What She Saw

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Before I could take another step closer to the mirror he stopped me with his arm in front of my face. I, of course did what I was told. Nothing suspicious there, right? I stood there few steps away from the entrance to the room I watched him walk towards the mirror and pressed his hand against it.
“Sir, what are you…?”
“But, sir I’m missing class…”
“For heaven’s sake! Why don’t students just obey their teachers when they say be quiet these days?” He then knocked on the mirror’s frame.
“Sorry sir…”
“Okay. You can come out now. The seal has been broken”
My eyes widened. Out stepped before my eyes, a womanly figured clay with no head from the mirror. My mouth dropped; shocked so bad that I couldn’t even spout a word I stood still pointing at that “thing” stuttering gibberish like a retard.
She did as the head of history commanded and then duplicated in to two but instead of a woman she had a young boy to the height of her hips with a head too. Her clay decreased. Her neck and shoulders were gone.
“In case your wandering, whenever she duplicates her clay decreases thus she loses body parts.”
“Well, it’s more polite than calling her a thing now is it?”
“I suppose”
“Manners, where have they all gone in this generation?”
“I think not bothering to know a woman’s name is disrespectful. Don’t you?”
“Enough with small talk. Have respect for your teachers.”
He then faced the clay people “Shape shift” He said while shoving me in front of the clay boy and while the head had himself in front of the woman. The clay slowly began to dissolve; starting to look lie some sort of slime, The boy’s face started to become distorted.

“That’s so disturbing on so many levels.” I stated.
The boy clawed a chunk of clay from his face, he then rolled it into a ball and flattened it to a perfect flat-ish circle.
“What is he doin-” I was cut off. Know why? He flung the thing right at my face! I tried to pull it off but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled harder, guess what?, Didn’t budge. Great, just great, at least now things can’t get any more worse.

“Now.” The head teacher exclaimed. I couldn’t see anything behind this chunk of clay which by the way feels pretty slimy. Due to that I couldn’t exactly tell what he meant. I wish I did. Someone pulled it right off my face and it hurt like hell! It was like 50 bandages being ripped off and 50 needles jammed into you all at the same damn time!

“Argh!!” I screamed in pain. It left a stinging sensation. I turned to the head teacher “What happened to my face? It’s beginning to feel numb. It isn’t distorted or anything right? Or... Wait; don’t tell me it’s gone?!” I shouted in fear
“Don’t shout at your teachers and especially of someone with high status like me who could get you expelled. Oh good lord, Miss Flock I had no idea you were this immature.” He said irritated.
“Me? Immature? You’re the teacher who has clap people for friends. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t really a teacher” I replied
“Indeed he is.” I looked back and saw another me and another head of history teacher.
“You are to attend Miss Flock’s classes and you dashingly handsome me clone are to attend my meetings, classes, and do all my paper work” He said smiling at the end.

The head of history teacher clone turned to the ‘other’ me and scowled. I don’t know why but even if that really wasn’t me I was pretty ticked. “Miss Flock, why aren’t you in class? This part of the library is prohibited.” They both exited the room and went, who knows where?.

I turned to him “He seems more like a teacher than you in every way.”
“They become the ideal person you want to be. Basically, they’re strangers who look like us but are nothing like us they’re the people we want to be and others want us to be.” He replied

“Then won’t they take suspicion?” I asked in doubt
“They will but it’ll be fine since I’ve been using clay people ever since I got this job and it’s done great things for me. In your case it should be fine since ‘that’ knows everything about you outside…” He paused and look at me from up to down.
“And inside…” You don’t have much of a figure now do you?
I rolled my eyes. Damn, if he wasn’t a ‘teacher’ he’d be seriously getting it right now. He took a step in front of the mirror and held out his hand I grabbed hold waiting I mean assuming he’s going into the mirror when…

“What are you doing?”
“Um, aren’t we going in…?”
“A mirror? Don’t be daft. This isn’t some fairy tale we aren’t in some sort of book someone’s doing right now at this very moment on Microsoft word.” He said shaking of my hand and raised his hand to his hair and started to stroke it.
“Well aren’t you a dashing fellow?” He said to his reflection.
“So, what now?” I asked
“Aren’t you worried? A teacher you aren’t very familiar with drags you to a place like this where no one’s around? You even saw things no one should.”
“I’ve already seen things I shouldn’t have seen recently… Trust me; I can’t get in anymore trouble that I’m already in.” I replied thinking back on all the strange things I saw so far.

“You sure about that?” He stretched out his hand. I wasn’t about to fall for this one.
“Ah right, forgot to take off my disguise. He grabbed hold of his ear and ripped his face and hair off.
“You… You’re the..! You’re the guy I saw before in the hospital! What was his name… Um, Jeremy… Um Jeremy what? Was it…”

“Don’t say that name! Don’t ever say that name in front of me”
“I do not know who that person is and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you. That person is someone I do not want to be affiliated with…!”
“But… You guys look the same… Wait, the eyes are different…”
“Take my hand. I’m serious this time”
“Okay, okay.” I grabbed hold. Know what happened? I got sucked into the palm of his hand! Talk about having someone in the palm of your hand Haha know what I’m saying? Alright sorry about the puns I’ll stop. 

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