first love or puppy love?

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We call it first love but adults call it, puppy love. I found love in a hopeless place.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - first love or puppy love?

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



So the story went like this ;

It was my first day in this school , and you're in-charge of the freshmen's orientation. I was alone, no friends made yet. I sat at the bench near the cafeteria, I saw you hanging out with your group of friends. I dunno why I'm suddenly paying attention to you, but I adored your voices so much that I was eager to talk to you one day. So your best features was your curly hair. I'd like to run my fingers through your hair one day. And what a coincidence, we both had dimples. You've got the sweetest smile. Suddenly, a girl from my class, came up to me and introduced herself to me. I, too, introduced myself to her. She seemed friendly. And FYI, she's my bestfriend now. So back to story, she saw me staring at you. And she was like asking me again and again why I was staring at you. \"I dunno, he's very charming,\" I said as I admire every movement of yours. She chuckled, I got to know that you're one of the cutest guy in school. I was amazed. Sigh, if only I have the guts to talk to you. Well, then there was this month, around April? I think, I got to know that you found out about me crushing on you. No wonder you keep smiling at me. You're confusing me real badly. Do you like me? Or I'm just your junior that you have to be friendly with? Oh come on, I thought. As days goes by, my affection towards grew. I started falling in love. And this is what adults called puppy love but we call it first love. We were in the same course, police. So I got the chance to see you every Friday. It was the best. But then, day by day, you started ignoring me after I confessed to you. That hurts me the most. You started to say I'm annoying, you said I was disgracing myself, you said I'm desperate for your love. And I started to get mad. I flung on my studies, I hang out more instead of studying. I changed, a lot. And I need you to help me change back. This is so easy to write, because it felt like as if this just happened yesterday. And the last 9 months feeling never changed. I still love you. Now its coming to 10 months. 25 November 2011, your birthday. What should I do? Right, I'll texr you exactly at 12am, wishing you. But if that changed nothing, I'm done. I'll give up. Dear Crush, I love you. Sincerely, me.

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