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Chapter 1 (v.1) - It's all about me

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




Straightened hair?


Make up?


High heels?


Sexy lady?

Double check.

I looked in the mirror."Who are you?"  I asked my reflection.

"Perfection personified, haha! Right!".

I kissed the mirror and gave a little wave. I was wearing a white tank top with 'KISS' written on it in red, and black jean shorts, my thick black hair which I had straightened fell beautifully around my shoulders. Self obsessed? Yeah I am. I looked around my room everything was in place, I liked keeping things organised and clean. My room had blue as the base colour, with white and shades of violet on it. I gave myself a final look in the mirror and walked out.

"Mom! I am going! Bye love you!" I called out to my mom who was in her bedroom getting ready for work I guess.

I loved my mom actually she was the only person I loved my dad passed away when I was four, mom says he was on a business trip and he died in a plane crash, we didn't even get his body, mom completely broke down after his death so we moved as our old house reminded her too much about him. It's been thirteen years but she still loves him that is why she doesn't date. I don't remember much about him if it weren't for the his pictures in the house I wouldn't even remember how he looked. I have no siblings I am glad, being the pampered single child worked for me, I don't like sharing anything with anyone.

"Okay bye honey! Love you too! Have fun at school!" She called back.

Yeah right, if being locked inside a brick building and made to study stupid stuff is called fun then sure I'd have lot of fun at school. I do well at school, surprised? Yeah well everyone is it's not that I study for hours, it's just that I somehow I am not a bimbo.

I walked to my red convertible, yep I'm super rich. My school is not very far away, if I walk it would take like 15 minutes at most but I like showing off my car, so I always drive to school.

I put on my earphones and randomly pressed everywhere on my ipod so that a random song came on. I love surprises, life would be a bitch if it were predictable, so everything I do in on the spur of the moment.

I know you like me (I know you like me)

I know you do(I know you do)

"I love this song!" I said out loud. This song has been my favorite ever since it came out. I had reached the school I got out of my car and made my way inside. Who is that? Lana? Oh yeah it is Lana, poor little wannabe, trying to get Carson to go out with her. Anyway, what IS she wearing? It's like she stole it from a thrift shop. Well ew, I hate ugly people I don't even bother looking at them. In my opinion ugly people should just disappear altogether, ignoring all this I started singing along with the Pussycats quietly-


Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

Don't cha?

 Suddenly I felt a hand curl around my waist it pulled me closer and then I felt someone's lips on my neck.

"What do you want Mike?" I asked. God! He is so clingy. Yes, Mr. Hotshotcaptain of our school football team is way too clingy.

"Hey babe, my mom and dad are going away for the weekend wanna come over?" He said coming closer, I could get the smell of his cologne. It made me want to puke.

Normally I would have agreed but I've been with Mike for like two days now. I was bored with him.

"Mike. We're so over." I said

What I said took some time to sink in. I could see it in his eyes, first there was confusion, then he registered the fact.

" said you liked me" He said accusingly.

"Well darling I have said that to another half a dozen guys" I said and I walked away.

So? Heard about hot guys playing innocent girls?

Well roles reversed I am the hot girl who plays innocent guys.

I am Peyton Grey.


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