Three Black Roses

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013




POV Vlad

Midnight is coming and I rush to go back. The unholy things I have witnessed tonight are enough to haunt a man for the rest of his life. I wish I had time to take care of that wicked beast who has dared to approach my beloved, but alas, I need to return to castle. There is a ritual that needs to be done on midnight.

When I left the castle earlier, I did not return to cottage. I was emotionally conflicted, a part of me was content with my achievement as Leila had accepted the first black rose, and another half was fuming at the thought of stranger that was left in the castle, the young general who seemed to be after my sweetheart. The moment I looked into his eyes, I knew he was after no good. He had evil written all over his stunning eyes, something that was hard for other humans to observe.

I waited for him to come out. Truth be told, I was tempted to finish him at instance, and discard the body so he could never be found, but as always, I mastered my temporary desires. I had to be careful this time since I do not need unwanted attentions during my short stay here. Anything that might interfere with my plans should be avoided, and this time my priority is Leyla. Therefore, as I saw his shadow, coming out of the castle and jumping on his horse, I followed him like a ghost. I needed to see what this mortal was really up to. What happened next and what I perceived, is going to be my nightmare for a while. My biggest regret is that I could not do anything but watch what he did.

The wind howls mercilessly and the cold is bone breaking, nonetheless I feel nothing but excitement as I get close to the castle. I shiver slightly, but it is not because of the chill, the thought of my innocent darling, sleeping in her bed while I do the ritual has thrilled me beyond imagination. I have never done this before and I am somewhat nervous. If the magic of black rose has made her ready for the next step, I should be able to perform without any problem.

The darkness within the castle tells me that everyone is sleeping. In a blink of an eye, I am past Leyla’s window and into her small room, which is now filled with an exotic aroma of black rose. I get worried for a second that the scent might have raised some attention, but soon remember that the only two people who can smell the black rose, are here in this room. One is sleeping soundly under its spell and the other is going to do the ceremony he has waited for, for a long time.

The room is dim and apart from the occasional moonlight that weakly attempts to spread from behind the ruthless black clouds, there is only a small candle burning on her vanity that only lights its limited surroundings. I wonder if Leila is terrified of darkness, why else would she leave this candle lit if not for her fear of darkness, or strangers who might intrude and tamper with her dreams?

It does not take long for me to find the rose under her pillow. A smile slips on my lips at the thought of her innocence and simplicity; she is trying to hide it from others. I look at her sleeping form and take in her beautiful features. Long eyelashes, brown strands of hairs on her wide forehead, small nose and those luscious lips that look awfully inviting. My eyes slide further down to her subtle neck that was slightly bent to a side, exposing a delightful view of her thin creamy skin and the veins under it. Her fine silky nightgown is generously showing her collarbone and the sight of her breasts’ curves beneath the thin layer of silk, immediately wakes up my desires.


I fight my longing to take her right there and then. Soon, she shall be mine forever, and I am here to ensure that. I take deep breathes to calm down my impulses and try to remember the words I need to say. Her steady breathing shows she is deep in her dreams and I waste no more time to move and join her in the bed. I lay next to her, feeling her warmness that caresses my body. Slowly, I lean on one elbow and bent my head down on her face, and bring my other hand to move her head gently to position her right underneath my face.

As I touch her soft skin tenderly, I am sure she will not wake up. Her mind is fuzzy enough to imagine she is dreaming and her eyes will stay close until I am done. It is highly challenging to keep in control while I am this close to her, I feel my bare fangs coming out and ready and the rest of my body is aroused to the last degree so I finally give in. there is no harm in quenching my thirst just a little before I perform the main part. I let my mouth explore her skin, I do not suck or even kiss, just caress her features with my lips softly from her forehead to her cheeks and down to her small round chin. She frowns a little but does not move.

I have a sudden urge to hear her voice, I want her to call me, to say my real name. Gradually, I start leaving butterfly kisses on her chin and move back to her ear, tasting her sweet skin. I feel a drowsiness that I have never felt before, I am not sure if it is because of the black rose or it is the Leyla’s love that has affected me. Her lips part faintly and she lets out a breath, but I can not wait any longer so I seal them in a passionate kiss.

My first kiss with my mate. My hand tugs her hair and my other arm pulls her to my body tightly. She starts to respond by moving her lips but I need to take control in order to do the ceremony, so before letting her tempting me more, I bite her lips. The fangs easily break her delicate skin and she lets out a silent cry of pain. The taste of blood dances on my tongue and drives me mad. It takes all my power to stay focused. I draw back a little and watch a drop of her blood falling on her chin. The contrast of her red drop on her creamy skin is enchanting.

Then I bite my bottom lip. One little prick and I feel the liquid coming to the surface. Excellent! I put my bloody lips on hers and whisper against them:

“I, Vlad, claim thee as my bride, to belong to me body and soul for the eternity. You shall surrender your blood, your heart and your soul to me and I shall give you mines in return. With this kiss, I will possess your blood. I shall be a poison in your veins, an addiction that you can never quit. You shall hear my name everytime your heart beats and thrusts life into your body.”

I kiss her roughly and she kisses me back. Our blood mixes together and we both suck on each other’s flesh to drink more. I finally open her lips with my tongue and enter her mouth, tasting every inch of that heaven. Her eyes are still closed, but her entire body responds to my passion as I desire. I feel her body pressed up against me and her arms around my neck pulling me tightly. She wants more and I know that if I do not stop, I will do regrettable things. She is not yet my bride and if I take her, I may harm her. After all, she is still mortal.

With much difficulty, I break the kiss. She moans in protest and opens her arms to draw me back, but I resist her alluring invitation. I need to leave, assured of the effect that the first ritual has had on my bride. She had given me her blood and I gave her mine, which means she will slowly turn. Still, I am required to finish the instruction to the end, otherwise her transformation might not be successful or worse, she may lose her life.

My body misses her sleeping form and warmness immediately as I get up. I am too agitated, never before have I experienced tasting such a delicacy and being forced to leave it without satisfying my sexual needs. Before I do anything undesirable, I need to go back to cottage.

Before I leave, I take one last glance at my sweetheart and I am amazed by what I see. She is soundly sleeping as if nothing has happened a moment before. The room is still filled with the scent of rose, but the small candle is long gone, but the moon has finally been rescued from the black clouds and now lights the whole area. I take Leyla’s hand and kiss it to bid goodbye, and for a second my mind wonders to events of earlier at night when I followed Henry down to the village where he had stopped before going back to Alwin castle where he was residing. I shake my head to get ride of the images of what I saw and heard. I will not think about it tonight, I do not want to ruin the memory of my first kiss by mixing it with something dark and dirty.

Then, as I turn to the window and get ready to fly out, I hear something. An unmistakable voice that is calling me.:


Damn! That is not supposed to happen.

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