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Caprice Williams started a blog three years, in the middle of her freshman year. In just a few short months, everybody was talking about it-And how they all wanted to meet the creator. They know that the writer goes to their school-And that's it. They don't know that the school's idol, the creator of the most popular blog in Westend High School, the mysterious OrangeLemon, is actually the school's biggest nerd outcast. If only they knew...

Unknown to the student body, their biggest nerd owns the school. If she mentions in her blog post that she's thinking about wearing the color blue the next day, the next day everyone will show up wearing blue shirts, jeans, sneakers, socks, whatever. She mentions that she loves beanies more then baseball caps, WHOOOSH! The next day everyone will be wearing a beanie. It's crazy, how much of a hold she has on the school.

Hayden Jackson, the most popular boy in the school and also the school's 'bad-boy,' is determined to find out just who OrangeLemon really is. Caprice laughs at his attempts, mentioning in her posts how he will never find her. Will he? Or will the famous OrangeLemon stay nameless for ever?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Blog Me

Submitted: October 03, 2012

Reads: 65

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Submitted: October 03, 2012



Caprice flopped down on her bed, her closed bright orange laptop cradled gently in her arms. She blew a chunk of auburn hair out of her icy gray eyes with an annoyed huff, shifting around on the turqoise bedspread, trying to get comfortable. When she was settled, she gingerly opened the orange machine and grinned as her blog page immediatly popped up. Their were 456 comments on her post from yesterday-No surprise their. She had a sneaking suspicion that even some of the teachers read her blog, and that was where the extra seven comments came from. Caprice scrolled down to the bottom, her fingers hovering over the keyboard before begining to smash into the keys, typing words at lightning speed into the box at the bottom of the page for creating posts.

Hey guys!

What's up? I'm sooooooo proud of you all! Together, we raised 5,000 dollars for the Sunshine Animal shelter! Give yourselves a pat on the back! So, today I was listening to the song We Found Love by Rihanna, and I thought, 'Why not make a cover of this?' What do you guys think? Should I? Shout out to Emma Green, I simply LOVED your lime green rhinestone belt! Sister, you need to tell me where you bought that, ASAP! Thank you everyone for the ideas for my next drawing, everyone! I thought they were all amazing, and very creative. The superhero cookie, David? Priceless! I'm not going to tell you what I picked...But I promise it will be up and posted tomorrow! Until tomorrow, my darlings!

Love, OrangeLemon

Caprice clicked the post button, a small smile on her face. "Five...Four...Three...Two...One...Zero!" She clicked the refresh button, and ten comments popped up out of nowhere. Surprise surprise! She started to read them, her facial expressions turning from smiles to laughter to annoyedness to rolling eyes.

'You should give yourself a pat on the back, OrangeLemon! After all, you're the one who encouraged us to donate in the first place! I just love the thought of all of the pets they can take care of with that money...As for the cover, I totally think you should! Your voice is, like, amazing! Plus that is one of my favorite songs! And I saw Emma's belt to, she told me she got it from that collio new store in the mall, Rebel Destiny! I can't wait to see your drawing tomorrow...Love yah, OrangeLemon!

Your fan, Hayley Sullivan.'

'Hey there, hotstuff! Whassup? Thanks for asking, BTW. I'm doing fine. When it comes to the money, I'm glad I did my part. SAVE THE NARWHALS! If you know what I mean. I think We Found Love would be a perfect song for you, and I also think you should try Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Hereos! That song is, like, epic! And thanks for the sweet comment about my belt...I got it from Rebel Destiny, that new store across from Aeropostale and next to Claires! I always love your drawings, sweetie...That one of the fairy pulling at the clover was soooooooo talented! I was the one who suggested you draw the unicorn, by the way. I can't wait to read your post tomorrow, OrangeLemon!

LYLAS, Emma Green'

The annoying one Caprice only skimmed over, sighing. There was always one person who demanded to know her true identity, and they always annoyed her. If she wanted them to know who she was, she would tell them. DUH! The next one made Caprice laugh as well as roll her eyes.

'Hey there, girly! Yeah, I know, I donated $700, more then a few of my friends. I was like, "Hey! Don't you care about animals?" You should totally sing We Found Love! Maybe we could sing it together sometime, or some other song. I'm really good at singing, and so are you, so we would make a great duo! Emma's belt was okay, but you must not have seen me today! I was wearing this awesome hot pink beanie cap with a big pink bow on the front and neon pink sequins stitched on it. I know, it was GORGEOUS! But yeah, you must've not seen me, because I'm sure that you would've mentioned it. Now, Caprice Williams-SHE deserved to be ignored. She is so ugly, clumsy, and, well...I just...UGH! Anyways, C U tomorrow darling!

Love, Mariah Castley'

Wow, talk about vain.

The rest were the regular, rather monotonus replies, so she logged off and shut it down. Her older brother James walked in just as she was plugging the laptop into the charger. He sat down on her bed, laying back and staring at he ceiling. Caprice sat down next to him, ruffling his mass of black messy hair. "What's up, big bro?" James sent her a withering look, his chocolate brown eyes rolling. "Oh, nothing more then the ceiling...And the sky, I suppose..." It was his little sister's turn to roll her eyes. James sat up, towering over her even though they were only two years apart. "Why don't you tell them who you really are?" The only ones who knew of her 'secret' were her brother and parents. if she had friends she might tell them, but her only friend, June, had moved away last year. She too had known Caprice's secret, and even showed up in a few of the pictures and videos.

The girls had only two rules for the blog-One, never give your identity. Two-Never show your face. The videos of them dancing, the singing videos, the pictures...Caprice and June always made sure their faces weren't showing. After all, to let people know their identity would mean that OrangeLemon wouldn't be assecret and mysterious anymore...And who knew what would happen if the students learned that their role model was the girl they bullied, teased and taunted? One thing was sure-It most definately would NOT go over well.

She frowned. "I don't want to because...It wouldn't be fun anymore." James sighed. "Whatever. The least you could do is forget about the nerd look...When we're a ways away from everyone here and there's no danger of your schoolmates seeing you, you don't bother with it, and you look great. Beautiful, even. But when you go to school, you make an extra effort to be disliked. Why?" Caprice blinked. They had gone over this many times before, and her answer was always the same. "Because I would go around underneath the radar then be in the centerof attention and have stupid jock boys falling over themselves to be my boyfriend. Imagine being able to say that you were the boyfriend of the famous OrangeLemon!" She said the last sentence bitterly, frowning. James punched her lightly on the arm. "Hey, watch who you call stupid."

Caprice laughed. "Who said you weren't stupid too? I don't think i've ever heard of a smart football player, and you're not about to change that." James rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Anyway, dinner should be ready in about fifteen. We're having stew tonight, courtesy of none other then Moi." She smiled. "I'm glad to hear that. Mind leaving my room now?" He got up, making a big show of dusting off his baggy dark blue jeans, as if he were brushing off girl germs or something. "Alright, I'll see you downstairs." And he swept out of the room. I frowned down at my hands, thinking hard. Someday I would have to give my identity, as I had promised my parents...But not yet. No, definetly not yet. Maybe at the end of the school year...Or next year, my senior year...Or...two years into college? Geez, at this rate, I was NEVER going to reveal myself...And this was fine by me.

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