The Adventure Of The Red Maple Leaf Prince- Chapter III

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In my imagination, this is not only a story but also a cartoon for my nephew ^_^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Adventure Of The Red Maple Leaf Prince- Chapter III

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



Chapter III Sad Song Of The Old Black Swan

The little prince wanders across desolate deserts

“O what am I searching for on this planet?

What is power called “Love”?

No one dare to close him

Alone traveler on the long road

He stands on the top of Himalaya




Everything just comes then goes

Only his teardrops stay…

Looking around the world

It is too big for all human beings

But it is ..too small for an empty soul

For a roaming prince

Who can’t find the road to his maple kingdom over hundreds years


The maple prince flied to the Amazon

Dancing samba bewitchingly under sunshine

An old black swan is in meditative mood

He is looking in middle of nowhere

“O why do you sigh?

Don’t you love dancing with charming waves?”

“You are the iron-hearted prince

Who killed millions human beings

With your stupid game hundreds years ago”

“That was my mistake in childhood

Now I am an adult

Just tell me what made your eyes blind”



I was force to go to this place over thirty years

Serving a wicked landlord

Leaving my lover on the Black Swan river

I still live until today

Because she is waiting me to come home”


The maple prince brings that old swan

To the Swan river in Perth

A peaceful city in Australia

He sees an old black swan

She is singing a sad song

What is …



On the frozen river

Thirty years … is it long or short time

For his eyes became blind because of teardrops

For her song became weak after cold wind

“O, this is what they call “Love”

Do I pay everything to know human beings “LOVE”?

“Daddy, Mamma, how is our kingdom ?

Is it still have four seasons

Do  red maple decorate in the atmosphere?”

The prince cries

His teardrops are  precious diamonds

He blows his breath to that old swan’s eyes

He can see his lover with tender looks

“How strange what human beings on this planet call “Love”

Is that the same eyes my father looks mother?

O, my old worm….your sacrifice was so valuable”

The maple prince is going to pass away

That is only thing I can do to redeem my fault

He smiles

Blowing  a sparking wind into the earth

To give this green planet a present

With four seasons in a year

Twinkling stars when the queen of night wanders in her darkness kingdom


The last thing couple swan see in his eyes

These red maple leaves sway in the wind


I forgot to tell you that

When the red maple leaf  left his wonderful land

Thousands maple soldiers have gone to the world of human beings

Finding their little prince

They are still looking for him in hope

That’s why you can see

When autumn  comes

The red color of maple leaves dominate the world

To let their  prince know the road to come back his home.


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