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Chapter 17 (v.1) - The Road Not Taken

Submitted: April 12, 2013

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




"What?" I squeaked.

Brad came forward, he grabbed me by my waist and smashed his lips on mine. I was too shocked to react that time. His lips were soft on mine. I had kissed him before, but this was different. I felt he was actually into this kiss. It was intense, I could feel anger, passion and pleasure in this kiss.

I tried to pull back, but he was holding me too tight. I tried to move away but he pulled me closer to him. He stopped kissing me, and pulled back. I was confused and I felt weird. He kissed me again, and pulled back and smiled. I stayed put, there was no expression on my face. Even if I liked him, I didn't like what he did. I'm a free individual, I don't like people pulling me around and kissing me like this.

Suddenly I heard something.

We weren't alone.

Brad and I looked beside us and saw Jake standing there. He looked shocked, angry and hurt. Oh no, but I wasn't doing what he thought I was doing.

"I knew it. You won't change, right?" He said, looking at me.

He gave Brad a disgusted look. Brad looked just as confused.

"Jake..Wait." I said.

"I don't think I should." Jake said and he walked away.

"Jake.." I began to say and started walking to the direction he went.

Just then Brad held my hand. I looked at him.

"What about us?" He asked.

"I told you, I love you." He said.

I flinched at the those words.

"Brad, I love Jake." I said, looking down.

"Oh." He said, his grip losing on my hand.

"It's not that I don't like you, but I love him." I said quietly.

"What does he have that I don't?" Brad asked.

I sighed.

"It's not like that Brad, it's not about who is better. It's about who I have feelings for." I said.

"But he's so short and he is so nerdy. You can do better than that." He protested.

I felt so angry at those words.

"Look Brad. I don't know what you think about me, or what you think about yourself. I love him, he's short and nerdy but that doesn't mean that  I should not love him. You don't have any right to tell me that who is better for me and who is not. I do like you. But I love Jake. I love the way the supported me when I was at my worst. He was by my side when I was a bitch. Not once did he take the advantage of the fact that I was such a mess. He helped me cope with my life, he helped me with dad. He completed my mom's life. He was with me on every step of my life. I love him. Nothing in this world can change that. Nothing." I said.

Brad looked hurt. 

"This means that there is no chance for us?" He said.

"I'm afraid not. You'll be one of my closest friend. Some part of me will always like you. You were with me even when I was disgraced." I said quietly.

"Friend zoned, right?" he said with a sad laugh.

"No." I smiled and kissed his cheek.

He cupped my face and kissed me once again, lightly on my lips. I let him kiss me, he deserved that much. He pulled back and kissed my forehead.

"You are amazing. I wish we could be together. You are the first girl, I've ever said I love you too." He whispered.

"We'll always have our own story Brad. Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go but friends stay forever." I said with a smile.

I hugged him. I felt sad for letting him down. He hugged me back. I laid my head on his chest.

"You should go Peyton. Go get him Tiger! We'll meet at school." he said with a laugh.

I had a feeling that everything would be fine now.

I smiled and I walked away.

I jogged fast, I hoped that Jake had not gone too far. I reached a meadow, I saw Jake standing there facing the other side. He had folded his arms around his chest. He wasn't moving, he was looking straight ahead. The wind was softly blowing, the green grass of the meadow danced to the rhythm of the wind. The crickets were filling the silence in the air.

"Jake?" I said, I was hesitating a bit.

"Go to him." He said flatly.

"But-" I began to say.

"Don't tell me that you didn't mean to kiss him. Even if you didn't want to, you kissed him all the same. That too just after you said you loved me." He said.

"I didn't kiss him Jake, he caught me by surprise. He was holding me tight. I was trying to get away from him. He was holding me too tight. I didn't kiss him back, he was the one kissing me." I said quietly.

"But it doesn't make any difference Peyton. He is tall, he is handsome and  he is funny. Unlike me." He said turning towards me.

"It's not like that-" I began to say.

"Go to him.  It's all the same, in every story, ultimately the girl chooses a guy like that. Not a loser like me. He is the choice of every girl." He said.

Suddenly I remembered something.

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
 I said, quietly.

"What?" Jake said.

"I now remember the last two lines. I had forgot to look it up." I whispered.

"Huh?" he said, I'm sure he thought that I had lost my mind.

"I made a rare choice, and that has made all the difference." I said with a smile.

I crossed the few feet separating us. I went to him and kicked my heels away. I held the side of his face and rested my lips on his.

The moment my lips were on his, I could feel my knees going weak. I had always read in books that when a person kissed someone they truly love, they could feel fireworks, electric sparks, they could feel a current running through them. I realized that, what they say is not true. When I kissed him, I could feel the world around me disappearing. I felt like it was just both of us. We were the only one. It was all about us. The kiss was so pure, so chaste, like there was nothing so pure in this world. I felt the planets changing their alignment. I closed my eyes, Jake was kissing me back. His hands were on my waist. A tear trickled down from my eye. His hand automatically came up and wiped it away, without breaking the kiss.

I couldn't believe I fell for someone so hard. I had never considered myself to be like that. I couldn't believe that I fell for Jake. Jake, who is considered to be ugly. I fell for him. I fell for a guy who taught me to be me. Who taught me how to live. Who made me believe in love. I knew right then and there. This guy was a keeper.

"I love you." I whispered as we broke the kiss.

"I love you too." he whispered back.


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