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Marina has found a new home. She now lives with Ms. Canin, the frail old woman. Dike, the rough, tough, and gruff man. Fable, the perky, typical female teenager. And lastlt Johnstoni, the crazy, energetic kid. Everything seems normal, but when Johnstoni (Johnny) changes in to an animal, Marina is frightened.
She discovers the family secret and is off to discover more. Can Marina save Johnny and discover the secrets of these animal-morphing people?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Arriving at a Door Step

Submitted: February 21, 2007

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Submitted: February 21, 2007



Marina pressed her face against the icy window of the taxi, staring at the mellow herds of cows, grazing on the crispy grass like lawn mowers. Marina’s nose wrinkled as it greeted itself to the fresh smell of cow pies. She retreated from the window’s glassy glaze and glanced at a taller woman sitting beside her.

The woman’s nose was long and curved like the beak of an eagle, wrinkles were sweeping her face. Her eyes were small and beady, like small black peas. Marina knew her as Ms. Gillman, a worker at the orphanage. Marina had been in the orphanage as an orphan since she was 7, and she dreaded the first day she came there. Children were screaming and jumping on each other like howler monkeys. They attacked her like lions going after a zebra, and she broke her nose that day. Surprisingly, Marina had no living relatives, both of her parents had no siblings and her grand parents died long ago. Marina let out a long, sad sigh and slumped down in her seat like a slug.

“So Marina, are you exited to meet your adopted family?” Ms. Gillman asked, her voice was smooth, sweet, and kind. Marina gave a small nod, this was her first adopted family, she was hoping it would work out all right.

“Ms. Canin has a couple of children living with her” Ms. Gillman explained as she took out her purse and dug through it like a dog. Marina tilted her head to one side, she hoped these children would get along with her; she didn’t want to be a bickering sister. Eventually Ms. Gillman took out a pack of gum and beamed at her find. The worker then placed it on Marina’s lap.

“Just a good bye present” she chirped, her voice like the squeak of a mouse. Marina smiled and gently stuffed it in her jean pocket.

“Thanks Ms. Gillman, I’ll miss you” Marina said, giving Ms. Gillman a small hug with her arm. Ms. Gillman blushed a bright red and zipped up her purse. The taxi screeched to a halt, a couple of clinks and splatters could be heard and then the taxi driver continued his business.

“3 dollars” he mumbled reaching his hand back for his pay. Ms. Gillman made a face but slapped the money in his greedy hands. The driver then counted up the money to check and he smiled a wide smile of triumph.

“Have a nice day madam” he hissed as Marina and Ms. Gillman quickly slid their way out of the taxi. Ms. Gillman snapped herself in to a smile and took Marina’s hand. Marina grumbled but let Ms. Gillman do it. The happy worker trotted up to a large house with Marina in hand. Ms. Gillman went to the door, shouts could be heard inside, and thumps and screeches. Marina’s eyes went wide and she looked up at Ms. Gillman, the woman’s expression still had a smile but worry danced in her eyes. Ms. Gillman knocked a couple times on the door and it was answered like lightning. An old woman smiled up at them, her back was in an arch and her lips melted in with her frail, white skin. Her eyes were almost closed but she seemed to be able to see.

“Here is your bundle of joy Ms. Canin; I assure you she won’t be any trouble” Ms. Gillman chimed. Marina stepped inside and turned to look at Ms. Gillman.

“Oh, one more child of trouble won’t make much difference” Ms. Canin chuckled, her face as shriveled as a prune.

“Thank you Ms. Gillman for bringing her here, I am just so busy lately” Ms. Canin said with a strong voice, unfitting of her fragile body. Ms. Gillman nodded and waved good bye, her foot steps echoed in Marina’s mind. Ms. Canin closed the door and grabbed a cane leaning against the wall. Marina tossed her bag of clothes and other belongings by the door in a rude way but Ms. Canin didn’t seem to mind.

“Children!” Ms. Canin shrieked in a high pitched voice, it was so high that Marina wasn’t even sure if she heard it. In almost an instant and boy came rushing in, striped socks covered his hands and feet and he was wearing a brae on his head. His T-shirt was pure black with white sleeves. He was wearing denim shorts. Ms. Canin sighed and a yelp came from the hallway.

“Johnstoni give me my brae!” cried a teenage girl as she came rushing after him, she snatched her clothing and huffed. Johnstoni was trying to hold back giggles, his mouth inflating as he tried not to laugh. Ms. Canin scowled and shook her head to the boy.

“Marina, this is Johnstoni and Fable” Ms. Canin explained, gesturing to both of them. Ms. Canin looked around for something but she stopped when more footsteps came pattering down the hallway. A large gruff man appeared; his head mostly shaved except for a thick black strip. He had a bristly chin and sad brown eyes. A leather jacket rested on his shoulders and saggy jeans covered his feet.

“Ah, and this is Dike” Ms. Canin said with a smile and pointing to the gruff man. Dike sighed and forced himself to make a smile. Ms. Canin then put her free arm around Marina.

“Everybody, this is Marina” Ms. Canin explained with a weak grin spreading farther across her face. Marina gave a few clueless blinks then timidly waved her hand. Jhonstoni was the only one who seemed interested.

“Hi, you can call me Johnny or John, since Johnstoni isn’t a very cool name” Jhonstoni said like millions of rapid firecrackers.

“Umm, I’ll just call you Johnny then” Marina said with a small shrug, she was only trying to seem cool. Johnny giggled with glee and rushed up the stairs.

“Marina, your room is up there, do you have anything?” Ms. Canin asked, slowly walking to the stairs like a snail. Marina nodded; she grabbed her bag that she had tossed by the door. Marina made her way up the stairs and then waited for the hunched body of Ms. Canin. The old lady made a long sigh of relief when she finally reached the top. She waddled over to a door like a wounded penguin and pushed it open. Marina stepped inside and gazed around the room like a lighthouse’s light. There was a bed that looked Native American, it was all brown and fake buffalo fur warmed the bed. The leathery pillows had a complicated design of blue and pink beads around the edge.

Marina smiled as she noticed two, flat, clay horses hung on the wall. One was dark blue in the front and light blue in the back with a black mane. The other was light blue in the front and dark blue in the back. Both had small hand prints running along their necks. They looked like they were dancing with one another.

“Do you like it?” Ms. Canin asked, all ready slugging her way out of the room. Marina nodded but was too speechless to say anything.

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