The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Finally, Lia had reached her breaking point. She pulled her arm out of Alyssa’s grasp and wheeled around, “Why didn’t you tell me?” she demanded, her face was twisted with anger but her eyes revealed her hurt, “All those didn’t tell me anything...”

Chapter 1 (v.1) - On Her Fourteenth Birthday

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Submitted: March 19, 2008



Chapter 1: Her Fourteenth Birthday

There was a soft tapping on the window. Alyssa, being a light sleeper, woke instantly and crept to the window. She jumped, seeing her own reflection in the dark glass of the window.

Though she didn’t know, other already knew that she would grow up pretty. Her long dark hair was in two neat braids and contrasted perfectly with her light skin. Alyssa’s dolphin grey eyes were framed by long, thick eyelashes. Complete with a thin, serious face and a light dusting of freckles, she was the perfect image of someone unknowing of their own beauty, even at age four.

The window started to inch open and Alyssa jumped again. It revealed a small figure, crouching on the roof below (Alyssa and her sister’s room was in the attic). She tried to scream or yell, but her mind just didn’t seem to give the order. As the person jumped nimbly into the room Alyssa managed to step away. The figure stepped forward again, once again Alyssa backed up.

Her mind had cleared just enough to issue the simple command: yell. Alyssa opened her mouth. The figure reacted quickly; it jumped forward and covered Alyssa’s mouth with a small hand.

“Don’t be scared,” the figure whispered, its voice sounded like a boy around Alyssa’s age, “You might not believe me but you have to, at least one day. There are worlds Alyssa, worlds different from here.”

Alyssa tore his hands off her mouth, “How’d-”

He covered her mouth again, “Shhh… keep all of this a secret.”

The boy opened the window and slipped out.

Just before he closed the window he said, “Just remember I will be back,” and with that he disappeared into the night.

And he was right, his unpredictable visits did continue. It soon became an interesting splash of color in Alyssa’s otherwise normal life. Over the years Alyssa came to wait eagerly by the window for hours before she’d fall asleep each night.

Six years later...

By the light of a flashlight Alyssa painted in front of the window, once again waiting for the mysterious boy to return.

Instead of the usual soft, patient tapping that normally announced his visit, they were quick and hurried. When Alyssa opened the window for him her practically dove in.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered, she instantly noticed the small scratches all over his arms and legs.

The boy rested his hand on Alyssa’s shoulder as he caught his breath, “Listen, I can’t tell you much,” he was speaking fast and already seemed like he was leaving, “But don’t expect me to come back. Your sister! Keep an eye on her, alright?”

Alyssa took his sweaty hand and gave it a quick squeezed, “You’re talking nonsense, you’ll be fine.”

The boy shook his head and sank his hand into a deep pocket. After a quick moment he pulled out a small box, “On your sister’s fourteenth birthday give this to her.”

Alyssa’s heart sank, “She knows everything too?”

“No,” the boy whispered, almost affectionately, “She only knows if you told her. Now, Alyssa, I have to go.”

She didn’t doing anything to stop him running to the window, she was too paralyzed with shock and realization of the situation.

The boy stopped briefly outside the window, “And Alyssa? I won’t be back.”

Alyssa snapped out of her temporary paralysis, “Wait!”

He reluctantly stopped while she grabbed the painting she’d been working on.

“It’s not done,” she admitted quietly, “But take it!”

Thee boy offered her a rare smile and took the paper, “Thank you.”

With a slight nod of the head the boy disappeared for the last time.

Four Year Later (September 29)

Lia and her sister, Alyssa were sitting cross legged on the wooden floor of the attic they called their room. Why was their room an attic? It’s because their foster mother was Sharon. She was one of those people with too much money and too little sense.

When she bought her six bedroom mansion she lived alone and converted every single bedroom expect her own into something that pleased her more. When she decided on a whim to become a foster parent she realized she needed a bedroom for the two youngsters. Instead of giving up one of her precious rooms she stuck them in the attic.

“Aly?” Lia whined pathetically.

Like most sisters, Lia and Alyssa couldn’t be more different. Alyssa was quiet and artistic. Her face showed it too: her hair was always pulled back in a messy bun and since the age of twelve she wore square glasses that had thick, neon colored rims. Not only that, but her face always had something odd on it: be it a splotch of blue paint or a smudge of black charcoal.

Lia was different: she possessed a confidence that Alyssa could only dream of. Her hair was a shade lighter than Alyssa’s and her skin a shade darker. Alyssa had a thin face, while Lia’s though thin, was more pixie like. There was one thing the two sisters had in common: their eyes. They shared the same color, same shape and same distance apart. While Alyssa was more of a quiet beauty Lia had more of a loud “one-of-the-guys” appeal, rather than beauty.

“Aly?” Lia repeated.

Alyssa sighed and put down her pencil, “What Lee-Lee?”

“My dearest most darling sister Aly, would you do something very extra special and nice for me?”

Alyssa paused for a moment and finally replied, “Depends.”

Lia didn’t answer, she was staring with awe at the space under Alyssa’s bed.

“Alyssa,” she asked in a slightly distant voice, “Wh-what’s that?

“What’s what?” Alyssa inquired her eyes revealing her deep concern.

“That,” Lia said with a little more confidence as she pointed to something behind Alyssa.

Alyssa looked to where Lia had pointed and to her horror it was the old box she’d received so many years ago. With a pang Alyssa remembered it was Lia’s fourteenth birthday. The box was shaking and rattling, not only that but it was also slowly inching towards her sister.

As it drew closer you could distinctly hear, “Open the lid, open the lid,” being pleaded between pants in a small, cutesy voice.

Lia whimpered with fright but Alyssa was fascinated. She reached for the lid carefully. Inside was a beautiful pendant on a chain. At first glace they both seemed to be made out of silver but if you moved your head the material seemed to change from silver to gold to black to white.

Suddenly, an odd creature popped it’s head out. It’s head seemed to be a simple black splotch with two bright eyes, it was very cute. Though they remained hidden Alyssa also knew that the creature had a pair of glittery wings.

“Hi!,” it proclaimed excitedly.

Lia jumped back and screamed, causing the creature to jump back into hiding. Alyssa clamped her hand on Lia’s mouth.

“You’re scaring it,” she snapped, a rarity for her.

Though Lia didn’t know what the creature was, Alyssa did from the many stories the boy had told her. It was a Brain Bug. Despite it’s relatively scary name they were quiet harmless.

Alyssa kindly reached her hand into the box, “Come out little guy,” she cooed gently, “Don’t be scared...”

Slowly the Brain Bug reappeared, “I’m actually a girl,” it whispered, “And you’re not Lia...”

Lia’s eyes went wide and let out a frightened squeak, “What so spe—how did you know my na—” she broke off in distress.

The Brain Bug brightened, “You’re Lia! Thank God ! Do you have any idea how boring that box is? I’ve lived in that thing for four years! FOUR YEARS LIA!”

Lia didn’t reply.

“Which reminds me,” the Brain Bug started again she seemed to be unconcerned about Lia’s fear or silence, “I need to give this to you...”

She picked up the chain and flew over to Lia. Lia tried to scoot away but Alyssa held her still. The Brain Bug carefully snapped the chain onto Lia’s thin neck.

“There,” she said with satisfaction, “Now only one more thing...”

The Brain Bug buzzed her wings quickly and looked pretty excited. She made a fast bee-line to Lia’s ear and a second and a small pop later, the Brain Bug had entered Lia’s brain.

Lia screamed like there was no tomorrow, “GET IT OUT OF ME!”

Don’t worry Lia, everything’s fi—



Lia shut up. Her breathing was still ragged and she was as pale as a sheet but she was going to listen.

There isn’t enough time to explain everything...but you’ll learn everything eventually. Let’s start with me. I am a Brain Bug...I basically live in people’s brains and I talk to them. have a memory of reading “The Golden Compass” so you’ve read that book right?

Lia nodded uncertainly.

You know Pan...what are they called Demons? Daemons? Anyway I’m sort of like one of them, but I live in your brain. When I’m inside your brain I read your every thought and search through all your memories and feel all your feelings.

Yeah and that’s not creepy at all Lia thought as she crinkled her nose. The sound of the “Brain Bug” laughing filled Lia’s mind.

You’re cute. But I’m not exactly like what Pan was. There is no problem if I ever leave your brain, you’ll be completely normal and I’ll be completely normal. And I do not have one specific owner. I can be given as a gift from one person to another or simply decide to leave one persons mind and enter another ones. And normally when someone gets a Brain Bug they name them. What’s my name this time?

What names have you had before?

Well...everything from “Widdle Cutie Pie” to “black dot” it’s your call really.

Maybe Blobby?
Blobby it more important stuff...

Whoa there Blobby...this is still super weird for me, I need to like compute this or something...

Fine, I’ll explain everything on the way.

On the way? Never mind, don’t answer. But don’t talk; I want to figure everything out first.

* * *

Lia hugged her legs and gazed out the window. The moon was gone, but the stars shone brightly. It had definitely been a weird day. After the Blobby incident Alyssa had barely spoken to her, and had been treating her as if she was a ticking bomb.

There was a soft shuffling behind Lia.

“Lee-Lee,” Alyssa whispered tentatively, “I want to show you something.”

Alyssa pulled out a thick sketchbook, “They’re pictures...of where that creature comes from.”

“Blobby?” Lia confirmed.

“Yeah...” Alyssa yawned, “Sorry, I’m going to sleep. Use a flashlight to look at the pictures.”

Once Alyssa had gone back to sleep Lia got out a flashlight and gazed at the first picture.

Instantly she could tell it was one of Alyssa’s early drawings, she must have been only four or five. It showed a small figure wearing a dark hood. There was no background or color. Lia flipped to the next page, it was the same boy. So were the next few pictures. Finally, the subject changed.

This picture was in color pencil and just as bad as the previous ones. But it seemed to be a field with strange creatures roaming around.

Lia skipped through the next pictures, eager to get pictures where Alyssa was actually good at drawing. Just glancing at the picture Lia guessed Alyssa was now about nine. This was a collection of sketches or Blobby, all at different angles. “Brain Bug” was written neatly at the top of the page. So it is Blobby.

I thought I told you to shut up.

Lia flipped through again and came across a truly breathtaking picture: it showed a large pond surrounded by willows. The sun was reflecting off of the water in an interesting way that made the water look like it was sparkling. In the middle of the pond there was a small cottage sitting a top a tiny island

Inside her head Lia heard a small sniffle and could have sworn Blobby whisper so sad...

Most of the pictures were of peaceful landscapes or cute old villages. The picture of the earlier mentioned boy seemed to pop up a lot too. In some of the pictures his face was concealed by his hood but in a select few you could see his messy brown hair and penetrating almost creepy blue eyes.

Lia yawned—she should probably go to bed. Just one more picture. Lia flipped to the back. She expected another landscape or maybe an animal. But no, it was the boy again. Most of the previous pictures were when the boy was eleven at the oldest. But, in this picture he seemed to be around fifteen. He still had the same hair but rather than being little boy messy it was teenager tousled. His features had once been rounded and innocent, the older self his features had sharpened, prominent cheekbones, a sharp nose and a thin mouth.

The boy was looking into to the side but his body was drawn straight on. And his shirt was tied loosely at his hips; all he was wearing was a pair of baggy jeans. This of course showed off his toned abs and arms.

I know you told me to shut up but...if you could see the thoughts going on in your head right now...

Would you shut up? Lia pleaded as she blushed a deep crimson. But she stayed true to her word and Lia crawled into bed and quickly she fell asleep.

It was the same beast that was in one of Alyssa’s drawings. But instead of being serene and calm it was bloodthirsty and it’s eyes were set on Lia. Lia shook with fear as the creature advanced towards her. Her feet were literally glued to the ground. It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream she assured herself. She looked head on at the beast. Wait—Lia thought is there someone...or something riding this thing? Lia was just about to make out the face when everything went dark.

A voice pierced through the silence, “See? See what’s out there? It’s practically on you! Don’t dawdle GET THE GIRLS OUT NOW!”


Wha— Lia thought blearily, her dream forgotten the minute she’d woken up. What’s wrong...


As quickly as she could Lia stumbled out of bed and blindly raced towards Alyssa’s bedside.

“Wake up,” Lia mumbled, “Blobby said to wake up.”

Alyssa sat up instantly, already she was wide awake. She stood up next to Lia and faced her sister, “What’s wrong?”

Tell her it’s a Grax...wait! Tell her it’s a Grax with a Master AND IT’S COMING FOR US!

“Um...Blobby said it was a Grax with a Master coming for us?” Lia repeated uncertainly.

Alyssa turned pale, “Oh shit...c’mon Lee-Lee we have to get out of here.”

With that Alyssa grabbed onto her younger sisters shoulders and practically through her to the window. The same window, in fact, that the boy had come through so many times before.

Blobby care to explain? Lia thought desperately as she clambered out of the window. For once, Blobby remained silent. The cold air stung at the exposed bits of Lia’s skin. She shivered a little as she rubbed her arms.

What the hell are you doing? Let’s GO!

Lia obeyed, she expertly climbed down to the end of the roof and confidently climbed down the windows and onto the grass (fruit of many pervious sneak-outs) I can’t believe I’m listening to you but...what now?

Just then, Alyssa landed next to her, right when they heard the distinct noise of a large creature sucking it’s drool back in. Alyssa grabbed Lia’s arm and tried to pull her behind her.

“Lee-Lee...le—let’s just back away slow—”

Everything faded away then. Blobby’s voice, Alyssa’s uneven breathing and even the wind that had been blowing stopped.

Lia felt different somehow, like she knew what was going on and she knew what she had to do. Lia noticed that she was wearing different clothes. She was wearing a white sleeveless leather tunic and loose, but not baggy, pants, she wasn’t wearing any shoes. Her hair was also in a high ponytail, to keep it out of her face. Looking down she also noticed that she’d somehow gotten hold of two long and bendy sticks.

She surveyed her new surroundings, and it wasn’t particularly interesting. She seemed to be in a completely white space. There were no hills and no landmarks. The Grax was about ten feet away from her. It’s eyes were a very large and very dark. It had a dog-like face but with a bigger mouth and bigger teeth. It’s fur was crimson with a butter yellow underbelly. The Grax’s spine seemed to stick out through it’s skin: razor sharp ridges jotted out of his back and they looked like bone. Lia surveyed the Grax and it surveyed her. She had been scared before, but it was different now, this time she knew exactly what to do.

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