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Chapter 12 (v.1) - What just happened?

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




I slept peacefully that night. Can being with someone make you so happy? Within in no time, I felt like Jake was my best friend ever. There were some sparks between us, but I have never really thought about it. I was awake and I was in Jake's arms, I was staring at the ceiling. Jake was breathing peacefully. I liked the sound of it.
"Jake, wake up." I mumbled.
He groaned and turned to another side.
"Wake up!" I said. He didn't budge.
I sat on top of him and I slapped him. Not very hard but hard enough. He got up with a start and fell down taking me with him. I started laughing at his confused and angry expression.
"Ow, what was that for?" he demanded.
"I had to wake you up." I shrugged.
"Do you always wake people up by slapping him?" he asked, still holding his cheek.
"Nope. You are the first." I gave him a big toothy grin.
He swung a pillow at my face.
"Oh-oh, it's so on." I said.
I started swinging pillows at him, he held both my hands in one of his hands and started beating me with pillows. I was practically giggling the whole time, I ran around the house and he was following me closely the whole time, swearing that he won't let me win this war. I ran through his bedroom corridor giving small yelps. Suddenly I slipped on some water and fell down.
"Ow, how did water appear here all of a sudden?" I groaned.
Jake was laughing his head off by now.
"Aren't you going to help the young lady up?" I asked.
"Sure sure ." he said giving me a hand. I pulled his hand hard making him fall too.
"Revenge is sweet." I snickered. 
Before he could say anything I said

"I need to call Brad and I need to call home too."

"Why do you want to call Brad?" he asked, cautiously.

"I left in a hurry yesterday, he was worried. I should let him know." I said.

"Yeah, worried that if he'll ever get to take your clothes off again." he said with a snort.

I think he saw the hurt in my eyes, the way he said that it made me sound like a cheap slut. I looked at him, his face and softened I guess he knew what he said bothered me. I sighed.

"Jake, I'm a virgin." I said.

"Um..oh." he said awkwardly.

"I've never told this to anybody, even to the boys I used to slut around with. It just didn't go with my image, I didn't want the popular people to know that I am a virgin. Apparently I want to share that with someone special. Wow, I feel stupid while saying this but yeah this is the truth." I said.

"I don't think it's stupid, it is kind of sweet." he said with a smile.

"Sure, sure." I said waving my hand.

"I'm going to give Brad a call." I said.

I saw a disapproving look in his eyes but he didn't say anything.

"Hey Brad." I said, as soon as he picked up.

"Oh, hey, you called. What happened?" he asked.

"Oh. Well, I met my dad yesterday." I said, it was very awkward to call someone 'dad' after such a long time.

"Wasn't he supposed to be..dead?" Brad asked, clearly uncomfortable discussing about a person who was supposed to be dead.

"Well, yeah. Apparently he's not. Now he's back." I said with a huge grin.

"Good for you!" he said, I could say he was smiling by the sound of his voice.

"So, yesterday I left in a hurry, I'm so sorry about that." I said.

"It's okay, after all it was very important, your dad and stuff, right?" he said.

"Yeah" I said, dragging the 'Y' for a long time.

"We had some unfinished business, you want to complete it tonight?" he asked, with a flirty voice. I guess the old Brad was back.

"Oh, about that. I'm sorry but I've decided to mend my ways. I don't like what I have become. I don't want to be what I used to be. I can't really do all that anymore, I don't want to do that anymore." I said quietly, looking at Jake. He gave me a thumbs up and I smiled.

"Oh." he said in a surprised voice.

"You know what? It's alright. I think what you are doing is right. You need to do what is good for you. But we can hang out right? As friends?" he said, he sounded genuine.

Wow, well that was unexpected. I didn't think he would react like that. I thought he was with me just to get into my pants. Well who am I to judge?

"Sure. That sounds great. I'm glad you understand Brad. It means a lot." I said.

"Anything for you mam." he said with a laugh.

I actually like this Brad than the lusty one.

"Haha. Glad to hear that." I said jokingly.

"Okay. So got to go now. Bye." I said.

"Okay. Bye." he replied.

I disconnected the call and turned to Jake.

"Let's walk to my house?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll get changed. You can... well make yourself look decent." he said, scanning me from top to bottom. I probably looked like shit. I had no extra clothes with me. I'll have to get changed when I get home.

I punched his arm playfully, and rolled my eyes.

"I'll try to." I said, sticking my tongue out to him.

I ran into the bathroom. I washed my face and tried to smooth out my knotted hair. I did succeed after a lot of struggle. I put my hair into a pony tail. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didn't look that bad. I walked out and saw Jake sitting on the couch ready to leave.

"Let's  go." I said.

"Okay." he replied.

We walked to my house quietly. I was thinking about what will happen when I meet dad. What will I say? I guess mom must be very happy now. They must have had a wonderful time yesterday. Jake was quiet too. I think he was giving me some space to sort out my thoughts. We reached the house. I stood in front of the door. I swallowed hard.

"You ready?" Jake said suddenly, he was behind me and was rubbing my shoulders.

I felt like I was going for a boxing match and Jake was my coach and he was telling me the strategy. I quickly waved that thought away.

"I..I think." I said.

"Come one. Be a man." Jake said.

I looked at him with a confused expression, I gave him a weird look.

"Sorry, I mean be brave." he said trying to control his laughter.

"You, my friend need help." I said and turned towards the door again.

I sighed and rang the door bell.

My mom opened the door. She looked really happy. Her cheeks were pink and there was something in her eyes that I had not seen before, I felt happy when I saw her like that.

"Oh mom." I said and I went to hug her.

"How are you honey?" she asked patting my back.

"Just a bit confused. But still happy." I said with a smile.

"Go and meet him." mom said.

"Jake you should come in." I said.

"You sure? I don't want to spoil your family moment." he said.

"I need you to be with me. Plus you are the reason dad's back." I said firmly.

"Okay." he shrugged and stepped inside I held his hand for support.

I walked inside to find dad, who was sitting on the couch and reading a book.

"Um..Dad?" I said.

"Peyton!" he exclaimed.

He came to me and hugged me. Jake let my hand go and stepped aside. Dad kissed the top of my head.

"I'm sorry for not being there princess." he said.

I was getting teary again.

"It's okay dad. It wasn't your fault." I said with a thick voice.

We stood like that for a long time. I didn't know I missed having a dad so much. I guess I never admitted it to even myself.  A father is an important part of one's life. A child needs it's mother the most, but it needs a father too. That was one thing I learned.

Dad went to Jake and thanked him. Really if it wasn't for him, our family would have been incomplete. We chatted for a long time. After a while mom dad went inside.

"Let's go out." Jake said.

"Where?" I said looking confused.

"To the garden." he said.

Before I could ask something he pulled my hand and rushed to the garden.

"So what are you planning to do?" I asked, I was still confused.

"You want to change, right? Then you'll have to learn how to live." he said with a wink.

"That does not make any sense to me." I said, shaking my head.

We were in the garden by now. 

"Now what?" I said.

He went to the back side grabbed the hose and sprayed me with water. I was wet from head to toe.

"Are you insane?" I shrieked. I was so not expecting this.

"Oh come on! This is fun." he said, he was laughing his ass off.

I went to him and I pinned him down, I snatched the hose from his hands and I started spraying him with water. He pushed me on the other side and got up, he tried to grab the hose but I was faster than him. I started running around the garden, I turned around at times and I splashed water on him. We were laughing like crazy people. Finally he managed to stop me, he picked me up with one hand and snatched the hose with the other. I could not even open my eyes for even a second because of all that water he was spraying on my face, still I was laughing. I had never had so much fun in my life. I snatched the hose from him, as I was going to splash him. I slipped and fell down, wow I was getting clumsy. I had slipped like twice in a day. He was laughing so hard that he couldn't stand properly when he saw my face.

Just then mom came out. When she saw us all wet and saw me on the ground. Her eyes went wide, I could see amusement on her face.

"What are you both? Ten?" she asked, trying not to laugh.

"No. Just seventeen." I said with fake seriousness.

"Go get yourself cleaned." she said.

We went inside. We dried ourselves the best we could. As soon as I reached the bathroom door, I saw Jake was there too. We had an eye contact for a moment. Then I pushed him, so that I could go to the bathroom first. I was about to reach the door when he grabbed from behind and pulled me back. We tried beating each other up for quiet sometime.

"I need to brush my hair! I want to go first!" I said in between the giggles.

"I need to wash my face!" he said.

Finally after a lot of struggle we both got into the bathroom at the same time. He quickly went to the wash basin. I pushed him away by poking the side of my hip onto his waist, he pushed me back with his shoulder.

"I want the mirror." I screamed.

"I want the wash basin." He screamed back.

I was having a giggling fit by now. I splashed some water onto him.

"Oh don't you dare." he said with a menacing voice.

I laughed and said

"Doesn't work on me little boy."

He twisted my hand and pushed me to the wall, I became quiet. He came closer. I liked his smell,  I liked his eyes. I even liked the way he did his hair now. The amusement in his eyes faded, he looked serious now. He had a look in his eyes, a look that said he wanted to be with me. Did he want to be with me? I don't know what I felt for him. I tried not to think about it.

Oh god, he smelled so nice. I wanted to tell him that but I didn't. He would think I was some crazed psychopath if I told him that I had a thing for his smell. Wow, I sound so creepy and morbid.

My eyes went to his lips. No, no Peyton. Don't think like that. He's a friend. Yes, that's what he is. He does not have feelings for you.

Does he have feelings for me?

Of course not.

He came closer, I didn't know if I was leaning in too.

"Peyton! Jake! Where are you both?" I heard my mom's voice call out.

We both jumped at this sudden sound. He immediately backed off. We looked at each other awkwardly for a long time. Suddenly I slapped him

"Race me to the kitchen, last to come is the loser!" I snickered.

"Will you stop slapping me?" he said looking exasperated and amused and awkward about what happened earlier.

"Only if you win." I said and I ran.

As I was going, there was only one thing on my mind.

What just happened? 


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