New Heart

Book by: Holly Blackwell


A girl who cant cope with her life anymore, with her mum, and dad arguing, so she makes a move...

Chapter1 (v.1) - New House

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A girl who cant cope with her life anymore, with her mum, and dad arguing, so she makes a move...

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 09, 2011



Chapter One.


I woke up giving a stretch. ''10;00'' I groaned to myself. ''Time for more arguments?''.

''Knock Knock'' I think mum was tapping on my door.

''Yes?'' I answerd sharply.

''Emily, its me. Can I come in?'' Mum asked.

''I can't see why not?'' I said sarcasticly.

Mum looked at me, giving me a frown. She knew what I was thinking, but she didn't know how I felt.

''Emily?'' Mum said sighing. ''What is the matter?'' she asked, sitting herself down at the end of the bed.

I shrugged. ''Nothing really. Im just tired. I just woke up.'' I replied lying.

''Emily, I know when you are lying.'' Mum said raising one eye brow.

''Mum, you know what is the matter.'' I said raising my voice.

''Do I?''

''Yes. You do. You know nearly more then I do! You and dad making aragments all the time, acting like it's your body!'' I said shouting.

''Emily! Don't start shouting at me! Your dads not even awake!'' Mum said raising her voice too.

''Thats a surprise. I thought you two would be up arguing.'' I replied.

''Em-'' Mums sentence was interuptted, by a loud knocking on my bedroom door.

''Yes?'' I said.

''Is that you in there? Emily? Sarah?'' Dad asked.

''Well who else would it be?'' Mum asked getting annoyed.

Dad came in the room, with his dark blue dressing gown on, and his simpson slippres half on.

''Whats happening here then?'' Dad asked.

''What do you think dad?''

''I don't knowm else I wouldn't of asked!'' Dad said trying to make a joke out of it.

''Sam, just pack it in. Can't you see she is annoyed?'' mum asked.

''Sarah, I asked EMILY a simple question, it doesn't need you getting involved!'' Dad replied raising his voice now aswell.

''Look Sam, you can stop raising yo-''

''Mum! Dad! Stop! Im sick of you both! Arguing constantly, non stop. I know I need a heart transplant. I know I need a donar. I know we can't find one. I know you two are arguing over it. I know what will happen. So if you don't mind. Stop arguing like it is your body, like you are going to die, like you have 1 year to live, and stop acting like your botherd!'' I shouted.

''Emily.'' Mum said patting my head.

''Emily, Sarah, I need to say something.'' Dad butted in.

''What is it Sam?'' Mum asked annoyed.

''A doctor is coming over.'' Dad said chewing into his lip.

''A doctor?'' Mum and me asked at the same time.

''Thats right. Dr Right. He is a specialised doctor for transplantaions.''

''And your saying this now because?..''mum asked.

''Because he is coming over, and he is going to talk to Emily about getting a new heart!"

"A new heart!" I replied, jumping up in excitment.

''Thats right.''

''Sam, you heard perfectly clear. Dr Patch said they were no more donars avalivble, and we are at the bottom of the waiting list!'' Mum replid.

''Yes, I did hear. But if both you, and Emily listened, you would understand!'' Dad shouted.

I slitherd back down into my bed, under the covers.

''Emily, don't look like that. This is your chance to live!'' Dad said.

''What is it Sam? Get to the point!''

''Basiclly, you will be getting a new heart, but not from a human donar. From a monkey.'' Dad said nervouslly.

''A MONKEY?!'' Mum, and me shouted.

''Phraps I should of waited.'' Dad groaned.

''Sam. Emily is not getting a monkeys heart. She'll have to die!''

''MUM! DON'T SAY THAT! WHAT IF I WANT THIS HEART?'' I shouted furousilly.

''Emily, im sorry. What if you manage to turn into a monkey? Doing all these Oo Ee Ah Ah Ah sounds?''

''Sarah, she wont. Can you just let the doctor expain?'' asked dad.

''Yeah mum. Just wait, and let the doctor explain. At least he knows what will happen.''

''Fine. What time is this doctor coming?'' mum asked in pain.

''3:00pm.''' dad replied.

''3:00pm? Not too bad then I guess. But still not the best.'' mum replied rolling her eyes.

''Well, im sorry Sarah. Doctors do have other things on their minds aswell, other then Emily!''

''Mum, Dad. Stop arguing. Cab't you just go till 3:00pm without arguing? Please? I will decide what I want, when the doctor arravies. I don't want neither one of you chossing for me. If there is a chance I will live, I'll take it.'' I said angry, crossing my arms.

Mum stormed out the room, and dad sat on the edge of my bed.

''It'll be fine poppet. I promise.'' Dad said patting my head.

''Dad, stop. You are as bad too. You should of told me, and made a ragments with her, not just gone ahead with it, without letting anyone know.''

''Sweetie, I don;t want to start an argument, so can you just stop it please, and pack it in?'

''Me? You and mum are the one acting like childs. Arguing over my body.''

There was an akward silence, and then dad moved.

''I'll see you downstairs. I think breakfast is ready in half--an-hour.'' Dad said, getting up with a huff.


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New Heart

Status: Finished

Genre: Other



Status: Finished

Genre: Other



A girl who cant cope with her life anymore, with her mum, and dad arguing, so she makes a move...

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