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Chapter 4 (v.1) - This means trouble

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Submitted: April 12, 2013




I put on a flirty smile and turned to him, "You are not very original" I said

"Why do you think so?" Brad inquired, cocking his one eyebrow up. Cool, I wish I could do that.

"You called me sexy, everyone does. Not very original." I replied giving him a crooked smile. I could see so much of lust in his eyes. I liked it.

He came closer to me, I was leaning on the wall with my back on it and he was right in front of me, both of his hands on my either sides forming a cage.

"Well if you want something new and refreshing try this." he said, pointing his lips. He gave me a lopsided grin.

"Like I said. We'll see, what's the rush?" I said and gave him a wink.
I don't know what happened then, everything moved very fast. Suddenly I could feel his lips smashed onto mine. Oh god, that was well, that was amazing! I can't argue that after kissing Mike, kissing anyone would feel good but it's not that. Brad..well Brad was amazing. I hadn't kissed anyone who was such a good kisser. EVER. His lips were soft, which first were gentle then turned fierce. He put one of his hand on my waist, and one the side of my face. I didn't know when I started kissing him back. Wow. I bit his lips, he moaned with pleasure. He licked my lips for entry. I opened my mouth, his tongue started exploring my mouth. It felt so good. He started taking me inside the now empty classroom without breaking the kiss, I didn't know where Mrs. Johnson was, like I cared. He now started kissing my neck, grazing his teeth on my skin. Chills ran down my spine.We were kissing again. He started sliding his hand under my top. I pulled back. Before he could say anything 

"You want her but she's so mean." I sang the matchbox 20 song, and stuck my tongue out to him.
He smirked, as I walked out.

"So this weekend?" He asked.

"What's the rush prettyboy, what's the  rush?" I said turning back to him giving him an arrogant look and then I walked out.

As I reached the cafeteria, Kylie and Jenna huddled near me "What happened to you in the auditorium?" Jenna gasped.

"Nothing. I met Brad." I said.

"Brad? Brad! The new guy! What happened?" Kylie asked.

"Kylie my dear dear Kylie. What do you expect happens when a girl like me is alone with a guy like Brad in a room?" I said sitting on a chair, folding my one leg over the other haughtily.

" you two huh? Kylie asked.

"Why are you so fucking stupid Kylie? God! No! I am never with anyone, we were kissing, yes." I replied frustrated.

"I know you are stupid, but at least pretend to be smart." I added.

"Sorry Peyton. I-" Kylie began to say.t

"Shut up. I don't want to spoil my mood. The thing is Brad is for fun, he has some game unlike the other guys here." I said.

"Well I have to go now, to English. Ciao!" I said and walked away without waiting for their reply. I don't know why I deal with such idiots.

Rest of the day went by pretty quickly. Nothing really happened except Mike begging me to take him back, even if I was out of my mind I wouldn't do that. Brad became pretty popular pretty quickly, especially with the girls. Someone happened to see us making out, so were being linked together now. I don't mind. Brad was sexy after all.  I could hear words like 'slut' 'bitch' being said when I walked past some girls, as soon as they see that I was near enough to hear them they'll shut up. No one dared to say anything on my face. I don't really care I was a bitch and I like hooking up with guys now and then. You live only once right? Rest of the week was all the same, I was busy in the weekend, No. Not with Brad. I wasn't an easy catch, I was busy because my mom wanted some changes in the house and I was helping her. It mostly involved moving things here and there. Mom was very creative she was never happy with permanent changes, she kept on modifying, renewing and changing things. She was like a child, she would be happy at the smallest things and sad at the tiniest disappointments. I loved that about her, she was a great friend. Altogether she was a great woman. I couldn't ask for a better mom.

~Monday at English~

"So remember the test you were supposed to have today?" Mrs. Johnson said.

"Well I cancelled it, now I am going to give you some assignments, you have to work on it in groups and submit it by Wednesday." she said.

"Wow. I can't believe my luck." I thought. I hadn't studied for the test at all, I had totally forgot about it. Looks like nobody had studied because everyone now looked very pleased with this announcement. Anything to avoid tests.

"I've already made the pairs. I'll be announcing it now. Remember you have to submit it by Wednesday." she said. "So the groups are-

Anna you'll be working with Lily.

Mia and Lucus.

Abby and Jeremiah.

Carson and Stephanie.

Peyton and -

I just hope it isn't some stupid girl. I thought.

Jake." Mrs. Johnson said.

WOW. It isn't a girl. Wait. Who the fuck is Jake?

I looked around and saw a boy who looked short, was wearing thick glasses, his hair slicked to one side. He was wearing a shirt buttoned from the top to the bottom and a pair of blue jeans. He was looking back at me. His face was unreadable, I couldn't say what his reaction was. His face was so serious and.. and.. ugly.

Oh god..this is not happening. Please tell me it's just a dream.

It was even worse than a stupid girl.

I was paired with an ugly-




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