were younger, so she only has a handful but only a best friend as any girl would do. The priests wife still visits her, but the priest he died five years before of old age, but Margret still brings her cookies every week and she talks and talks, she thinks of Margret as a mum since she’s the closest thing.
She doesn’t have the normal lifestyle as a sixteen year old, she doesn’t go out often, she is happy that she has just got her best friend with her at all times, Jessica. Abby had known Jessica since she was seven she was taken into the orphanage when both of her parents died when on plane back from Italy; they died of over pressure in the cabins, and their lungs just popped.

Abby was taller than Jess, she had long brown curly hair, kinda shabby since she was an orphan, her clothes not always stylish but she made the best of what she had, and jess described Abby as the sweetest person anyone will ever meet, never takes anything for granted, grateful for everything she has and is always there for everyone. Jess was shorter than Abby and Jess had blonde hair, not your material girl blonde but just normal blonde with tints of brown, Abby describes Jess as the most funny person you will ever meet and she also said that she will be there for anyone whatever time, whatever place.

But today, today was a lucky day for both the girls because someone was going to foster them. Many times before did the girls have a chance to get fostered, but they weren’t getting fostered together, and that’s what they wanted. To be together, and they were going to have the chance to be together.
Frank was his name. The one that wanted to adopt them, he was a middle aged business man, dressed in a smart suit with clean cut stubble and thinning brown hair. He always had a void in his life since his wife and young child died in a car accident and he was the only one that survived. He drove the car and he survived, whilst he had to burry his wife and four month baby. Ever since he has been one of those people who see good, do good, act good. He ran for charities, climbed for charities, any fun raiser you can think of it, Frank has probably done it. So he wanted to do good for Abby and Jessica, by showing them a little happiness in their lives.


But as always... “Happiness is shortly lived.”

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