The Adventure Of The Red Maple Leaf Prince- Chapter II

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Adventure Of The Red Maple Leaf Prince- Chapter II

Submitted: January 19, 2012

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Submitted: January 19, 2012



Chapter II Playing Game

The red maple leaf and that old worm

Crossing hundreds fierce rivers

“Oh, freedom! C’est la vie!”

He shows his power to the animal on the earth

A rainbow is rising on the mountain

Some islands appear on the sea

Little prince bets with a white shark

A competition from North Pole

Who go to Soulth Pole first will rule the ocean

The competition is going on fiercely

On the road they go

Birds have to let maple leaf pass

Birdie falls from sky

Their mother are crying

“Oh my poor son!”

Little prince doesn’t care anything

He jumps into the air like a battle horse

Laughing at the pain of the poor mother crane

“Wow, you will have new sons”

Fishes have to dive into the bottom of ocean

The aggressive white shark wounds anyone on his road

He even kills some poor people

When they are swimming under sea

Little mermaids weep bitterly

Their song are too gloomy

Those big waves are running high

Tsunami conquers lands

The sky becomes grey

Earthquake divided this planet into five continents

Volcano are burning in anger

Life is menaced by that extravagant competition

“Oh my prince, please stop your contest

You will destroy this beautiful planet

And innocent human beings”

The old worm cries bitterly

But little prince doesn’t care his admonition

“You are too old to serve me”


Finally, competition ends

“Haha I am the winner”

The little prince are haughty with his champion

He doesn’t know …

That white shark are jumping into air to kill him with his sharp teeth

The old worm throws his body on that shark

Killing the traitor in a fierce battle

“Oh no my old friend”

The little prince cries bitterly

“Going back our kingdom, my prince”

The old faithful servant closes his eyes

The maple leaves kingdom are welcoming him


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