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chapter 1 sacrifice

Hey! Kin where you  just got here said Tohru.Yeah well I have something to do replied kin.Tohru knew kin lau since the age of five they both had no parents but Tohru still has his grandparents while Kin has no one left. Tohru can always tell if theirs something wrong with Kin so Tohru asked him what's wrong but Kin didn't repiy and just ran straight through his home while running back home Kin heard a man sreaming and shouting please stop this isn't necessary! Another sacrifice said Kin, he could see the blood on the windows. Kin ran even faster but then he bumped into a man. Sorry i wasn't looking said Kin, but then when he looked up he didn't see a regular man he saw a man with bandages covering his left eye wearing black clothes while holding a pitch black sword in his right hand, your alive? said the man. Yes I'm alive and I'm sorry for bumping into you-shut up! interrupted the man, you should be dead i saw you die ten years ago you were one of the people choosen to be sacrificed in the city and i was the one who killed you! I stabbed you right through the heart and I went to your funeral! You can't be alive this is impossible! Listen up you probably I might look like that person you killed ten years ago said Kin. Then tell me said the man, is your name Kin Lau. Kin couldn't belive it! This man knew his name and identity but how the man kept saying he killed him ten years ago but that's not possible then the man disappeared and Kin ran home shut the door and went to sleep. When Kin woke up he went straight to Tohru's house his blond-haired care free friend but when Kin opened the door to Tohru's house all he saw was blood semared every where.

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himuro tatsuya

hope u enjoy it and the second chapter will come out soon

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