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Brooke Milo has just moved from Lewiston, Idaho to Ever-Tree, Montana. She has a secret. On the day of her tenth birthday, A.K.A. the day her dad left her and her mother, Brooke wakes with new found abilities. Meeting new people and being influenced by these powers, Brooke soon discovers being drawn to the power recently given off by the moon. Now in a world full of werewolves, witches, furies, and supposed Greek Mythology, Brooke finds herself swallowed in her father's secrets, her confusion, and an attraction towards a tall boy who is just too bad for his own good.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Brooke

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



I have also been working on this story on you can check me out. My user name is CrazyMormon. Thanks!


"Hello?" A low female voice called from my entry way of this unfamiliar house.

I sighed in frustration. I didn't want to deal with people right now. I had just moved, once again, from Idaho and I wasn't happy. in the past two years I have moved four different times all in the same state. Now I have moved completely out of the state and I am truly alone. However, it wasn't my fault. No, I was a seventeen year old girl who is living with a mom running from her past. Yet, could I blame her? After all that her and Dad went through and for him to just leave like that...

Getting up from my box I was unpacking I slowly made my way down the narrow stair-case filled with boxes I had to squeeze through to get around them. Once down there the smell of the winter air filled my nose. I didn't close the door all the way when I entered the house earlier I guessed. Either that or this house was really crappy. I wasn't focusing on the door being open. What I was focusing on was the cold. I have always liked the cold. It always cleared my mind immediately helping me escape.

So many times...

"Hello." the female voice called me back from my stupor and bliss.

*Of course,* I thought, *I can never stay in my bliss, can I?* I remembered what I came down here for. Then I remembered that people meant talk. I would never forgive that woman for that. I was not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Turning to face the wide open door, I spotted a short plump woman about the age of thirty standing in the five inches of snow. "I'm Cameron Kirk." She said ecstatically. her voice was high and cheerful.

Ugh, look at her, I thought. Why is she smiling? What's so damn great about her life that she feels the need to brag about it? And why is she here? Our house is in the middle of nowhere in this forest that just looking at it would make you feel like a microscopic bug. There is no one for miles in every direction.

I completely forgot her name and she just told me it. I took her stumpy fingers with inch long fingernails that are probably seen at a Hollywood style nail salon every week. I put on a smile. It was the smile I use when I don't care who anyone is, but I'll smile anyway. She looked at me uncomfortably as I shook her hand.

"Who is it?" I heard my mom's voice call from the upstairs master bedroom.

I rolled my eyes. Could she get anymore spaced? "Oh, I totally know who it is! I've only known her since a few moments ago." I said sarcastically. I yelled back at her. We've only been in this house for a day and a half and already the off-white wall vibrated with tension.

I heard a shuffle come from upstairs and I finally saw Katherine Milo emerge from the stairs. She looked angry, but her whole attitude changed when she saw the woman at the door. It was like a cat changing from predator to prey when seeing a dog. She didn't like meeting knew people because she wasn't good with talking to people. She got scared. I didn't like talking to people because... well... I was just that way. Stephanie Milo's hair was all wet from the shower she had, yet her eyes had large bags from the hours of hard labor.

I felt bad for her, but I wasn't in the mood to show any sympathy. I smiled with an attitude. "Okay, I'll leave you two to talk." I said and hurriedly left. I listened for a little while.

"She's a lovely girl." The lady said, but I could hear the lie in her voice. It's not like I cared. I wasn't planning on getting to know her.

Once in my bedroom I almost sprinted to my window. I couldn't get out of there soon enough. I didn't ask to move here to Ever-Tree, Montana. I didn't ask to be stuck in the middle of this forest.

Looking out, I saw an evergreen tree on the other side of the clearing we were in. There is something to know about where we lived. We lived, like I said earlier, in the middle of a forest out in nowhere. My drive way is at least three miles long and I have a clearing for a yard. the clearing was the size of a football field and a half. My house was on the fifty yard line while the tree was on the thirty. I looked around my massive backyard making sure no one was looking, but- come on- who is out here that's going to see? I really didn't like opportunities like this to make me feel even more weird and freakish.

I stepped out onto the ledge outside my window and carefully balanced myself. The crisp winter air filled my nostrils. It smelt so new and I smiled to myself. My mind was clear and happy at the thought of leaving and escaping even if it is only for a little while. My mind focused on the tree twenty yards away. I let any thought drift away.

Bending my legs I lifted off the roof of my house and landed hard in the tree. I still haven't gotten a hang of landing gracefully or at least landing safely. So, I shouldn't have been surprised by the fact that I flopped onto the the snow and face planted after that tumbling viciously until I landed on a rock. "Shit!" I yelled. I didn't feel the pain that much, I was also very tolerant to pain. There was rarely a time when I found that something hurt tremendously. I gaped and whipped my head towards my house. Still silent and empty of anything but boxes and to ignorant adults. I sighed and got up wiping the snow off of my pants. Some of it had already melted and was dripping down my skin giving me mountainous goose bumps.

The blistering cold winds blew against me, however, they didn't phase me. Sure, I got a little cold, but I, being a freak that I am, I didn't get too cold. When I turned ten along with all these weird things happening, I also got a high fever that never stopped. I ran 108 for a few weeks and I was in intensive care even though I felt as healthy as a horse. Nothing was wrong from what the doctors said. I was fine. To this day I still have the fever. The doctors at check up bring up medical records and find that I have been having these fevers ever since I was ten and all of them say that over time humans and animals evolve and adapt in some way. The fever is probably one of the adaptations or some weird gene from my dad's side. However, we had no way of knowing that for a fact considering we had no way of contacting him.

I looked up and saw the dense green forest filled with mysteries that were waiting to be explored. One of my faults was that I was curious. Curiosity is also one of my strong points. My mom said I could be an attorney or a good detective because of my need to find the whole story. I inhaled immensely the frost, snow, and pine filled my senses. I smiled and headed into the dark woods.




"It felt good on my lips. Oh, oh, oh I wanna go crazy you can go crazy too. Oh, oh, oh I wanna go crazy. I wanna go crazy with you." I mumbles along with the song. I didn't sing loudly not wanting to break the silence of the woods. I couldn't sing very well but I love this song and I was alone.

Something cold fell onto my cheek and I looked up. Crystalized water fell started falling from the dark gray sky. I always loved snow. Each little snowflake is different from the other. It was like God hand carved all of them.

Smiling to myself, I pulled out my earbuds and put them away. I took off my jacket and set in on the ground then I laid on it and looked up at the sky.The night was calm and there were no sounds disturbance. Total silence. I laughed to myself and stuck out my tongue tasting the snow on my mouth. Some of them never reached my tongue due to my temperature.

I closed my eyes and let my ears wander to through the silence of the forest and actually relaxing for the first time in a while.However, this feeling never lasts. A branch snapped somewhere far off and my guard was instantly raised. I didn't let it show I just put my head down with my eyes still closed. My ears were wide open. The ground thudded with the sound of feet sprinting. They then slowed as they came closer and finally came to a stop nearby. Whoever this was was seriously fast.

"I know you're there." I said.Opening my eyes just in time to see a dark figure step out from the shadows. Even in the dim moonlight I could see him. However, his face was covered in his hood. None of his facial features were visible. He also did well to stay down wind of me. I could still see how big he was. He was a full head taller than my five feet and ten inches. His shoulders were broad and even under his bulky wind breaker. I could tell he was muscular.

"You realize you are trespassing." His voice gave his age away to be around eighteen or nineteen. It was deep and rugged while it sent shivers down my spine. He sounded like he had been running.

"No, I had no idea." It wasn't a full truth, but it wasn't a lie either. I really had no clue if I was on my property or someone else's. However, it was more a lie than the truth and he caught onto it immediately.

"Lie." He said it like he knew for an absolute fact.

"You know this how?" I cocked my hip and raised an eyebrow. You know, If I we're a normal girl I would have been scared to meet someone strange in the middle of an unfamiliar forest. But no, I wasn't a normal girl. I had to be the freak of a girl who had all these weird "powers" to deal with and an attitude to match. Sure, I was as lazy as they come, in my opinion, but that didn't mean I didn't know when to stand up for myself.

I suddenly felt the mood around me change. The atmosphere became thick with a metallic and tight smell. The smell of anger and frustration. I felt my own mood change with his. "What do you want on our land, Rouge?"

I became confused and the mood of the air changed. "Rouge? What the hell is a rouge?"

He whispered confused as well, "You know perfectly well what I mean."

"Know what?"

He just stared at me- or from what I could tell he was. I could tell he was debating on whether to believe me or not. Then the wind shifted and I could smell him. It was a smell I've never smelt before. It was snow mixed with a deep forest pine and fresh soap. Even though there was snow and pine all around us, his smell was intoxicating and distinct from everything else. Something stirred inside me; like something was awakening in response to his smell. I shook off the feeling. Well... I tried.

Off in the distance I could hear my mom's voice. My head shot in the direction of my new house. "Brooke, time to come home. If you're not inside in five minutes no dinner!" She yelled From about two to three miles away. I looked back at the guy and his head was facing the direction of the house as if he heard mom.

I ignored the feeling. "Well, I have to go if I want dinner. So...." I was about to leave when his voice became astonished and quizzical.

"You heard that?"

I played it off. "I have no idea what you're talking about.

Once out of the small clearing and in the safety of the trees I sprinted towards the house. I was there easily in four minutes.

My mind was somewhere else while running. I was running on auto-pilot while the pilot took a little coffee break. Did he really hear mom? He shouldn't have been able to!

Then again, neither should I.

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