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I guess that it is a realistic fiction, and I really don't have a summary. Jut going along with, if you would, I would appreciate it if you would read. If not, then I'm fine with that too.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Satisfied

Submitted: March 31, 2013

Reads: 72

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




 Today, was an okay day. Not normal, and it's not just cause it's Easter eve. I had a conscious that became very very guilty if I did the slightest bit bad, which was hard on me... Time is not going well, but not going bad. I only have a few friends, only one of them are up for eating lunch with me at school. I'm wearing my long, soft striped shirt with no pants and crazy socks.
"Will you please get me some water?" Dad called from the living room.
"No, please, just go do it yourself." I replied. I can admit. I don't treat my dad like any normal kid treats their dad, some times I give him attitude with no fear, and I  usually get what I want from him, which is sad. I love my dad, we have our good times and bad times. I feel guilty for not getting him his water, so I will.
"Yeah, I'll get you your water in a minute." I said casually. He didn't answer, didn't even nod, just looked at me when I said it. From where I'm sitting I couldn't tell if he smiled. Walking to the fridge, still in my underwear, I get him his water. I don't bother to put the water back and I set his water down on the T.V tray beside his chair. 
"Thanks babe!" He grinned. Why did he smile, when I refused to get him his water before? Wouldn't a normal dad say some thing like, "Next time, you do what I ask when I ask for it, no talking back." Not my dad, which I guess is pretty cool, but I feel more guilty about it.
 School is out, only for a week and a half, though, because of spring. Spring break. I prefer to be in school than at home, which I know can be considered weird, or nerdy. I really don't have anything to do, which gives me alot of time to think, read, and write. I've been reading alot, I've had some sleepovers, one with my friend, three of them with my cousins. 
Tomorrow is Easter, I guess it can be considered exciting, but not really for me. I can't wait to see the smile on my sister, Kayla, on her face when she sees the gift  "The Easter Bunny" give's her. Every easter me and Kayla get a basket full of toys, occasional chocolate. I can't wait to see what 'The Easter Bunny' got me. I saw so much stuff at the store that would've been appropriate for me. 
"You should probably be getting to bed." My dad smiles at me. It's only TEN, on a saturday night.
"I suppose..." I grab my book and head to bed. Every Friday&Saturday I sleep with my mom and Kayla. 
"Hi Jen!" Kayla half whispers. She's only four, but she speaks and acts like she's six.
"Shh," I tell her. I see that I sleep on the edge, with my mom in the middle and kayla on the opposite edge. Kaylas watching Family Guy on the computer. 
"Turn that down." My mom angrily mumbles in her pillow. I don't think Kayla heard her.
"Kayla, go turn that down." I gesture towards the computer.
"Alright, alright, alright!" She whispers back. I want to read my book, and my mom has a light on her headboard, but I cant find it.
"What are you doing..." Kayla asks. I don't reply, I just twist and turn to reach any kind of light switch. Nothing.I give up and lay down. I'm so uncomfortably hot, and really cold with my legs out. One leg doesn't do any better, so I just stick my legs back in the covers and put the covers to stop at the waist, and now I'm comfortable. Still cant sleep. Can't sleep..... Cant.... Sleep..... And I'm out.

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