Love is secret

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:) Just read. I hate writing summarys, I think they are pointless.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love is secret

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



Love is secret

"Hello, my name is Princess Lillian, and you will be staying in the guest bedroom. You will be given a loaf of bread and a cup of water." I said to the poor boy. I found in him in the streets on my way to the market, and he obviously needed to be provided with neccesities. It was very hard to get my father, the king, to let him stay. He pitys the poor. I think he's just unreasonable, and very self-absorbed. "Father, would you stop thinking about you and actually consider helping another for once!" I shouted at my father earlier when I first brought poor boy into the house. He won't tell us his name, he's afraid he'll get consequenses. I told him it was nonsense as I'm obviously trying to help him, but I can't help his feelings. Now he's staying in the guest bedroom across from my room. There's something about him, covered in dirt before we told him to go in the shower, I caught something hiding behind those blue eyes. I cant let my emotions get the best of me, but I have feelings for him. Funny, isn't it? I just met him. I instantly caught up on his sense of humor, and he is beautiful. I want to get to know him better, but that crosses the line, with my father, anyways. My father is just a weed out of a patch of flowers. My mother is happy to have poor boy, and is very welcome to provide care for him.

"Thankyou, Princess Lillian. I shall be getting to bed now. I have great appreciation towards you for providing things for me." Poor boy grinned. I smiled back, making it look like it meant nothing, but inside I had the butterflies in my stomach and I was blushing. 

"Goodnight" I nodded. As he was walking to his room, I giggled alittle too loud and and my cheeks were in flames.

"Did you just laugh?" He questioned me. I was so embarressed.

"Yes." I grinned. He just shook his head smiling and walked away. I really don't want him to mean anything, but he does. Tearing up, I climbled into bed and let the bed fit itself around me. I let the sound of trees blowing in the wind carrying me away. I fell asleep, thinking of poor boy.


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