The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Tales of Osariden

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Submitted: March 29, 2008



Chapter 2: Tales of Osariden

There were two things that Lia noticed about the Grax: one was that it was wearing some type of armor. It’s wore a helmet and metal disks around its joints. The Grax’s back was protected too, but close to the front a leather saddle was attached to it. Lia understood: the Grax was meant to be ridden. The other thing Lia noticed was that the Grax’s bones were quite visible, the Grax was weak. Pity tugged at Lia’s heart.

Cautiously, Lia stepped towards the Grax. She was about a foot away from the Grax when it lifted one of its mighty paws. Somehow, Lia managed to act quickly. She took two long and quick steps back; the Grax’s long, sharp claws barely missed her cheek. Lia looked at the Grax, then at the stick in her hand. She charged, ready for an attack this time. Right as the Grax swiped again Lia jumped into the air, doing a perfect flip. Her arms acted on their own as she whipped a small cut into the Grax’s paw.

Lia’s body doubled slightly at the impact of the landing on the beasts back. On the other hand, she’d made a perfect landing, right on the leather saddle. The Grax went wild, it bucked and leaped. Lia reached for the reins that were being tossed about with the beast’s jerky movements. She pulled the reins as hard as she could and the Grax obeyed without question. For a moment the only noise in the air were the two opponents catching their breath. Lia slowly moved her face towards the Grax’s ear.

“It’s going to be alright,” Lia whispered comfortingly, then she changed her tone to a more commanding one, “I don’t care who your master was before,” What the hell am I saying? Lia wondered with horror, seriously, who talks like this?

“But you answer to me now. I, Lia Kimberly Vynn,” I guess I do…

“One more thing, your new name…your new name shall be Kim, after my own middle name.”

How do I know the Gra—or Kim, is a girl? Lia then recalled Kim’s underbelly, which revealed her more feminine body parts, “So, Kim, do you agree?

The Kim seemed to; she nodded her giant head and gracefully started to ride around the room. Lia had never ridden a horse before but she guessed it wasn’t like riding a Kim. It was like flying, her back didn’t seem to move with her. And she was wicked fast.

Lia started to feel an odd sort of bond with Kim and patted her shoulder affectionately, “Good job Kimmy,” that was a statement that Lia had said that she fully agreed with.

Now, how do I get out?

In answer to her question, the room started to fade and the real world appeared around her. Instantly, sense of calm Lia had before disappeared.

Now that was weird. I couldn’t talk to you that whole time! It was like being back in that box again! How in the world did you tame that thing?

Kim Lia corrected instantly. Though she was back to freaking out, Kim and Lia still shared that odd bond.

Kim, that thing, WHATEVER! YOU DID A FLIP! A FLIP! I didn’t know you could to a flip! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?

Blobby? You know what I’m going to say right?

Wait. Talk to me, where’s Aly? What happened to her?

Aly? She didn’t go anywhere…wait? Where did she go? She was right there I SWEAR!

“Aly…” Lia pleaded under her breath.

She looked down at Kim and bent down to whisper another thing into her ear, “Kim, follow Aly. Or find her, maybe follow her sent?”

Kim gave a snort that sounded suspiciously like she was laughing at Lia, but broke off at break neck speed through the land behind Alyssa and Lia’s house. Lia gripped at Kim’s soft fur and let her tears of worry be carried in the wind.

“HEY!” Alyssa cried as she got thrown onto the hard earth.

Her kidnapper said nothing. She wasn’t even sure if the person was a girl or a boy. They were certainly pretty tall though.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

Still they remained completely silent. They simply tossed a piece of bread at her. The kidnapper observed her carefully as she fingered the bread suspiciously, as if Alyssa was trying to detect poison in it.

“It’s safe,” the person, who sounded like a boy, assured.

Alyssa ignored him and tossed the bread back.

“Listen, miss Princess, I’m doing you a huge favor here, try to at least use your manners,” he snapped but Alyssa could tell that besides anger there was also just a tiny bit of nervousness in his voice.

“A huge favor?”

“I’m letting you go,” he stated simply, then he dropped the back that had been slung casually on his shoulder, “With food and supplies to last you and your sister until you reach Osariden.”

“We’re going to Osariden?”

But the figure had already gone, reminding Alyssa so much of the boy that had once always visited her all those years ago. All alone and not a clue where she was, Alyssa was smiling.

With a cocked head she thought, almost eagerly was that him?

Lia lurched forward when Kim unexpectedly stopped, about two or three miles off of the mansion’s estate. Lia nervously patted Kim’s sweaty sides.

“Aly?” She called out uncertainly, her voice pierced through the quiet night, “Aly?” she repeated, a little louder this time.

There was a rustling in the trees beside her. Lia turned to see the cause of the noise. And of course, there was her sister with this odd dreamy look on her face. She was also carrying a large ratty bag that seemed to be filled to the brim with something.

“What happened?” Lia cried, “Why do you look so happy? I was WORRIED!”

“Not everything revolves around if you’re worried or not, Lee-Lee,” Alyssa stated simply, “Oh, tell your new pet Grax—”

“Her name is Kim,” Lia wearily corrected.

“Well tell Kim to take us to The Entrance,” as she said this, she hoisted herself onto the back of Kim, right behind Lia.

“Entrance of what exactly?” demanded Lia.

“Just say The Entrance, “Alyssa instructed.

Lia sighed, “Fine…” she bent over, “Go to the entrance?”

“As fast as possible,” Alyssa added.

“As fast as possible,” repeated Lia, and they were off, at break neck speed.

Alyssa had fallen asleep a while ago, but Lia had stayed up, not because she wanted to but because she simply couldn’t sleep. She was scared out of her mind. Lia had never considered herself a smart person, but then again, a lot of the smartest people in the world were actually pretty dumb, if there was a whole other land out there and no one knew about it. A land filled with “Brain Bugs” and “Graxs”

In the very back of her mind Lia was a tiny bit excited. Maybe in this new place she’d be someone actually important and her biggest worry wouldn’t be if she’d gotten a good grade on her English Essay.

Lia quickly dismissed the thought. She learnt that if you wanted to be important you’d have to work at it. Being important wasn’t something that fell into your lap like stories try to make you believe. In real life, you were either born important or you’d have to work at it.

You were right earlier.
Never mind what you think about importance, you are extremely important, Lia.

Despite herself, Lia was intrigued.

The land you’re trying to get to, it’s called Osariden. You thought that you had to be born important or you’d have to work at it? You actually were born important. Do you want me to explain, or do I have to shut up, like normal?

You don’t have to, if you don’t want.

Ha! I’ve finally gotten your attention. Anyway, you know that necklace that you’re wearing? It’s a pretty special thing, there are only three ever made. One of them, the one that you’re wearing, was made specifically for you.

Huh? What do you mean?

Someone made that necklace for you, Lia! Not just anyone could be able to use its powers like you do!

Yeah that makes perfect sense as well...

When you fought Kim? How did you know what to do? How did you know how to do a flip? Why couldn’t I communicate with you?


Of course the necklace has powers as well, it kind of possesses people, and back then it possessed you.

But if that’s the case, the necklace is the important one and I’m just here to transport it. And anyway, the necklace controls me, not the other way around.

You have a good point. But, it’s not like that. You still don’t know how to use your necklace. Until you do, it can and will possess you whenever it once. When you’ve learnt you can make yourself do very powerful things.

Like what? Why is this necklace around anyway?

No one knows what the necklace does and only a select few know it actually exists. The necklace was created, for you, as I said. But that’s not all—there are two others. Two others that you must find, if the three necklaces and their owners are united...

What happens?

Ok, the place we’re going, not to discourage you or anything, but where we’re going, it’s not as pretty as Alyssa’s pictures. Well, it was when she heard about them, but not anymore. Osariden is being destroyed from the inside out. We have no leader, yet somehow laws are being passes...executions are being announced...all by order of the King, which by law means it must be obeyed. But the King died an untimely death. The day he was crowned he was murdered then strapped to the palace walls for all to see...

Lia felt like she should say, or think, something but she couldn’t think of what she could say: nothing like that had ever happened to her.

This is where you come in. Long ago there was a story of these exact events. Almost a prophecy, but it was more like a story. The story describes three powers coming in to break through the bad times and let the good ones start again. But that’s all we know, the other half of the book was destroyed in a fire. Now that all three of the necklace owners have been found no one knows what will happen.

Wait—you mean the others have been found? That’s why I have to go to Osariden?

Yes, the two others have been found but unfortunately they have been lost. They were actually babies when we found them, but they disappeared almost instantly afterwards. We’re hoping you’ll somehow find them.

Wait, hold up! You’re expecting me to just find these people, when no one else has, in a place I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXSISTED! I don’t know anything about these people, what do they look like? What are their names? ARE THEY EVEN HUMAN?

Shhh...calm down, Lia. You aren’t forced to do anything. And actually, we’re kind of hoping the people will come to you rather than the other way around. And, going back to not being forced to do anything, you aren’t. If you really want, you can jump of Kim right now and forget all about this. If that’s what you want to do. Well, keep this in mind: there are others after you, and they’ll send something much worse than a Grax.

In Osariden some people know a lot about you, Lia. They know your weaknesses, who you care about the most...

Instinctively, Lia reached behind her and made sure that Alyssa was still there. I’ll do what I can... she thought, knowing that Blobby would only let her answer that.

Good girl. Now, people saving far away worlds still need sleep.

Slowly, Lia drifted off into a comfortable but uneasy sleep. It was only a few hours later when she got gently shaken awake by none other than her loving older sister.

“Wake up Lia,” Alyssa whispered quietly, “Wake up, come on, Lia, wake up.”

Lia mumbled something that sounded very close to “go away” but nonetheless she awoke and stared groggily at her sister.

“Good morning, Lia,” Alyssa greeted cheerily as she handed Lia a water bottle as long as a roll, “I have some jam if you want some too.”

Lia accepted the food and slowly began to eat. Alyssa on the other hand was perky and devouring her breakfast. It was then when Lia grudgingly remembered that Alyssa was a morning person.

“What time is it?” Lia asked looking up at the sky, to get some clue.

“Don’t worry,” Alyssa assured, “It’s not that early. It’s only 7:30”

Lia stared at her sister with amazement, “Only 7:30? Only?”

I’m with you there, girl.

Even Blobby’s voice seemed bleary with lack of sleep. Inside Lia’s head, Blobby made a loud and long yawn.

“Where did you even get this food?” Lia questioned, as she tried to forget what time it actually was.

“Oh, the guy who kidnapped me got it,” Alyssa replied, making it painfully obvious who the morning person was.

Lia spat out her food, “What?

Alyssa rolled her eyes, “Don’t worry, the food is perfectly safe.”

For a while all the noise they heard was the chewing of their breakfast and the occasional bird call in the distance. Lia tried to guess where they were and how far away from home they actually were, but it the scenery wasn’t anywhere Lia had seen in her life. Where are we Blobby? She asked her friendly answer giver.

I’m not exactly sure myself, but probably the lands surrounding rich people’s mansions.

How come there is no security gates or anything?

There are, but security gates don’t really stop Kim or any other Grax, they just sort of well glide through them. I’m not sure how but I think it’s because Graxs are from a different world so things react to Kim differently, as if she doesn’t even exist. And she kind of doesn’t here.

Lia was very confused but she decided to let it slide. She turned back to look at Alyssa. She seemed so excited to go. How did she know so much about all of this? Did the boy in her pictures have something to do with it? Why hadn’t Alyssa told her about any of this?

“Why didn’t you tell me anything?” Lia whispered, more to herself then to Alyssa.

But Alyssa didn’t hear. She just continued eating as if Lia hadn’t said a word.

Suddenly, Blobby let out a small scream of both surprise and fright.

Stop, stop Kim. STOP HER NOW!

What’s wro— Lia decided against asking. So far, Blobby had led them fairly well. Lia decided it was best just to do as Blobby said, no questions asked.

“Kim, stop,” she commanded.

Alyssa perked up, “Why have we stopped? Are we th—”

Lia, tell her to—

“Aly, shut up,” Lia hissed as she thought way ahead of you Blobby.

They all fell silent, their hearts pumping loudly, no one but Blobby knew what was coming. They heard the distinct sounds of motorcycle engines roaring to life, followed by the shouts of vicious sounding dogs.

Lia was scared. She could here Blobby’s frantic breathing and in the distance she could make out shadows in the distance. She had a feeling these weren’t the good guys.

Ok, Lia do exactly what I say...

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