The Beautiful Beast

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Intro

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



Chapter one Intro

"Princesa, don't worry, it will be fun!" Said my mother as she informed me that we were moving, three months ago. The name went in one ear and out the other, but I knew it was somewhere that people spoke Spanish. Due to my mothers obsession with Spanish stuff. Kill me now.

"But mom! All my friends are here and I applied at -" I started to protest but was cut off.

"Oh don't worry! I know someone who could use your help there, he pays well too. You'll make new friends!" She said to me. Yeah OK. Not. I've been here for three months and even right now I'm sitting in the cafeteria by myself at my very own table. I haven't really made an attempt at making any friends so I guess that's my fault but hey, should I be the only one trying?

"Hey newbie." I looked up as a bleached blonde - obviously gay - guy sat down beside me.

"Uhh, hi?" I gave him a questioning look, who the hell was he?

"Morboso." He said as he gave me his hand. "The name's spanish, but you don't wanna know what it translates to." He winked at me.

"OK now I'm curious." I laughed. "I'm Dyanna."

"Hey guys! Come sit with Dyanna!" He called to a few people who were looking around for a place to sit. One girl and two other guys came over to sit with us.

"Buenos dias." The girl said as she sat down between the two guys.

"She's american." Morboso told them for me. "Guys this is Dyanna, Dyanna this is Puesta, her brother Perrito and her boyfriend Pavo."

"Hola amiga." Said Pavo.

"Oh yeah, Pavo only speaks Spanish, but he does understand English."

"Good to know." I nodded. "So um, what do you guys do for fun? I've been stuck at home since I got here, and it seems like you guys would know how to have a good time."

"Depends what your genre of fun is." Perrito spoke to me for the first time with a very thick Spanish accent.

"Well I'm sure I'd be fine with whatever you guys do.."

"Hey Pavo, you going out to your farm tonight?" Morboso asked.

"Si." Pavo nodded.

"Well why don't we go horseback riding?"


"You ride chica?" Morboso looked at me.

"Yeah for sure!" Sweet! Something I wasnt totally lost on. My mom had put me in horseback riding when I was younger so I would be watched while she was at work. Guess it'll pay off.

"Estupendo! I have last period with you so we can leave right after school. Your parentals be OK with that?"

"Oh yeah, I'm sure mom'll be fine with it. I'll text her and let her know." I pulled out my phone as the warning bell rang and we threw out our garbage from lunch. We said our goodbyes and all headed to our classes. I just sat in class doodling cause as previously stated, I've sat in my room for the past three months, nothin to do but do homework and look out the window. Walking to my last class (one hour from freedom!) I felt my phone go off. It was my mom, all the text said was *OK!* alright then mom.

"Hey chica!" Morboso called me over to where he was sitting. I joined him for class. Anyone walking into the room looked back at us and whispered with everyone else. Definetly missing something here.. By the time the bell rang there were still about 7 seats not filled, that many people skipping 5th? The class didn't seem to take too long. As soon as the bell rang we bolted for the door and I followed Morboso out to his truck.

"So how far out is his farm?" I asked as I buckled in.

"About.. 20 mins. It's really nice out there. It's our getaway place, has been since we were kids." He smiled as we hit the open road. He blasted the music so the silence between us was less prominent. We pulled into the driveway and the other three were already there.

"C'mon! Prisa, prisa!" Puesta called to us, the guys weren't there, where could they be?

"Jeez Kitty-cat, what's your hurry?" Morboso laughed as he jogged over to her, she was leading us to the barn.

"Kitty-cat?" I questioned. Morboso looked at me and laughed.

"Puesta means Kitty. Perrito, puppy. Their parents named them after their favorite animals - kinda wierd if you ask me.." He shrugged as we walked through the door. Puesta ran in and walked up to one of the horses, speaking to it in Spanish. Pavo walked up behind the stall she was in and talked to her for a second.

"Oh! Right!" Puesta exclaimed as she led the horse out. "Dyanna, have you heard the story of Precioso Bestia?"

"Uhh, nope.." I shook my head.

"Cuándo hay neibla.." Pavo started speaking lowly.

"When it's foggy." Puesta translated.

"Se acechar sus víctimas las afueras."

"He stalks his victims on the outskirts of town." Pavo turned and walked into a stall. Puesta continued. "It is said that a wolf demon guards this town, but his pack has also been known to pick off people who go in the woods."

"OK, now that you know our freaky history, lets ride!" I hadn't realized but Morboso had snuck off and gotten on a horse.

"I hope to god you mean the horses.." Puesta winked at me. I couldn't stop an "Oh shit, LOL!" expression from apearing on my face. Pavo walked over to me leading a dark chocolate horse. I smiled and took the reins from him, throwing them back to the sadle.

"What's his name?" I asked Pavo stroking the horse.

"How you say.. Indigo." He tried his English.

"Indigo.." I repeated as I put my foot in the styrup. I jumped up, it was nice to be back in the sadle. "I'm back in the saddle again!" I smiled and shook my head as the lyrics came to my mind. Perrito and Puesta were on horse behind me, waiting to leave. I clicked my tongue and kicked my feet into Indigo's sides a little bit so he went forward. I saw Morboso up a bit toying with his horse as he waited for us. I kicked my feet hard and Indigo took off towards him. We reached him and didn't slow down but kept running, the other three coming up behind us not so silently. We took off towards a trail that I'm guessing they had warn down, the sun was still fairly high but the horses didn't seem too comfortable. I figured it was because they didn't know me. We rode around for a few hours without realizing it and we watched Pavo show off with his horse.

"Hey Morboso!" I called and he trotted his horse over.

"What's up chica?"

"I know Kitty and Puppy, but what's Morboso and Pavo?" He smiled broadly.

"Well Pavo, means Peacock, which fits cause he shows off a lot. As for Morboso.. it means Kinky." He winked at me and turned his horse away laughing.

"We'd better head back guys.. I see fog about to set in."

"Shit!" I heard Morboso mutter. "We've gone further than I thought. C'mon, we've gotta go now!"

"Si! Prisa!" Pavo shouted and took off, motioning for us to follow, Puesta was right behind him. I tried to follow but the fog took them out of my sights. Indigo stopped and took a few steps back. Something's spooking him and whatever it is is spooking me too..

How is it so far guys?? :) Yeah yeah I know, werewolves, those seem to get a lot of reads, so this is a test. ;)
GUYS LOOK I'M USING AP.. THESE THINGS> ' ' ' ' ' ' !!!! :D :P
Please excuse any mal translations, I'm using my own dictionary for this :P

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