The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - It's a Dog Eat Dog World

Submitted: April 01, 2008

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Submitted: April 01, 2008



Chapter 3: It’s A Dog Eat Dog World

“What’s happening,” Alyssa hissed, this time she sounded a little more worried.

“I don’t know,” Lia finally replied, her voice barely audible.

The loud motorcycles were growing louder and louder as the nervous second ticked by. Alyssa shivered, the tension in the air was almost unbearable. She cast a worried glance at her sister. She was surprised at how calm Lia looked. Maybe Blobby was telling her something? Alyssa felt a slight pang of jealously. It used to be only Alyssa who could care for Lia, she knew how to calm her down when she was mad and how to cheer her up when she was sad.

Lia felt her sister staring at her, could she see how nervous she was? She’d been told she was good at acting, but she couldn’t be that good, could she? A part of her was mad at Alyssa, how had she known so much about all of this? Had she known that Lia had an important role in Osariden? Even if she didn’t, why didn’t Alyssa tell her about this entire world she knew about?

“What the hell are you doing in these parts, little girls?” a male voice came from behind them. The voice was like a low growl, but it seemed young and innocent at the same time.

Both Lia and Alyssa whipped around, to see a tall boy, in his late teens staring at them. He had almost platinum blond hair, it was cut very short, not even an inch long. He had a long, thin face and long, thin features. His eyes were a chocolate brown and looked a little too big for the rest of his face. He wouldn’t be described as being handsome but more...more dog like.

Remember what I said earlier? About people who know a lot about you? About how they’re after you too? These are some of those people.

Lia glanced down at her necklace and breathed a small sigh of relief, her necklace was safely hidden under her flannel pajamas. Just tell me what to do, Blobby.

Repeat after me, “I’m one of you.”

“I am one of you,” Lia stated trying to make her voice sound confident and calm.

The teenager broke into an uncertain smile, “Then where’s your dog?”

Laugh and say that you killed it.
Excuse me?
Just say it!

Lia’s laugh, or her more theatrical evil cackle rang through the cold, still air, “What do you think? I killed it!”

The boy joined in Lia’s laughter, but stopped abruptly, “Who’s the little girl behind you?”

Alyssa stared at Lia with slight worry, she didn’t know what was going on and Lia seemed to. What was Blobby saying to her? She didn’t feel insulted that the boy thought she was younger than Lia, everyone did. Lia was a towering 5’8’’ and more...developed. She, Alyssa, on the other hand, was just barely over five feet and still didn’t require a bra.

Lia? Say that the girls just a servant.

As much as she hated to admit it, Lia was enjoying this character she was playing. She glanced behind her and rolled her eyes, “Her? She’s just a stupid servant.”

The teenage boy seemed to approve, he stepped a few paces closed to Lia and offered his hand to help her down, “Come down, little girl.”

Jump down on the other side, ignore him.

Lia turned her head away from him and gracefully jumped down Kim’s tall back. Alyssa still sat primly but nervously, wondering what the heck was happening.

Say something rude to make Alyssa come down. Call her a servant or a slave or something of the sort.

“Get down here you stupid girl!” Lia yelled jerking her head.

Hesitantly Alyssa stumbled down and gave Lia a look that clearly said what the heck is going on? Lia responded with a shake of the head. Alyssa guessed Blobby was instructing Lia somehow, and she just had to play along.

“You got a name?” Lia barked at the boy.

You are creepily good at this, Lia.
Why thank you.

The boy hurried over to stand in front of Lia, “Vixk” was his reply, he pronounced it Vix-kah.

Lia scoffed, “A prissy name.”

“You got a better one?” Vixk shot back.

Blobby? Lia thought, sounding a little panicked, what’s my name?


“Axe,” Lia supplied Vixk, “You alone or what?”

Just at that moment, the motorcyclist came to a roaring halt right in font of Vixk and Lia. The person Lia guessed was the leader stepped off his motorbike and with his long legs advanced towards Lia.

His hair was dirty blond with a few dark, almost black streaks. He was quite tall and had a proud air to him. His eyes were very dark and just a little too close together, his mouth was large and wide and nose very big. He too, wasn’t that great in the looks department. A ferocious looking German Shepherd walked slightly ahead of him, the dog looked ready to attack anyone who threatened his master, and maybe even a couple of people who didn’t. That’s when it hit Lia: this man looked exactly like his dog.

Blobby whimpered.

You’re not exactly helping here, Blobby.

Just pretend you’re one of them...

Lia was about to speak, but Vixk seemed to take the liberty himself, “This is Axe,” I introduced, “Don’t worry, she’s one of us.”

At that, the leader broke into a wide grin and started to laugh, it was bark like and sounded sort of like gnashing teeth, “Vixk! You poor’ve been fooled, poor devil. She’s just a girl! No girl could ever truly be one of us!”

Lia saw red like she’d never seen it before. She was one of those girls that felt she had to constantly prove that girls could be just as rough and just as strong as a guy could be. She’d spent hours running and running to be faster than all her friends, she worked hard at developing muscles that even the most sexist boy couldn’t deny.

The leader was in arms length; she let out an angry growl and grabbed the color of his leather jacket. He was taken by surprise, but his dog wasn’t. The dog however, wasn’t. It leaped onto Lia’s back, but before it could to any damage Kim simply swatted it aside, causing it to whimper with fright.

No one dared move, all of them were valuing their own safety over their leaders.

“What did you say?” Lia hissed quietly, but the leader remained silent, “Fine, don’t answer.”

She let him drop to the ground, she breathed heavily. A guilty smile threatened to break out, no matter how uncalled for her actions were, she felt good. The rest of the gang was no in uproar. They yelled insults at her and a few even pulled out black, shiny hand guns.

Blobby...what exactly are these people?

They’re exiles of Osariden...a race of dog-people I guess, they’re called The Lael. Not exactly like werewolves, but they when they are born a dog is born the exact same time, exact same day. When they find that dog they have a special bond and will serve each other no matter what. But what you need to remember is that they are not human. They keep humans as servants...they don’t feel like we do.

Alyssa watched the motorcyclist as they shouted at her sister. She’d never seen Lia so mad before. Sure, she’d seen her scream and punch pillows, throw them across the room but she’d never actually threatened bodily harm like that before. Alyssa felt the overwhelming urge to somehow help her sister. An idea popped into her head, as stealthily as she could, Alyssa reached into the large backpack her kidnapper had given her and felt around. Her fingers touched something cold and hard she grabbed hold of it and pulled the object out.

It was like nothing she’d seen before: it was like two knives stuck together at the hilt. Upon a quick further examination, she realized it actually was two different weapons.

One sword was short and wide, meant to be held with two hands. The hilt was plain black with gold inscribing wrapping around it. In the middle of the sword was a small knife like weapon that would slide out easily, but stay in place. It was so slender that it simply looked like an overlarge needle, on the other side there was an identical object. Alyssa held the hilt to this sword firmly, she somehow knew that this was her sword. The other one seemed normal enough, it was long and slender and made out of some platinum colored metal. The hilt was wrapped with a braid that looked like a Celtic knot, which was made out of pale yellow and green leather. It seemed simple and pretty looking, yet deceptively deadly. This had to be Lia’s.

Acting on instinct, Alyssa threw Lia’s sword to her younger sister. Somehow, Lia managed to catch it mid-air without even looking up. She examined what she’d caught with interest. Though Alyssa didn’t see it, Lia did, the design on the hilt came off of it to be a rather scary looking whip.

Grasping the whip with one hand and the sword with the other her nervously beating heart calmed a little bit. It was calming to know that you could protect yourself, even if you didn’t know what to do.

What do I do now?

Threaten the Leader guy...make him hand his leadership to you.

I don’t want to be leader of these sexist pigs...or dogs! Lia protested.

Do you want to live? Yes, right? Just do what I say.

Lia sighed, playing this surreal death-hungry character was starting to get old. But you weren’t just playing she reminded herself bitterly you willingly launched yourself at that guy. Guilt landed at the bottom of Lia’s stomach like she’d swallowed a big, heavy rock.

She walked up to the leader with all the confidence she could muster, the dog barked at her but as soon as it saw her new weapons the barking faded with a helpless whimper. The leader too, looked slightly scared and his hand clasped tightly to what Lia guessed to be a gun in his pocket.

Everyone got silent as Lia approached the leader. Lia had the uncanny feeling she and the leader were like gladiators and everyone else were the spectators, ready to watch the two of them fight.

Lia instantly grabbed the wrist that protruded from the gun-containing pocket. She had to make sure he didn’t fire at her. Lia had no combat training in her life, she was acting on pure instinct.

“I want to be your leader,” Lia requested, “You will step down as leader, and I will be the new one.”

The current Leader simply laughed, “You think just some tough-talk will make me brake, little girl?”

At that moment a familiar occurred, everything faded around them, in the weird white space Lia had visited earlier were two white chairs. Lia sat in one, the Leader sat in the other.

Lia’s movements were not her own as she calmly reached from under her pajama shirt and pulled out her necklace. The Leader’s dark eyes widened with surprise and greed when he saw what the “little girl” possessed.

The girl, Axe, was her name, right? He could free himself of exile if he could give her in to him...

Though the white area was very similar to last time, it had one distinct difference: no one could see them. It was if Lia and the Leader had simply vanished from the face of the earth.

“So,” Lia began, “Will you give me your Leadership?”

The Leader nodded slowly, he never took his eyes off of the necklace.

“Good,” it wasn’t Lia speaking, it was an exterior force controlling both her words and her actions, “Now, what is your name?”

“Teck,” he replied, Teck’s voice sounding more dreamy and faraway than normal, it was if he was being hypnotized by the necklace.

“Alright, Mr. Teck, let’s go back to the real world, shall we?”

Alyssa and the rest of the Lael watched in amazement as Lia and the Leader disappeared from sight, then only a short time later reappeared again, looking as if nothing had happened.

Lia stood to face the crowd of the angry Laels, for a slit second Alyssa saw Lia’s true emotion: confusion. Raw confusion, the fear had gone.

“I am your new leader!” Lia shouted simply and walked back and hoisted herself onto Kim’s back.

“Get up,” Lia spat at Alyssa. For a second Alyssa was hurt, but then she remembered she was supposed to be a slave.

“Now,” Lia began in a commanding voice, “Take me to your home.”

Thank the necklace.

Teck had managed to convince the other Lael to follow Lia and all of them started to make their way over the fields.

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