The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Lael's Hideout

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Submitted: April 06, 2008



Chapter 4: The Lael’s Hideout

“All hail Axe!” Teck shouted drunkenly as he poured huge glasses of beer for himself and others.

Lia sat awkwardly at the head of a large, crudely made table. As it turned out, their hideout was an old, abandoned warehouse right in the middle of rolling hills covered with tall, dried grass. The grass was dry because it was fall, Lia could imagine that in the spring these fields would be breathtaking.

After glancing down at her food again Lia lost what was left of her apatite: Lael food was…unappetizing to say the least. At first they offered beer and other alcoholic drinks but she quietly refused. The Lael were surpised at her refusal but after a few cups of their own beverages they didn’t question it.

Just then, Vixk started doing an odd table dance while singing some drinking song at the top of his lungs. The other Lael cheered him on and one or two of the younger ones got up on the table and joined Vixk themselves. Lia watched in horrid fascination and then whispered a mumbled excuse of needing to go to the bathroom.

Alyssa and the other slaves ate in the kitchen. Like everywhere else the Lael inhabited, it was built for purpose and built poorly. There was a lone stool, which the other slaves fought vigorously over. Every slave had there own plastic plate, many of which looked dirtier than even the floor, as well as a couple of broken plastic forks and knives.

She and the other slaves could all hear the Lael get rowdier and rowdier as the night went on. Alyssa prayed with all her heart that her baby sister’s voice wasn’t one of the loud shouts for another refill. She knew that Lia was a little bit of a “bad girl” and Alyssa had seen Lia sneak out to go party with friends a couple of times, but deep down Lia was very sweet and innocent, even if she pretended otherwise.

The door creaked open and there stood a pale Lia. Alyssa sighed with relief, Lia was perfectly sober. The small boy swatting next to Alyssa quivered at the sight of Lia, he thought that Lia was like the other Lael and had come in to yell at him just for the heck of it.

The color started to return to Lia’s skin when she saw her older sister’s familiar face, “We are leaving,” she declared like an army officer, “We are leaving now.”

Alyssa nodded heartily. The little boy leaned over and cupped his hand over Alyssa’s ear so he could whisper her a secret.

“If I show you where your creature is,” he muttered, Alyssa thought he sounded embarrassed, “Will you take me with you?”

Without a single word Alyssa simply grabbed the little boy by the wrist and yanked him into a standing position.

“C’mon,” Lia hurried, “We got to be quick. When they find out we’ve left…”

She didn’t question the fact that the little boy would be coming along. Lia knew her sister, Alyssa always pitied the less fortunate and made it her goal in life to try and make them the more fortunate.

Why is he coming with us?

Because Alyssa feels bad for him…duh! Plus, she has a “saving people thing”.

You got that from Harry Potter!

Half the things I say are from Harry Potter, Blobby!

The little boy led them through a small door at the back of the Kitchen that they’d just been in. None of the other human slaves made a move to leave with them. It was going dark outside but it was still pretty warm and the three companions ran through the fields. What an odd sort of trio, a girl that was thrust into a word she had no idea existed, the girls older sister who knew more than she should, and a little boy that no one knew anything about.

At last, they reached a plain wooden stable, which was guarded by three ferocious looking dogs. All three of them, four, including Blobby, gulped.

“What should we do?” Alyssa asked nervously, “Lia, ask Blobby what we should do…”

Blobby obviously heard Alyssa and quickly replied:

Tell Kim to come to you!

“Kim!” Lia called out, her voice cut through the silence like a sword tearing cloth, she raised her voice a slight bit, “Kimmy?”

A noise that sounded like a lions roar emerged from the stable and Kim appeared at the door to the stable, Kim had broken down the door, of course.

The dogs barked with dismay but when they saw who their opponent would be should they try and fight it, the silenced and let Kim pass through their guard unharmed.

Lia was the first to react, she jumped onto Kim’s back and affectionately patted her head. The little boy and Alyssa quickly joined her,

Lia grinned, it was one of her first genuine smiles for two days, “To the entrance?”

Alyssa nodded, “To the entrance.”

Kim seemed to be paying attention, because she instantly started to run off in a seemingly random, but had to be right, direction.

Why so happy?

Of all the bad things I could become, you know what I won’t be?


An alcoholic

Blobby’s laughter echoed through Lia’s mind. After that Lia grew silent, she was thinking, yes, but the thoughts weren’t directed to Blobby, so Blobby tried her hardest not to be nosey and read Lia’s thoughts.

Alyssa looked at the little boy, “So,” she began, “What’s your name?”

“Chris,” he replied after a short pause.

“I’m Alyssa,” she introduced, “and that girl is my sister, she’s Lia.”

“I thought her name was Axe,” Chris said, it sounded as if he was truly thinking out loud.

As Alyssa and Chris chatted, Lia remained silent.

Don’t be mad at Alyssa, she only didn’t tell you everything because she was told not to.

Who cares? Alyssa may seem like a goody-too-shoes sometimes, but she brakes the rules and she does it pretty often too.

Lia, look I know your probably pretty mad at her but come on, your learning about it now anyway! And besides, think how bad she probably feels because she never told you. Plus—she probably is afraid you’ll blow up at her, but she acts like there’s nothing wrong!

Blobby—SHUT UP! LET ME FREAKING RANT THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS! I still think Aly was just being selfish when she didn’t tell me. She just wanted a secret. BUT OF ALL SECRETS! She could have kept secret her obsessionwith that Jake guy…I wouldn’t have cared! I didn’t need to know about his “dreamy sea-green eyes” or his “million dollar smile” WHO WOULD WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE JAKE GUY ANYWAY? People want to know about secret lands, NOT STUPID CRUSHES!

Lia…Lia, Lia, Lia…I know—

Not done yet, Blobby!

Yes, I know you’re not done, I can read all of your thoughts! I’m stopping this rant because I think it’s pointless! Yes, you’re mad at Alyssa for no telling you everything she knows. Yes, it might her fault for doing so, but can you really blame her? Can you really think she meant for you to be completely in the dark about things? Maybe she was just afraid what you’d think of her if she told you.

That made Lia stop her rant, she stopped and thought. Blobby was more nosey this time and poked through her thoughts to see if anything interesting came up. For the most part, none did, Lia was still mad but with every passing minute the number of thoughts that showed her anger lessened.

WAIT! Stop thinking right there, missy!

Did I think something wrong? Lia thought in a sarcastic voice, oh, I am so sorry Blobby, considering the fact that she snapped back to real tone like a mouse trap I CAN’T CONTROL MY THOUGHTS!

Yes, you actually can, occasionally, but that’s beside the point. Why in the world are you having PG-13 thoughts about the boy in Aly’s picture?

Lia blushed guiltily. At least they weren’t R!

Jeez, you have the worst brain I’ve lived in for a while. All these nasty thoughts, and talking back…

You don’t like it, you get out. Anyway, I think we should find somewhere to sleep, or sleep here or something, it’s getting late and we’re with child here.

She glanced back at the little boy, who was still talking with Alyssa, but he definitely looked a little sleepy. He was a scrawny little boy, but he had that aura of being tougher than he looked. He’d have to be to survive working for the Laels.

Some people would describe his hair as being blond, others would say it’s brown. Lia personally thought Chris’s hair was simply golden brown. His eyes were normal brown eyes and his face was not exactly remarkable. His cheeks were hollow, but they were naturally rosy. Chris caught Lia looking at him and gave a shy smile. His smile looked like on of the ones little kids always make when they’ve done something wrong. Lia smiled back, hers was cocky and was often mistaken as a smirk.

Let’s just stop here to sleep, you’re right, Chris does look pretty sleepy.

“Kimmy,” Lia whispered, “We can stop now.”

The Grax’s powerful strides slowed to a halt in the clearing of a small group of trees, it could hardly be called a wood or a forest it was so small. Kim sat down on the dry and dusty dirt and allowed Lia to slide off with amazing grace for someone who appeared and acted so roughly. Her other two companions took the hint and hopped off Kim’s back.

You are going to bed,” Alyssa commanded instantly, talking to Chris, “I don’t know what time it is but you are up way too late for a seven year old.”

“I’m eight actually,” Chris replied, but not in a way that suggested that he could stay up later, but more of a simple correction.

Alyssa searched through the bag that had proved to be so handy and finally found two grayish green woolen blankets. They were both average sized and she thought one would be enough to cover one of them plus Chris.

“Here,” Alyssa called as she tossed one of the blankets to Lia.

Lia caught it and instantly wrapped it around herself, she was still wearing the pajamas of two nights ago and they were hardly warm enough to keep her warm: Thin checkered boxer shorts and a flannel button down pajama shirt. At least Alyssa was wearing matching, and much warmer night clothes.

“So, I sleep with Chris and you sleep alone?” Alyssa suggested. Her suggestion probably because she had been talking to Chris, while Lia had not and therefore knew him a tad better.

Lia nodded in agreement and waited for Alyssa and Chris to find comfortable positions before she herself snuggled up on the other side of Kim. Kim’s fur was warm and feeling her stomach go in and out as she breathed was a very comforting feeling. Lia was just about to drift off when Alyssa tapped her gently on her head.

“Lia,” Alyssa whispered as quietly as she could, she waited for a sister to turn around and face her.

“Yeah?” Lia whispered back, her voice was slightly tense.

“I’m really sorry,” Alyssa apologized, as she tried to put as much sincerity into her voice as she could, even if she was speaking at barely a whisper, “You’ve done a great job of pretending not to be mad at me. I feel awful that I never told you, I just thought that, well, you’d never really find out, it was my little secret, you know? But now I feel so bad. Will you eventually forgive me?”

Lia gave a sympathetic half-smile, “I’ll think about it, Aly, I’ll think about it.”

Alyssa thought that was about as good as she’d get at that moment, so she whispered a barely audible “good night” and disappeared behind Kim’s back.

Good night Lia, and remember that your sister is a good person.

Good night Blobby…

With the final uttering of good night, Lia’s eyes sunk to being closed and her breathing slowed and she fell asleep.

“How is she?” a male voice asked, he must have been fifteen or sixteen.

“Who?” it was Blobby’s voice.

“You know who I’m talking about.”

Blobby sighed with a touch of exasperation, “She’s as good as gold…as she was last time you asked. Which, I must remind you, was about ten minutes ago.”

“How’s her sister?” the male voice interrupted, so he could continue his interrogation.

“Good as gold too, but a feisty girl she is,” Blobby made an odd noise that sounded like something in between a snort and a groan, “Which reminds me, you’re going to have an interesting time when they finally meet you.”

The boy’s voice was tense when he replied to Blobby, “What are you talking about, do you know something?”

Blobby giggled, “Nothing important your lordship. Anyway, I’d best be off now…”

And with that Blobby skipped out of the dark room. When she was gone the boy let out a frustrated snarl and kicked an invisible object, “Damn that Brain Bug,” he muttered to himself and exited the dark roomhimself.

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