Not Vampires

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I'm my best friend's Hooker, my father is a Demon Hunter, and the voice in my head is not human -- obviously. Two nurses are dead, graduation is soon, and I have yet to name my vampire friends as some other creature, because they are not vampires! They just...suck blood...and have fangs...but those are the only similarities!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Not Vampires

Submitted: March 29, 2010

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Submitted: March 29, 2010




“What is it like?”

Eyes tightening, that caramel gaze engulfed my own useless stare, fruitless against the strength his mere glance held. “What is what like?” he questioned, the chuckle I could have sworn dominating his mouth seconds before gone.

I swallowed. “Being what you are. Feeling…what was it called?”

“Linking,” he grunted from his side of the screen. He almost seemed disappointed or angry with the term.

“Yeah, what is it like?”

“To be Linked is to be split into two parts,” he explained, impatient with my questions. “These two parts you are aware of at all times, each Link connected by mind and spirit. The two entities converge into one another. It’s like two Links of a chain. Forever fused. Always together.”

“And Linking…it’s what you do?”

His slits narrowed further. “You meaning precisely what?”

“You,” I repeated cautiously. Nostril flares meant anger, I wasn’t stupid. But the screen seemed to comfort me. “Your kind. The Living Dead. The Walking Damned.”

“Most just go on and spit it out,” he countered. “Stop tiptoeing, Katriel.”

“But you aren’t vampires,” I answered firmly, knowing it to be true. “Not what the vamp stories say anyway. That’s just what humans call you, they don’t know any better. You’re not pale, you can go in the sunlight…”

In the back of the squad car he had no more words to say. Only staring came from him so I turned forward, heart racing.

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