Chapter 1: Rhiannon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“Rhiannon, wait!”

My head turns quickly to see his sharp, dark, hazel eyes staring back at me. They looked concerned, worried.

“Please…” he murmurs his face now close to mine. I take a swift look behind me then back at him. He’s looking at me; he wants me to say something. But I have nothing to say, I have nothing to say to him anymore.

He puts his hands to my shoulders and shakes me. “Rhiannon, you in there?” His voice sounded soft, certain, trustworthy…

“No.” I whisper, one last time, pulling away from his touch and stepping backwards a few paces. As he starts to walk towards me I turn around and start to run.

“Rhiannon!” He shouts after me, as I start to hear his sneakers hitting the concrete of the buildings roof we were on. I feel him pull me back by grabbing the hood of my hoody. I pull away with as much force as I could and jump off the edge of the high-rise building.

“RHIANNON!” His voice echoes through me, and is the last thing I hear as I land on two feet onto the next building. I watch him; he’s looking over the edge, looking for me. Impossible. Why would he be searching for me? I stare at him until he looks up, that’s when I see tears in his eyes. “So you do care?!” I yell, knowing he won’t be able to hear me. “You never once showed me that!”

That’s when I walk away, my back towards him. Now that he will forget about me, I will now have to forget about him.


Staring at myself in the mirror I still see the young girl that I was still staring back at me. My face still looks younger than I really am, with my piercing dark green eyes and long blonde hair, draping down just below my shoulders. In the mirror I see my grandmother appear at the door. “You look beautiful Rhiannon.” She smiles, walking over and putting her fingers through my hair. I reply with a small smile through the mirror. “By the way.” She continues. “You have a visitor.”

I hesitated, who would be visiting me? “Who?” I ask, but she had all ready left and closed the door behind her.

I look at myself in the mirror once more and sigh, pull myself up off the chair and head into the dining room where I see my grandmother at the dining table. Opposite her, I see a familiar face. His dark hair was short now, and his beard had turned into stubble where he must have shaved since the last time I saw him. He looks up, his green eyes on me.


He smiles and stands up to walk towards me. At the corner of my eye I see my grandmother watching my dad as he got closer. He touches both of my cheeks with his hands, his hands are warm. “You’ve grown Rhiannon.” He says, brushing some hair out of my face. I push his hands away from my face. “Yes dad. I’m 17 now. You left when I was 10. You and mum. What makes you want to come back into my life now, after all those years?” I say quickly as I shudder and shake my head. I can’t believe I still recognize him.

“I missed you.”

I look over at my grandmother but all she does is look down, so I turn back to look at dad and step back. I fold my arms against me, trying to hold back a tear and take a deep breath. “Then why did you leave dad?! Why?!”

He looks down. “It’s a long story.” Is all he could say.

A tear rolled down my cheek and I wipe it away with the back of my hand. “You can’t even look at me when you say that.” I murmur. “Why don’t you just leave again, make it easier for yourself.” I continue, brushing past him as I head out the front door.

“Rhiannon…” I hear him say behind me, but he doesn’t follow. I turn my head around to see my grandmother taking his arm. She’s always known when I’ve needed to be alone.


I run down the busy street into the city centre until I come to a set of derelict office buildings. I have no idea why they were abandoned. I run cautiously up the stairs to the highest floor i can. The wind hits me as soon as I stand up onto the concrete of the buildings top roof. My dad’s face still appears in my head, the look he had given me when he told me that he’d missed me. His eyes were so sure, maybe he was speaking the truth but I don’t want to let him in again, just to watch him possibly leave again.


I take a look over the ledge, my stomach doesn’t even turn at the distance between myself and the ground below. I’ve never been afraid of heights, ever. I look about the roof and then start to run north towards the next office building. I jump and land on two feet. As I look back over the large gap I had just jumped across, the scene that just happened between my dad and I suddenly faded away and another one replaced it. It was the day I saw him cry for the first time, the first time I actually saw that he cared. But only because he had thought that I had died. Sitting down on the edge of the building opposite the one I just jumped off I dangle my feet over the side and sigh. “I’m not dead.” I say aloud. “I’m not dead.”


“Excuse me maam.” I hear a deep voice behind me and turn around with hesitation. It was a young man, dressed casually just like myself. Wearing a pair of tattered jeans and a green T-shirt. “You shouldn’t be up here.” He continues.

“Well, neither should you be then.” I comment, looking back out onto the city horizon.

“Why, aren’t you stubborn?”

I give him an annoyed look. “Leave me alone.”

I hear him walk towards me. “No.” He answers, sitting down next to me.

“What are you doing up here anyway?” I ask.

I hear him chuckle. “I come up here to get away. I-”

“Please don’t start telling me your whole life story; I really don’t want to hear it.” I interrupt him mid sentence.

“Sorry about it. What’s your name?”

I sigh and look over at him, his face was slim and tan, his hair was a dark black. “Rhiannon.”

He turns to look right at me. His eyes are blue. “Cohen.” He says, putting out his hand.

 I hesitated, but shook his hand in return. I smile as I stand up. “I’m going to go.”

“All right, see you around. Rhiannon.”

I don’t say anything and head towards the ladder Cohen would have climbed up. I climb down,  to the bottom floor and head out onto the street. I swallow hard as I suddenly see my dad walking on the opposite side of the road. Running, I hide in the closest shop to me and wait until he disappears. Sighing, I run all the way back home to find my grandmother waiting for me outside on the porch. “Your dads left.” She comments as I walk up the steps. “I know, I saw him.”

“He was upset you know, he regrets what he did.” She continues, looking at me. I shrug. “Too late. What done is done. No one can turn back the clock, not even me.”

Without another word I head back inside. As I look around, I see there are still coffee cups sitting on the dining table from when my dad was here. I pick them up and threw them into the sink, as I did so I leaned against the kitchen bench and stared out the kitchen window. My trampoline was still sitting outside; it hadn’t been used in a few years. I threw my hair up into a pony tail and ran out back to have a bounce. It felt like I was 10 again, this was the only way I used to be able to take my mind off my parents leaving me. My grandmother though, had taken good care of me I had to admit. I was a good kid; I never rebelled as far as I know. I only ever questioned her, about mum and dad, but she would never tell me so, in the end, I just gave up. Even now, I’ve never really asked. I let out a big smile as I jump higher and land back down on my stomach. With my chin leaning on top of my hands I look up and see my grandmother watching me, smiling. I waved at her to come out. “C’mon.” I shout, standing up now. She walks out and shakes her head and laughs, “I’m getting to old for that Rhiannon.”

“You’re never too old to do things like this. Always be a little kid at heart gran.” I smile back as I give her a small grin.

“All right, all right.” She walks over and hops on. “I haven’t done this since you were 10.” She says starting to jump.

“It was the only way I could clear my head back then.” I jump in time with her.

“And what do you do to clear your head now, Rhiannon?”

“I climb up to the top story of the old derelict office buildings.”

Gran just looks at me still jumping.

“And jump between them.”

She stops and just stares at me. “You, what?”

“You heard me.”

She nods without saying another word.

“Why?” I ask, sitting down on the trampoline. Gran does the same.

“Well.” She clears her throat. “Your mum used to do that. When she was about your age, maybe younger she would do that. Same buildings too, but they weren’t derelict back then. I saw her do it one day. I all most screamed, thinking she was taking her own life. I felt sick.”

I sighed and put my arm around her shoulders. “Of course you felt sick, she was your daughter, right?”

Gran nods.

“Don’t worry gran, I’ll be careful. I promise.” I say, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek for confirmation. She smiles. “You better be girly.”

I jump off the trampoline and look at my watch. “What’s for tea?” I ask her, as she gets down from the trampoline.

“I feel energized now. Wow. Uh, whatever you want.”

I grin. “Who’s paying?”

Gran chuckles. “Well, it will have to me since you don’t have a job yet. One day, you can repay me.” She winks.

“All right. Um, how does pizza sound?”

“Great.” Gran answers, handing me her purse. “Go on then.”

“Be back in five!” I shout.


I enter the pizza parlour and pick out a couple of pizzas out on the menu. Hawaiian for gran and for me, meat lovers. I might grab some garlic bread to.

I order my meal and sit down, when the door opens and I see the guy I saw on the roof today. Cohen. Behind him, was a girl with red hair and was wearing a short black mini skirt and a blue tank top. As the girl orders, he glances my way and smiles. “Hey.” I say and wave. He walks over and sits down next to me.

“Rhiannon, right?”

“Correct. Cohen?”

He nods. “By the way.” He whispers. “Do not speak about how you met me on the roof of the building, to my sister. Say we, I don’t know, met at the pools the other day.”

I look at him confused but just nod in agreement. “She’s your sister?” I ask.

“Yeah, I am.” A girl’s voice replies and I look over to see her standing right in front of me. Right in my personal bubble. “And you are?” She asks.


“And you met my brother, where?”

“Uh.” I look over at Cohen; he’s just staring into space now. “At the pools, the other day.”

“Oh, I see.” She answers, still standing inside my personal bubble.

“And you are?” I ask, becoming irritated.


I nod and look at her still irritated. “And could you please, get out of my personal bubble. It’s really irritating…”

She looks at me bewildered and that’s when Cohen looks over at us.

“Sorry. My bad.”

“Greta.” Cohen pipes up. “You can be so rude at times, you know that right?”

She shrugs. “The feelings mutual.”

I roll my eyes and stand up to receive my order from the front counter. “That’s mine. I’ll uh, catch you guys later.”

“Bye.” Greta sits down next to Cohen.

“Cya.” Cohen waves as I walk out the door of the pizza parlour.


“Rhiannon, wait!”

I shudder to the words I just heard, bringing back memories. I turn around to see Cohen standing there. “Here, take this, it’s my number.”

I look at him. “All right. I’ll uh, ring you, sometime.”

“Sweet, cya around.” He says running back into the pizza parlour.

I pop the piece of paper back into my pocket and just shrug as I head back to gran with the pizzas.


I open the front door to see gran sitting in a dining room chair watching t.v. “I’m back!” I say, placing the pizzas down next to her as she looks up.

“Oh, great. Thank you.” She smiles. I hand her purse over and head over to the sink for a drink. “You want one gran?” I ask.

“A wine would be nice thanks darl. The wine glasses are down in the bottom cupboard.” I nodded and bent down as the note Cohen gave me fell out of my pocket. “What’s that?” Gran asks as I place the wine and wine glass down in front of her. “Oh, nothing.” I say, sitting down.

“C’mon, give ya gran a look.” She smiles her convincing smile.

I roll my eyes and laugh as I had the piece of paper to her. “Fine, a boy gave me his number.”

I watch her as she reads it; her smile drops and her eyes look up at me.

“What?” I ask.

“Cohen?” Gran replies, passing it back to me.

I shrug, “Yeah, so?”

Gran sighs. “You’ll see.”

“He’s not bad is he, like going to kill me or something, you wouldn’t let him do-”

“No, Rhiannon.” She says seriously. “He wouldn’t do that. He’s a nice person.”

“You know him.” I ask, taking a bite of my pizza.

Gran just nods and says nothing more.





Submitted: July 15, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Hopeisnear. All rights reserved.


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