The art of the clanss

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The art of the clans! This is the ever-lasting story about the people in Ridge high in Texas. Houston to be exact. Why don't you learn about the scandal of Ridge high, a school you'll probably never forget.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blue waffle

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Shiraz Aaliyah Maloney

The only person I love is him... Josh, I can't explain it, but I do know that his almond shaped eyes that brighten the town along with his smile makes me dream saftly knowing that they can move because he's alive. He pulls my heart strings like no other and hypnotizes me with his pinkish, medium sized lips. He's sooooo tall, he's like... 6 feet 9 inches and he isn't even done growing! He's mixed with white and spanish, but he looks mainly spanish and he has a musculan frame that just can't be tamed. He has big eyes and he has a big smile and he's confident. He has nothing to worry about and he is all MINE!
Every girl in my high school wishes this jock was there's, but he's wrapped around my finger... mine forever! All the cheerleaders tried some on him, but it never works because he wants me and nobody else. Maybe it's my thin waste, but then the fat that's in all the right places, my long, light brown hair that has to get straightened, but is worth it, my juicy lips and my calm smile, my big, brown eyes and my light skinned complexion, I'm black, but a calm sista who isn't louder than a falling mountain, I'm perfect.
I sat in English by my best frien Faith Martin. She has blue eyes, dirty blonde, scruffy hair that's shoulder length, pink, glasses, K-mart style clothes and she was thin as could be. She's pretty shre just doesn't know how to bring out her beauty, oh, how I wish I could take her to shop at Saks. We sit by each other every day, no matter what happens we're beside each other writing or reading away. Josh is usually by his best friend Manny. Faith and I sit in the back and he sits in the med section. Our teacher Mr. Jaxon was on his laptop IMing away, he's my favorite teacher... he's so cute to look at, he has jet black hair into a young boy hairstyle, he has ocean blue eyes, so big and doe-like. He has very big lips for a white man and he has two very deep dimples that show up even when he's talking or eating a cupcake that he never shares with anybody, but his looks is not why he's my favorite teacher, he's my favorite because he's kind, he teaches my favorite subject and he's fun.
Still, I can't deny that he is just sooo cute, you know how it goes. Those simple crushes that don't really matter, but you just can't help, but notice. Yeah, that's that.
A very beautiful white chick walks into the room and when I say beautiful, I mean more beautiful then myself. She has conditioned, long, not naturally, but curly hair, very very VERY deep, blue eyes that people must compliment her about all the time, plump lips and a very cheesy, magnificient smile that is just unbelievably beautiful. I look over everyone and see every boy gawking at her, including my man... Josh.

Omigod! He isn't!

I try to suck it all in and pretend like I don't notice, but it is irritating me, mainly because Iknow that this girl is pretty. I cross my arms and put my hair behind my ear, avoiding the fact that I am suppose to be acting nonechalante about everything. She handed Mr. Jackson her schedule and he studied before sending her away to sit down. She purposely took the seat beside me and gave me a bright grin before pulling out her notebook. Ugh. " Hi, I'm Leslee Anne Lee, " She introduced herself to me.

NOYB, bitch. " Umm... Shiraz Aaliyah Maloney," I replied and tried to hide the jealousy that was at the tip of my tongue... trying to hide. I have to be polite, it's part of my being, I just feel so guilty if I was to be a complete bitch. I shook her hand and it was so soft and mosturized that it made me hate her even more.

" It's very nice to meet you, Shiraz," she said and asked, " Would it be okay if you were to show me around the school?"

Why me? " Of course, I would," I said and tried to smile nice, hard and long, my bright teeth was so bright that she'd never guess that I hated her. I blew out a big sigh when the bell rung... time for lunch.

Leslee Anne Lee

Walking with this very pretty girl named Shiraz and a not-so-pretty girl is actually kind of comfortable. I picked Shiraz to set by because she was so pretty that I had to. I wanna hang around cool looking people so that I can be considered as cool, I just wonder why Shiraz hangs around that dorky looking white girl. They were sitting by each other in class and they even passed notes before I interrupted everything, trying to fit in. Ugh... I hate being the new girl, but my mom insist on moving my family everywhere and not just keeping us put. She always has some job promotion and it's annoying! But this might be the best high school yet, it already has a lot of cute guys! Hey! I should ask Shiraz if she has a boyfriend. " Raz, do you have a man?" I decided to speak my mind.

" Yes, actually I do, basketball star Josh Romaro," Shiraz replied confidently.

" Cool," I said then passed the loo so I stopped in my tracks. I need to check my little girl. " Ummm... Shiraz, if we could stop here at the bathroom then that would be great."

" I do have to check my make up." I grinned at her cool girl mentality and we both sauntered into the bathroom. I went into the handy cap stall in the bathroom. I then carefully shredded my pants and my underwear at first protested, but it finally went down. " Owe!!" I exclaimed and I prayed that Shiraz didn't hear me. I looked down at my virgina and saw it only getting bluer, it was so blue that it could pretend to be blue clues and it was starting to leak sap looking deep blue stuff. It smelt so bad that it was burning my nose and it was blinding me because of how ugly it looked. Yeah, I definately have the....

Blue waffle.


We all began walking to the cafeteria, Faith, Leslee and I, the bathroom stunk real bad and I didn't know if it was Faith or Leslee, but I have never smelt it before in my entire life of living. It was bad and I mean REAL bad. I could barely concentrate on my make up. We started heading towards my friends when annoying ass Chaos Sabraxton walked to us. He's a fine bratha, but he's annoying and continues trying with me when I am obviously in love with Josh. I rolled my eyes and whispered in Leslee's ear, "here comes trouble."

" Hey, Shirazzy, how's life goin'?" He asked with his usually smug attitude that get's on my nerves.

" I really don't feel like talking, " I said as kind as possible.

" Introduce me to your friend, " He said.

" I'm Leslee, " She introduced herself and then I pulled her away so I can introduce her to Josh.

He was talking to.... My worse enemey!

Arian Simpson. She was batting her eyes and staring him down. I always hated her since the incident when she tried to still my IPod Touch, the only thing that is valuable that I have. We use to be best friends, talk and do bitchy and completely wrong things together, but since she tried tosteal my IPod, I'll never e the same. Leslee, Faith and I sauntered to him and Arian and we stood strong. Well, I stood strong, trying to pull all the hair off of Arian's head. " Hey, baby, " I greeted Josh and we kissed and then I thought that I could introduce him to Leslee who has been being sort of cool. I did resent her, but it's not her fault that she is absoulutely gorgeous. " This is my new friend, Leslee."

I anaylized her which pissed me off, but I have to remember that it's not her fault and that it is his and his only. I should bitch slap him. " Oh, hi, Leslee, I'm Josh," He said and they both shook hands she kept her eyes with his the entire time as if it was hard to pull away and detach herself from him. That's when I pulled her off. Josh and Leslee looked at me with a strange expression, especially Leslee. Josh in a way knew why I pulled them away, but that didn't stop me from covering it up.

" Sorry, but Leslee their is a lot of people I must introduce you to with only a little bit of time," I said with a very big and determined smile. They exchanged glances, but she still followed me. I story bringing her towards the snotty cheerleaders who are always up on Josh, but pretend to be my friends. They'll kill me if I don't introduce them to Leslee. " Hey, guys!" I trilled.

" Razzy, OMG! How is it going!" The cheer captain exclaimed with all of her heart. As if she even cared. She had long, blonde hair, green eyes, plastic lips and a plastic nose. I know this because she told me. She told me also to tell nobody or she'll spill a secret that... I sort of don't even wanna think about it. " Geeze, who is your drop dead..."

She looked at Leslee akwardly like she knew her from somewhere and Leslee was clueless to why she was looking at her like that. The other cheerleaders was looking at The cheer captain ( Morgan Marano) like she must of lost her mind. She instantly walked away from everyone which made all of us only suspicious. Theresea Tolochy, the only cheerleader I like came into the front and said," Don't take it personally, she has a lot of mood swing problems." She is so beautiful, She is Asian and has long, black hair.

" Mood swing problems?" I asked curiously.

" Yeah, she has these problems, I think she's angry because instead of working off her fat, she got liposuction, She also be on mad drugs-"

" OMIGOD, Theresea like... shut up!" Exclaimed one of the cheerleaders and Theresea didn't even look back at them, she sauntered ioff as if nothing happened.

I exchanged glances with Leslee and Faith, but then turned on fool and saw my freshmen sister beating on her worse enemey, April Doroso. I gigggled and pointed at my sister. " Leslee, that's my bad ass sister named Mekeda."

" Who isn't bad ass at this school?"


After school was sending chills all up through my body, although it was 99 degrees outside, in the middle of September. Texas is a hot place, but can't it be just a little cooler for at least one time... it's tripping me out. I sat down at my laptop and went on FaceBook, I saw that a guy from my new school just sent me an IM. His name is Dylan and I can't wait to see him again, I hope it's sooner, rather than later.

Dylan: hey

Leslee: Wassup

Dylan: Nothing right now... but maybe I can answer that question if you come over my house tonight

Leslee: Really

Dylan: Yea

Leslee: What are we gonna do

Dylan: I got a condom so maybe we could... ya know... what do you say

Leslee: Weel, where's your parents

Dylan: Not here, now... are you in

Leslee: yea, I'm totally in

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