Return of the Rockstar Oh And He's a Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Return of the Rockstar, Oh And He's a wolf: Chapter 5

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



I woke up the next morning and with a groan i turned to my clock and saw it said 10:37 AM. I groaned again and turned onto my side only to get a mouth full of fur. I sat up and saw Grey lying happily beside me. He whimpered and jumped off my bed then went to my closed door. He started scratching at the dark wood.

I jumped up. No way was he about to piss in my room!


i threw open the door and he jetted out of my room and down the stairs.


"Mama! Let Grey outside!" I shouted.


i stepped into the hall and rubbed my sleepy eyes as i headed downstairs.


"Lexi!" Dylan squealed and slammed into my legs almost making me fall over. She thought it was fun to make people fall over and often greeted them the way she had just greeted me.


"Hey, rebenok." i said with a yawn.


"Mama, got me a new kukla!" she said excitedly holding up an Elizabeth American Girl Doll. Kukla means doll.


The doll had blonde hair and was wearing a Victorian pink dress with its hair pulled back into a low pony tail. It was a pretty doll but i thought theyd stopped making the Elizabeth doll along with the Felicity doll.


"Its beautiful. I'll be right back ok?" i said ruffling her hair and walking into the kitchen.


Our cook, Hannah, was making omlets, my all time favorite breakfast food.


"Hey Hannah." I said walking to the fridge.

Hannah was a woman in her mid-30s and had shoulder length brown hair that was currently pulled into a pony tail and hazel eyes. She was my height and was pretty skinny but her and her husband were thinking about having a baby.

"Good morning, Ms. Lakewood." she said formally.


i arched my eyebrow at her. She never called me Ms. Lakewood. I turned to see Blake and Kendall sitting at the island eating breakfast and understood.


"Hannah, it's just my brother and his friend you don't have to be formal with me." i turned back to the fridge and grabbed my orange juice.


"My apologizes, Madame Alexandrea." she said placing an omlet onto a plate and getting ready to make another.


I rolled my eyes and grabbed . the servents were hopeless when it came to just calling you by your nickname or whatever.


"Since when is your name Alexandrea?"


i turned to see Blake looking at me with a raised eyebrow.


"Um, since i was born with that name." i said bluntly like it was the most obvious thing in the world and really it was. "Damn didnt know I was from Russia and that my name is Alexandrea."


"Madame Alexandrea's name is simply lovely and Master Kendall's is just as nice." Hannah said.


"Hannah, please call me Lexi." i pressed pouring myself a glass of OJ.


she shook her head. "Mrs. Lakewood said not to call you such a name while a guest is here. And Mr. Lakewood agrees whole heartedly."


i scowled at the thought of my dad. "My mother's opinion i can respect." i said. "But my father's i don't give a damn about."


"What do you have against dad?" Kendall asked, his eyebrows coming together in confusion.


Hannah froze in her cooking and stared at Kendall.


"What?" he asked.


All the servents knew of my father's abuse and cruelty towards me. My father had become a very violent man. If he had a bad day then he'd take his frustration and anger out on me. I was the only one who he could abuse. Kendall was on the other side of the country, our older sister Mikayla was off at college, a werewolf could not harm their mate so he couldn't hurt my mom and i'd begged him to leave Dylan alone and only take his anger out on me. The tougher and more violent our pack became, the tougher and more violent our leaders became. But now that Kendall was back, i was afraid he'd start taking his anger out on him too.


"Just. . .just don't get on his bad side and calling him dad is one way to do that. Call him papa or father." i advised.


"What?" he asked still confused.


Hannah turned to me, eyes wide. "He doesn't know--"


"No. And he's not going to find out." I said firmly as if to say 'don't even think about saying anything' then i took my omelet and walked out of the kitchen.

(I started editing from my iPod but I'm just too tired now so past this point it isnt edited. Sorry! But I just fell asleep on my iPod and nowtheres a weird mark on my cheek -.-)

Dylan was playing dress up with her doll int he living room with that TV show Phineas & Ferb playing on the big screen.


I plopped on the couch and placed my juice ont he coffee table and pulled my legs up under me.


It was that episode where Phineas and Ferb were going 20 years into the future to get some tool they needed. It was showing the older versions of Doctor Doofinshmerts and Agent P playing checkers. Dylan started cracking up when Agent P threw his teeth at Dr. D. I smiled at her. She was adorible with her dirty blonde hair with its little curls at the end and bright blue eyes.


The episode ended and Dylan aske dmy to change the channel to Nickeloadian, when i did that Victorious special Victorious: Locked Up was on and Andre had just been bitten by a vampire moth.


I finished my omelet and got comfy when the doorbell rang.


i hit my head ont he back of the couch and groaned. "I got it!" i shouted then jumped up and headed for the door.


When i opened it Jackie, Layla and Bruce came barreling in.


"The party has arrived!" Jackie announced.


i rolled my eyes and shut the door. "You guys have a nasty habit of just showing up at my house." i said putting my hands on my hips.


"Oh you love us." Bruce huffed.


"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Brucey." i patted his shoulder. He was a head taller then me and he always made me feel seriously short. Blake was even taller then him so i always felt so small around him and Kendall too.


"Is that anyway to talk to the people who are bringing you to a festival in Boston today?" Jackie asked.


"A festival?" i questioned.


"The St. Anthony Festival." Layla clarified.


"Alright then. I'll go ask my mom. Come on." i lead them into the livingroom and Dylan looked up.


"Brucey!" she squealed and jumped up then ran to him.


Bruce laughed and picked up Dylan. "Hey Dylan whats up?"


"Mama, got me a new kukla!" she said happily.


He turned ot me.


"Doll." i translated then left the room to find my mom. "Mama!" i called and opened the kitchen door and saw Kendall and Blake still sitting at the island chatting. "Hey you know where mom is?" i asked.


"I think shes in the lounge." Kendall said.


"Thanks." i ran downt he hall to the lounge and burts in. "Mama, can i go to the St. Anthony Festival with my friends?" i asked.


She looked up from her book and blinke dta me then smiled. "I don't see why not."


i fist pumped. "Yes!"


"But take your brother na dhis friends."


"No!" i whined.


"Yes, alexandrea. You ahvent seen your brother in years."


i sighed dramatically. "Fine."


"Thank you." she said cheerfully.


"Yea, yea. You just wanna see me suffer."


"In truth, i just want you kids out of my house." she grinned.


"I feel so loved." i said before walking out and heading for the kitchen. i threw open the door. "Call Will and Oliver thne gets hwoered and reayd. Were going to Boston for a festival." i announced.


Blake and Kendall blinked at me.


"Since when was this decided?" Kendall asked.


"Since me and my friends wanna go and mom said i have to bring you dorks with me."


he glared. "Were not dorks."


i shrugged. "What ever helsp you sleep, boi'shoi brat. Now get your ass moving. Were leaving at noon." i turned and walked out of the ktichen and into the livingroom.


Bruce, Layla and Jackie were all sitting ont he couch watching the TV while Dylan sat on the floor her eyes glued to the episode of iCarly that was on the TV.


"You guys are gunna have to find your own ride to Boston. my moms making me take Kendall and his friends with us." i said with an eye roll.


"Damn. Ok then well meet at the harbor." Layla said.


"Sounds good." i agreed then flopped onto the tan chair an dpulled out my phone.


Me: Were heading into Boston for the St. Anthony Festival. Jackie, Layla and Bruce are goin along with my brother and his band.


i sent the message then turned to the TV. I started laughing when Spencer started playing the drums then they burst into flames. Spencer is my favorite character really.


My iPhone buzzed a couple times and i looked it.


Mitchell: Anything as long as its na excuse to be around a bunch of hot ass rockstars!


i smirked and rolled my eyes.


Me: Slut, meet us at my house at 12


i looked at the other message.


Jason: I'm in!


Me: Awesome! Meet at my house at 12


Jason: Kk


Mitchell: Got it. See you soon bitch!


At about 11:00 i jumped up and annoucned i was going to take a shower. When i was done i grabbed a black tang top and dark skinny jeans with black converse and kept my hair down. By the time i was done, it was 11:57. I hopped down the stairs two at a time and walked into the livingroom and Bruce, Layla and Jackie ahdn't moved but Dylan was gone and her doll was lying on the floor.


i walked into the kitchen. "Were leaving in a few minutes." i announced and was surprised to see Will and Oliver standing on the other side of island from Blake and Kendall.


"Kay." Kendall said.


"Hey Lexi." Oliver smiled.


i smiled back then turned to Kendall. "Hey you seen Dylan?"


"Yea, shes with mom. The nanny couldn't watch her tonight so mom had to take her to the store with her." he said.


"Ok. You guys are riding wiht me in my truck and were gunna meet my friends at the harbor then go to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch."


"Aww, why are you driving?" Kendall whined.


"Because if any of you even think of driving my baby, you'll lose an arm and you don't know how to get to Boston." i rolled my eyes.




"Just get ready." i turned and walked out back to my friends. I just walked into the livingroomw hen the door bell rang. "I got it!" i rna to the front door nad opened it to see Mitchell and Jason. i grinned. "Hey guys. The others are in the livingroom."


Instaead of leaving when i wanted to we left around 12:30 which i wasn't happy about but atleast we were going. Kendall, Blake, Will, Oliver and I piled into my truck while Jackie, Bruce, Layla, Mitchell and Jason piled into Layla's jeep.


"So whya re we doing this again?" Kendall asked.


"Mom said if i wanna go then you guys gotta come with me." i said with an eye roll.


"I didn't even knwo Boston ahd festivals." Will said.


"Of course! Boston has festivals all the time! Esspcially in the summer." i said.


"So what exactly is the St. Anthony Fextival about?" Oliver asked.


i grinned. "I have no idea." i confessed.


They laughed.


"So you're dragging us to a festival and you don't even know what its about?" Kendall asked.


"Like you gusy acctually had anything to do." i stuck my tongue out at him.


"What if we did?" he asked crossing his arms over his chest and staring at me challenagingly.


"Please tell me you guys weren't planning on visiting the Mac Two Lounge." i sighed.


"Well--" Kendall started.


"I don't wanna know!" I shouted.


The guys all started laughing. The Mac Two Lounge was a strippers club in town. Layla found out from her cousin that they had a one drink minamum and all they serve is soda. Stupid much?


"I think its some Italian festival." i said trying to chnage the subject from strippers clubs.


"Nice way to save yourself from the talk of strippers." Kendall commented.


"Shut up!"

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