The Depths of Awareness

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Written: January 2013

Meaning: I recently had a dream about the girl I'm currently dating and for some reason my subconscious mind communicates mostly in metaphors, so it was a bit difficult to decipher. The first chapter of this story is my best attempt at describing the actual dream itself, and from there I just took the idea and continued with the metaphorical concepts. It represents my conscious awareness of my journey and personal struggles along the way from within the harsh depths of loneliness into the fascinating land of emotionally fulfilling romance.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Depths of Awareness

Submitted: January 27, 2013

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Floating in complete silence, at peace with my mind for a moment just before a freezing, liquid slap rushes across my face. Thrown into the chaos once again. I sit up in a panic and survey my surroundings to validate the situation. The hard wood underneath constantly rocking back and forth, two endless blues engulfing my existence…wait a minute…something’s different this time. A change has been made without my knowledge.

There, just beneath the horizon, I see the beginnings of solidity unknown to I. Of course, I’m immediately skeptical of my own vision due to the numerous tricks it’s played on me in the past, but perhaps…perhaps this one is true. Could I have truly stumbled upon hope for survival? There seems to be a vibrant glow of a deep, dark purple aura coming from it. Strange. I’ve somehow managed to jumble together an inquisitively raised eyebrow of confusion, a slight smirk of happiness, and a tilt of my head for curiosity. I must reveal the truth of this phenomenon.

Bursting into action, I take control of the tiny vessel my life rests upon and propel forth through, seemingly infinite, waves of dark blue. The further I reach, the more it appears as though this deep purple aura is invading the bright blue of the sky. My teeth break the bond between my lips and raise the corners to reveal a long awaited smile, but only for a moment.

Quickly resorting back to suspicion, I realize the entirety of this particular situation has been potentially fabricated by my own delusional mentality in regards to hope for romanticism.

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