Return of the Rockstar Oh And He's a Wolf

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Alexandrea (Alexis or Lexi) Lakewood found her mate when she was very young and he was her brother's best friend. But because of his reputation and her appearance, he rejected her. To have your own mate reject you is a pain no one could ever wish to experence. The very person you're destined to be with rejecting you is a pain Alexis has never forgotten that. Her mate and her brother ofrmed a band when they were 14 and when they were 15 their band was discovered and soon they left for Los Angelos leaving a dorky Alexis behind.

Now 3 years later, Alexis is no longer shy, girly and dorky. She traded in her pink sweaters, skirts, sneakers and thick glasses for black clothes, skinny jeans, converse and contacts. Shes gone from ugly, over weight wannabe to beautiful, skinny punk. Kendall and his band then decide to visit their home town of Billerica and non of the guys are prepared to see the new Alexis and no one is more surprised then Blake, Alexis's mate. Alexis's new beauty and her new hot body instantly draws Blake in and hes now willing to accept her as his mate but Alexis can't forget what he'd done to her all thos eyears ago.

Can Alexis forget how shallow Blake had been and accept him as the person she's meant to be with then accept because of his career he may never be around? That's alot to ask of a 16 year old werewolf. Yep i said werewolf.

{Most of this is unedited; will edit when i have the time}

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Return of the Rockstar Oh And He's a Wolf

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Submitted: November 12, 2011




This is my most popular book on Wattpad withover 27,000 reads currently and 300 votes so i hope you guys like it :)

Most of this is unedited; will edit when i have the time


"Mom you can not be serious!" I shouted in Russian from the kitchen table as my mother chopped carrots at the marble island int he center of the kitchen.

"I am quite serious, Alexis." She said simply without looking up also speaking in Russian. "Its your brother, dear, just suck it up and go get him from the airport."

My mom was slim and had these big bouncy curls on top of her head with warm brown eyes to match while i had perfectly straight dark brown hair which i had died with dark blue, red and purple streaks and icy blue eyes to match my brother.

"Mom it was just Kendall now youre telling me his whole band is coming here too! Will they even fit in my car? Plus, you know who is in the band." I snarled at the thought of him.

"Oh, don't be so dramatic, Alexis, now go pick up your brother!" she ordered pointing to the foyer as if to say 'get the hell out of here!'

I sighed dramaticly. "Fine ill go but I wont like it." I stood up grabbing my keys from the key ring by the door.

"Love you!" she added as I opened the door.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah. You still owe me big!" I slammed the door and walked to my big dark blue truck.

Even if I didnt want to admit it I was curious as to how Kendall and his guys had changed. I wonder how they look now. Sure I'd seen posters of them countless times but I mean how they looked in person. I mean 3 years can take a toll on people. God knows it did on me!

When I'd last seen my brother and his band I was 13 and had dry, plain brown hair, a chubby belly, pale skin and my icy blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of round glasses. Now I was skinny and tall, I had the colorful streaks in my hair, I ditched the glasses and traded them in for contacts that showed off my eyes and i had some faint color on my skin. Course I was kind of punk. I had a tattoo and pierces on my eyebrow, ears and my bellbutton was pierced. Kendall would not be happy when he found out about the piercings and hed surely strangle me about the tattoo but what ever. hes just being an overprotective brother.

I roamed Logan Airport and waited by the gate Kendall and his band were suppose to be coming from. I tapped my toe on the floor impatiently and folded my arms over my chest as I looked through the crowd of faces. I saw many faces but not my brothers. I sighed.

"That isn't my little sister Lexi is it?" I heard someone call.

I turned around and grinned when I saw Kendall standing there grinning like an idiot with his black suitcase in tow.

"Kendall!" I yelled as I jumped at him squeezing him in a big hug.

"Aw, I knew you'd miss me Lexi." he said smugly.

I rolled my eyes and jumped off of him. "Please I'm just glad mom will be hounding my new blonde brother." I ruffled his dyed blonde hair.

He spazzed and smacked my hand away. "Hey watch the due! Gotta keep it sexy for the ladies." he said trying to smooth it back.

I laughed.

"Dude, quit flirting with that chick and find your damn sister." Oliver, the bass player, scowled at Kendall with the rest of the guys behind him.

"Man, you work fast Kendall!" Will, the keyboarder, said.

"I guess there are some hotties in Boston. I mean theres one right here." Blake, the lead singer and guitarist, smirked at me looking me up and down.

I turned to Blake and met his eyes and the whole world stopped. All i saw was Blake and his beautiful green eyes with few strands of shining black hair. I felt my eyes widen and his narrowed and I saw confusion in his eyes. He was even more handsome then the last time I saw him . . .

I mentally punched myself. Alexis, don't you dare get caught up in the stupid mate bullshit! You remember how he treated you, you remember all too clearly how he rejected you. You wanna go through all that again?!

No. . . I thought softly then striaghtened up and scowled at Blake and clenched my fists. The bastard tore out my heart 3 years ago and rejected me as his mate and left to live half way across the coutnry for good measure. No way was i gunna let him weasel his way back into my heart, i just pieced it back together again after what he'd done.

Oliver rolled his eyes. "So who exactly is this?" he hungerly unscrewed his water bottle and began taking long gulps.

Geez, were they not allowed water on the flight from Cali to Boston?

Kendall smirked and threw his arm around me. "Guys you remember my sister Lexi?"

Oliver choked on his water while Blake and Will stared in awe with their mouths wide open.

"Lexi?!" Oliver choked out between coughs.

I smirked at their reactions. "Hell yeah its me."

"Holy shit what happened to you?! Your fuckin hot!" Oliver instantly began blushing at what he said.

i laughed. "Keep it in your pants, boys."

"Yeah man thats my baby sister!" Kendall glared.

"Hey im not a baby anymore!" I snapped stepping out of his arm.

"Clearly." he said picking up a strand of blue hair. "Holy shit is that a tattoo?!" he gasped trying to move my hair to the side of my neck to get a better look at it.

i swatted his hand away. "Chillax, its fake."

He looked relieved and let out a sigh of relief. "Really?" he asked.

I grinned. "Nope."

I heard the guys chuckle.

"When the fuck did you get a tattoo?!" Kendall snapped.

I rolled my eyes. "Please what about you?" I grabbed his arm and held it up. "What would dad do if he saw this on your arm instead of the family crest or the pack's symbol."

I was refuring to the decorated tattoo of a cross on his forearm. We weren't even Christian!

The Lakewood family was a very famous family of purebred werewolves. And our dad was the second in command for the pack, our pack was the most powerful in the entire America. most of the pack lived in Boston or Plymouth or Nashua but the Lakewood and Blackwood family leaders lived in Billerica. Don't ask me how the most powerful werewolf families in America ended up in a town like Billerica cause i really cant tell you. But we live on the outscarts of it in our estate. Or me, my parents and my little sister do anyway. Kendall decided to pursue his dream of being a rockstar with Oliver, Will and Blake. Blake was the one who was suppose to be the next alpha of our pack. Just my luck I get paired with the pack's future, how cliche! Not like I'd ever accept Blake as my mate again. He ruined it and ill never forget him for how harshly he rejected me and just left. He not only rejected me though, he pointed out every single one of my flaws and ended it with a "i could never be with someone as ugly as you". Just because hes my future alpha and mate does not mean i will forgive him for saying that. I mean come on who would?

"Says the girl with the rose tattoo." he muttered.

"For your information, it's a dagger stabbing an open rose with a drop of blood at the tip of the dagger sticking out the bottom of the rose." I glared.

"Thats a lovely tattoo." I heard Oliver muttered.

I turned my glare ot him. "Shut up, Oliver."

"Well you've definetly change, Lexi. And not just your appearence." Will said with a smile.

I grinnned. "Hell yeah! That shy, weakling shit wasn't gunna fly for long."

"So you get your eyebrow pierced, get a tattoo and turn all punk?!" Kendall shouted.

"Please, I have more piercings then my eyebrow." i rolled my eyes.

I saw Will and Oliver start to blush and Blake was just staring at me blankly. He appeared to still be in awe or was that shock?

"What?!" Kendall exploded.

I burst out laughing. "Come on, I have work in like. . ." i checked my iPhone's clock. "Crap! I have work in an hour and a half!" I pulled my keys out.

"Fine. But theres no way, I'm riding shot gun!" Kendall snatched my keys and i gasped as he ran for the exit, leaving his suitcase like an idiot. But Oliver would probably get it.

"You jackass! Don't you dare touch my baby!" I shouted running after him.

After Kendall and I argued for about 15 minutes on who'd drive my truck back home, I won and cheerfully grabbed my keys back from a reluctent Kendall. "Lets go ladies, if I'm late for work, I'm gunna smother all fo you in your sleep." I announced and ran around to get in the drivers seat.

Kendall sat in the passangers seat while Oliver, Will and Blake sat in the back. I looked at the clock. "God damn it im so gunna be late!"

"Whoa did Alexis Lakewood just curse?" Kendall mocked.

I rolled my eyes and put the truck in drive.

"May I ask whats caused this sudden change?" he asked in a sing song tone.

My smile instantly fell and I swallowed. "Um. . .lets just say. . .things have changed since you guys have gone. . .including Dad."

The truck went silent.

"What do you mean?" I heard Blake ask.

"Like you give a rats ass. Oh right you don't." i said coldly.

i saw Blake wince in the rear view mirror.

"Please, you aren't still mad about that fight you guys had are you?" Kendall asked.

I sighed. I never told Kendall the truth about what happened between me and Blake and clearly nether had Blake. I told him Blake and i had a big fight and that he'd said some hurtful things to me. If he knew the truth, He'd hate Blake as much as i did. but tis hard to hate someone when a large part of you is drawn to them and begging for their touch.

Stupid soul mate principal!

"Of course I'm not still mad about the fight. . ." i said quietly.

I wasn't mad because of the fight because there was no fight. Blake had flat out rejected me and said he was leaving so he wouldn't have to be around me and make things harder.

"Doesn't mean i don't hate him." i murmered.

Kendall sighed then left me alone and the guys started chatting about their plans. Will and Oliver wanted to stay with their families since they hadn't seen them in 3 years. But Blake hadn't even told his parents that he was back in town. I wouldn't ether. His dad is scary as hell! And never hesitated to punish those who dont follow him properly.

Everett, the pack's alpha, had always said i was like a daughter to him and never raised a finger to me. but if my dad thought i was being disrespectful, I'd get the punishment he thought i deserved. Life in the most powerful pack in America is so not a cup of tea. To remain on top, its members must be strong and proud and ruthless. Everett had recently started a new thing that once a month, they'd take prisoners from the prison who were serving life sentences and have the teens chase and hunt them down. Since i was 16, i still had to do this every full moon. It was not fun watching these men beg for their lives. Beg to be taken back to prison and id gotten sick after my first few kills when I was 15, now I killed without feeling guilt. come ti think of it. . .

"Ah, fuck!" i cursed and hit my head on the back of the seat.

The next full moon was this weekend! It was on Sunday and today was Friday. Well ain't that fabulous?!

"Alexis, whats wrong?" Kendall asked worried.

"Oh, um. . .nothing. Just. . .a pack ritual coming up and i forgot." I muttered.

"Pack ritual? since when does the pack do rituals?" Will asked.

I hesitated. "I told you. . .alot has changed since you guys left. . ."

"What has--" Kendall started.

I cut him off. "Oh look were here." I pulled up to the gate of our estate, rolled down the window and punched in the pin code. The gates creaked open and i drove through. Once i parked the truck I jumped out.

"Lexi!" a small voice shrieked.

i grinned and crouched down and caught Dylan in my arms. "Hey, rebenok!" i picked her up. the Lakewood family was originally from Russia and my family still spoke Russian around the house. Rebenok means baby in Russian and Dylan liked being called rebenok because it made her feel loved even though shes 3 years old. "Is mama home?" i asked.

She nodded happily. "Mama is waiting in the gostinaya." Dylan spoke broken Russian, she said our mom was in the lounge.

iIturned to the guys. "Our mom is in the lounge, Will and Oliver can leave their suitcase in the foyer and ill show Kendall and Blake to their rooms later."

"Kenny!" Dylan shouted and wriggled out of my arms. "Ya skuchal po tebe mnogo!" she cried hugging his legs.

Ya skuchal po tebe mnogo means i missed you so much.

Kendall looked at me.

i raised my eyebrows. "You don't understand her?" i asked.

"You mean you can?" Oliver asked shocked.

"Shes speaking baby!" Will said.

"Shes 3, dipshit, shes speaking Russian." i rolled my eyes.

"Oh i haven't exactly spoken Russian since i left." Kendall said sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh. . .well she said 'i missed you so much.'" i said.

he looked down at Dylan and grinned. "I missed you too, reboonok."

"Rebenok." i corrected.

"Boi'shoi brat, mama is waiting for you in the gostinaya." she said happily.

He looked at me.

"Big brother, mama is waiting for you in the lounge." i translated.

He turned back to Dylan. "Then we shouldn't keep her waiting." he picked Dylan up making her giggle and started walking for the mansion.

i rolled my eyes as he left his luggage. I saw Oliver reach for it. "Leave it. He can get it later." i said.

He rolled his eyes. "Arent you a great little sister?"

"What are sestras for? Esspcially sestrenkus." i grinned. Sestras means sisters and sestrenkus or mono sestras means little sisters.

"Since when do you guys speak Russian anyway?" Will asked.

"Um since Kendall and i were born in Russia."

They blinked at me and i rolled my eyes. "Lets go inside now."

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