The Adventure Of The Red Maple Leaf Prince-Chapter I

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The red maple leaves kingdom story is a special gift for my beloved angels:Rio, Tommy, Mickey, Bonbon!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Red Maple Leaves Kingdom

Submitted: January 15, 2012

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Submitted: January 15, 2012



Chapter I The Red Maple Leaves Kingdom

Once upon a time

Maybe it has been thousands years

In a wonderland

Where immoral stands

The maple royal dynasty lives near the Silver lake

In the middle of the most beautiful garden

Dove of peace fly above the sky

Flora of this land always dance under sunshine

Flying on the ground with their silk wings

From summer to spring

When night comes

They sing beautifully

They mutter soft

About their wonderland with the sweet song of stream

Perfume of flowers spread out to the air

It is jasmine perfume when night comes

It is mint flavor when sun appears in the east

It is rose fragrance when autumn stretches her glitter coat

It is honeysuckle when spring walks in the air

Cinnamon trees guards stands solemnly along the lake

Sweet fruits decorate their home like sparkling star

The red maple leaf prince sways on the branch

Singing loudly when everyone is sleeping

He kicks up dust while young flowers are swimming under lake

Rose cries until midnight

The silver lake were sick over one year

No one can advise that little prince to stop his child’s play

Queen cries …her laden eyes look at invisible space

The King sighs…when my little prince will understand his responsibility

The Sun stretches out his ray sadly

Maple leaves kingdom is overwhelmed with gray air

One day

A couple of Orioles perch upon maple branch

They whisper about an interesting land

Where they flew through vast grassy plains

Some amazing stories of human beings

Where they have miraculous power called “LOVE”

The little prince wakes up all night

Those stories become an obsession in his mind

“Where is that wonderful place ?

Oh, maybe I can find my freedom there.”

A silent night

No moonlight

The little prince leaves kingdom with his worm servant

Gone with the night wind

They fly to another land

Where he can’t see his red maple tree servants

Where he leaves his royal crown.

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