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Chapter 15 (v.1) - Sneak Peek of Chapter 15

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




Next day was a Sunday. I lazed around the whole day. I had to meet Jake at his house at four. So till then  I had nothing to do. Nora was busy with her errands. I didn't feel like facing Brad. So I was just bored. Mom and dad have been busy in making up the lost time. They are always together, except when they have to leave for work. I decided to give them some time alone, so I keep out of their way. 

I did the dishes and cleaned my room. I cleaned the garage and chucked the useless junk outside. I had done everything. There was nothing to do anymore at home, so I decided to go and take a walk in the nearby park.

It was almost fall. The ground was covered with leaves. I have always loved walking on the dry leaves. I love the crunching sound it makes, when I step on it. The whole place looked beautiful, as the sunlight pierced through the canopy of the trees. I could hear the sounds of small insects. Other than those sounds the whole place was quiet. I could smell the sweet smell of the trees. I took a deep breath. Wow. I loved walking in this park. The sunlight was soft and calm. I liked how it danced around as the leaves of the trees moved because of the wind.

I sat down on a bench nearby, I put both my arms on the either side of the backrest and stretched my legs. Who knew sitting in  an abandoned place all alone would be so nice? I closed my eyes and felt the sunlight warm my skin.
I drifted to sleep slowly.
I was in boat in the middle of the river. I was happy. I was splashing water around. I was with someone. I don't know who it was. I couldn't see the face. Whoever it was they were laughing too when they saw the way I was acting. I could see the ducks swaddling around in the water. There were tortoises in the water. Swimming peacefully. I noticed how elegantly they waded through the water. Silent yet somehow seemed to speak for themselves. I was enjoying myself. I was laughing and giggling. I was wearing a a sleeveless flower print dress. My hair was untied and was in its natural state. It was elbow length and curled beautifully at the ends. I heard the stranger whisper to me
"You are beautiful." It was a different voice. I had never heard such a voice.
Somehow I didn't like the stranger. I felt he was bad. I did not know who he was but I did not like him.
Suddenly the whole scene zoomed out. I could still hear my laughter. Now all that I could see was a pair of eyes. It was staring at me. The eyes seemed familiar. They were blue and they kept on looking at me. It was getting uncomfortable. Stuffy even. I wanted to open my eyes. The eyes seemed amused. Suddenly my eyes flew open. I looked around and found myself on the bench and in the park.
I wasn't alone.

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