The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Slides and Shockers (AKA boy issues)

Submitted: April 09, 2008

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Submitted: April 09, 2008



Chapter 5: Slides and Shockers (AKA boy issues)

Lia was the last one to wake up; Alyssa and Chris had already woken up and were finishing up breakfast before Lia’s eyes fluttered open.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” Chris greeted cheerily, as he stuffed the last bit of bread roll into his mouth.

“Moring,” Lia mumbled.

Alyssa held out what remained of her bread roll, “We don’t have any more rolls, but you can have the rest of mine.”

Lia waved the roll away and rubbed her eyes, “No, you take it, I’m not hungry. C’mon, we’re all up now; we can get going, right?”

“Why so eager to leave?” Alyssa asked curiously, her dark eyebrows raised.

“Why not?” Lia questioned back, “Besides, the other Lael might catch up with us is we don’t hurry.”

The truth was Lia’s anticipation of seeing this new land, Osariden, was growing. She wanted to see what kind of world it was, what kind of creatures there were. Normally, it would have been Alyssa thinking these thoughts, but the two of them were related, weren’t they?

I have to go out of your brain for a little, Ar—someone is rather mad at me, I’ll re-enter as soon as you reach Osariden.

What? Your leaving? Seriously? Oh...well...I guess I’ll see you when we reach there if we reach there...

Don’t talk like that Lia...anyway, toodle-loo.

With that there was a slight popping noise and Blobby appeared as her old blob self right out of Lia’s ear and disappeared like that a second later. Lia’s brain now felt strangely empty, like someone had ripped out a piece of it and kept the piece for their own sick purposes.

“Blobby just left,” Lia announced, stunned.

Alyssa practically fell off of the Grax’s back, “What?”

Chris looked at the two sisters with confusion, “Who’s Blobby?”

Alyssa swiveled around and gave Chris a motherly pat on the shoulder, “No one, sweetie, no one.”

“So,” Chris began, he seemed unfazed at his lack of information, “Where exactly are we going?”

“Osariden, it’s another world,” both Lia and Alyssa replied at the same time.

Then, Lia added, “The Lael, the people you worked for, they were exiles from that place.”

Though the sisters couldn’t see, Chris blinked two slow blinks, “Oh. I see.”

Lia held back a snort and after that everyone was completely silent, lost in their own thoughts. As they day drew on the scenery started to change. The grass became scare and the hills became bigger and harder to cross.

Lia felt her stomach rumble for the third time in an hour but she knew no matter how hungry she was, there was absolutely no food for her to eat, having eaten it all for breakfast. She silently punished herself for not taking that half a roll Alyssa had offered her during breakfast.

It was well into the afternoon when they reached a very odd place. After climbing up and down a particularly large mountain, they arrived in a gigantic valley, maybe three miles wide all around. The outskirts had normal grass, but as they got closer to the middle, Lia noticed the grass changed from thin blade to thick vine-like things sticking out of the ground. The vines had leaves twisted and turned at will, Alyssa squeamishly thought they looked like dying snakes. Lia, on the other hand was fascinated, she was sure that this was Osariden grass, and that they must be drawing near to “The Entrance” that Alyssa was talking about.

Why am I thinking like this? Lia demanded from herself. She spent a good minute waiting for Blobby to respond before she remembered Blobby had temporarily left, which of course meant she had to come up with answers on her own. Eventually, Lia decided her fascination was not of the new world, but simply the new element of it. Alyssa liked the idea of a new world because it was like the stories she practically devoured all the time, Lia liked the idea of a new world because it was new and she liked change a whole lot.

As the three of them drew closer and closer to the middle of the valley, a strange object came into view. It was a playground slide, completely made of wood and looked ancient. The wooden ladder on one side even from afar looked dangerous and unstable and the slide itself didn’t look all that great either. Alyssa guessed it was filled with splinters and maybe even some other things that were much worse.

“Look! It’s a slide!” Chris pointed out eagerly.

Lia rolled her eyes and sarcastically drawled, “Very good Chris, it is indeed a slide.”

Which made Alyssa give her sister a slight slap on the shoulder and a, “Lia!” in a motherly, yet warning tone.

The little sister simply shrugged and ignored her, keeping her eyes on the strange slide. She guessed what you had to do was slide down the slide and BAM you were in Osariden. Lia found herself actually missing Blobby, at least Blobby would know what to do, and Blobby’s knowledge wouldn’t completely push Lia over the edge.

Kim came to a halt at the foot of the slide. A worrisome thought occurred to Lia: Kim was way too big to fit on the slide, so how would she be able to follow them to Osariden?

“Can you reach Osariden from the slide, Kim,” She questioned quietly.

The Grax’s majestic head rose up and down, a nod, she could get across. Lia breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Do we get to ride the slide?” Chris asked eagerly, already making a move to climb up the ladder.

Alyssa caught him by the arm, “We have to ride the slide, Chris, but not right away, alright?” Chris didn’t respond, he looked grumpy; Alyssa made her voice more intimidating, “Alright?”

“All right,” Chris grumbled.

With Chris under control, Alyssa glanced at Lia. She could tell Lia was still upset at her and she knew she needed to confront her about it. Alyssa had told herself she’d talk to Lia before they went into Osariden, and she knew she was running out of time to do it.

Alyssa cautiously reached out and squeezed her younger sister’s muscled arm, and felt all of Lia’s muscles tense the second they touched.

“Lia...” Alyssa began she trailed off and waited for a few seconds than tried again, “Seriously Lee-Lee, I know this must be hard and everything,” Alyssa could feel Lia’s anger building with every word she said, but she pressed on, “It was hard for me too, but it’s—“

Finally, Lia had reached her breaking point. She pulled her arm out of Alyssa’s grasp and wheeled around, “Why didn’t you tell me?” she demanded, her face was twisted with anger but her eyes revealed her hurt, “All those didn’t tell me anything...”

“I didn’t tell you because I was told not too!” Alysssa immediately defended, “I was four! I thought that if I told you something awful would happen, not just to me, but to you! I thought I was PROTECTING you, Lia!”

“SO WHAT? YOU KNEW, EVEN BACK THEN THAT I’D WANT TO KNOW, even if it put me in danger.”

Chris observed the fight that had broken out between the sisters with a sort of scared fascination.

“I knew that, Lee-Lee,” Alyssa whispered, trying to keep her cool, “I knew that so well, but I honestly thought I was doing the right thing, I really did. It was hard for me not to tell you, but I knew I shouldn’t. Imagine, if you knew before you got that necklace, you wouldn’t have survived Kim trying to attack you, even if you did the Lael would have killed you right off.”

Lia took a few long deep breathes, “I—I see your point,” she finally stuttered out, Alyssa looked relived, but Lia continued on, “But I’m still mad.”

The air around them was silent, everyone was too scared to speak.

Finally, Chris gathered up the courage to voice his thoughts, “Um...are we allowed to go on the slide now?”

Both Alyssa and Lia gave a soft, humorless laugh, but it was Alyssa who responded, “Of course, Chris, we can go on the slide now.”

“So, who wants to go first?” Chris asked.

“What about this, first Lia, then you then me!” Alyssa suggested, trying to sound happy and excited, “That way you can be in the middle!”

“What about the animal?” Chris questioned, gesturing at Kim.

“She’ll find a way,” Lia assured, both for Chris’s comfort and her own.

Everyone glanced at Lia expectantly and, feeling pressured, she took a few slow strides to make herself even with the slide ladder. Silently, she prayed that the thing wouldn’t break, for it looked pretty rickety. The first step, she was alright, she breathed a small sigh of relief. The rest of the steps were safe as well, though Lia did get a rather painful splinter in the palm of her hand. Behind her, Lia felt Chris started to climb up the slide ladder himself, the whole structure started to teeter ominously. Lia hurried her pace and threw herself down the slide, expecting to land at the bottom, like what happened with most normal slides. But this wasn’t a normal slide.

Lia braced herself for landing on her butt on the creepy grass covered ground, but she never hit it. Around her everything disappeared, noise, scenery even color. Not even black, the ultimate absence of color was gone. There was nothing, there was only herself and only a long, winding slide. She looked behind her but she couldn’t see anyone behind her, she couldn’t see the slide behind her, all she saw was it going on and on in front of her. Was this ever going to stop?

Thump! Lia had certainly not expected that. Because she had not prepared she landed hard and inconveniently landed on a small, sharp stone which she knew would leave an unsightly bruise on her behind. She reached her hand out to rub the pain away, but that was when Kim suddenly appeared. Though Kim had a much more graceful landing, she had not expected her owner to be still sitting there and hit into her. Lia heard her arm do a small pop, not broken, just injured. Of course, Alyssa had to come crashing down at that point. Lia winced with the new round of pain.

“Damn,” she muttered, “Today really isn’t my day.”

Alyssa quickly got up, “Oh my God, Lee-Lee, are you OK? I totally wasn’t expecting that, if I had I would have...”

Lia waved away her sister, “No problem, I didn’t expect the landing either. By the way, where’s Chris?”

The two of them looked around but the little boy was nowhere to be seen.

“He definitely went down the slide...I guess he didn’t get through?” Alyssa guessed, she looked slightly horrified.

“Who cares?” Lia muttered to herself, but then turned to Alyssa, “He’ll be OK, maybe he just landed in a different land or something, he must be a tough guy, working for the Lael and all. Besides, there’s nothing we can do about it. If you might have noticed, we can’t exactly go back up the slide.”

It was true, in the place where the slide should have been was just a dead, blackened tree. The land around them looked like a land that had just recovered from some huge battle or fire. There was new and young mixed in with the dead and weakened. There was the occasional tree and relatively normally looked grass, not like the grass around the slide. But there were no plants, just a large field of grass, trees, and a lot more grass.

Lia couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but the field gave her such weird emotions. She felt like this was a place to enjoy yourself and let go of your worries, like a friendly and warm park, but also a place to be serious and obedient, almost like some sort of graveyard.

A noise sounded in the distance, it sounded like a Grax running at full speed, it’s large paws thumping on the ground and it’s heavy, yet healthy panting. Lia glanced at Alyssa and with a simple look they knew that they both heard the noise.

The Grax got closer and closer and the two sisters could see that someone was riding the creature. Somehow you could tell the person was an excellent rider. Watching the person riding, even if at a distance, was like watching a professional ballet dancer breeze through a dance and make it look like nothing. It was right then and there that Alyssa decided that she considered riding of any kind an art form.

Within barely a minute the rider reached them. It was that looked about Lia’s age, a year younger than Alyssa.

He looked like a normal human boy, but he certainly wasn’t wearing normal clothes. His shirt was white and seemed to be made of some semi-transparent soft material. The sleeves ended in a point, the longest part reaching to the middle of his palm, and looked like a triangle against his hands. His fingers were covered by black gloves made out of a thin, stretchy material. But his shirt was still by far the weirdest shirt Alyssa had ever seen. Along the sides, and down the front and back the shirt parted and was sewn together by thick strands of leather. Between each piece you could see about a quarter of an inch of bare skin. You could tell he was toned, but subtly so, no huge budging muscles, but lean and graceful. His pants were made out of similar material as his shirt, but it wasn’t transparent and they were black. His pants more like normal pants but from the knee down they were tucked into leather riding boots that had intricate designs carved up and down the sides. Alyssa had this strange urge to rip the boots off of the boy’s feet and...smell them...

For some reason, Alyssa instantly decided that this boy with these weird boots and incredible riding skills was not to be trusted. He smiled, a pretty smile, yes, but Alyssa thought it looked fake.

Alyssa realized he wasn’t smiling at her, but at her sister, “Bit of a nasty fall, eh?” he gave a small half laugh there, he had an accent of some kind, no normal accent, that was for sure, “You alright, sweetheart?” He offered his hand to Lia.

Did he just called Lia a sweetheart didn’t he? Alyssa thought with awe and he just offered to help her up! God, he won’t know what hit him! But oh was Alyssa wrong, Lia accepted his hand and was actually smiling Alyssa was wide eyed with shock.

“You ok?” the mysterious boy asked, he sounded genuinely concerned.

Lia nodded uncertainly, “Yeah...I guess.”

She took a good look at this new person. He was undoubtedly good looking, that was certain. His hair was long and black, with bleached white streaks. His eyes were that deep, dark blue color that a lot of babies have. His nose was medium length and sharp but turned up a little bit at the point. His lips were rosy pink, but without looking girly and perfectly sized. Lia thought vaguely of the “emo boy” pictures that were so common on the internet. But he didn’t seem like one of them. She remembered the way he’d smiled at her just then. The smile seemed to come easy to him. He also just struck Lia as the type of person who was funny, and who laughed a lot, not a boy who’d sulk around and be mad at the world all the time.

“So,” Alyssa began her voice like a mouse trap, “Who are you?”

Jiey turned to face Alyssa, “Jiey, spelt J-I-E-Y pronounced, JAY.”

Lia noticed he hadn’t asked Alyssa’s name, or her own for a matter of fact. Did that mean he wouldn’t stick around long? For some reason the thought saddened Lia.

“Well you obviously don’t know your way around,” Jiey stated bluntly, “And you need knew clothes, people’ll think you’re criminals...hop on. Don’t worry,” he added when he caught the look of dismay on Alyssa’s face, “Both me and my pet are totally safe.”

Then he shot a million dollar smile at Alyssa, when she didn’t crack Jiey turned to Lia, “C’mon sweet heart, tell big sister I’m totally safe” giving Lia a million dollar smile of her own.

“He’s totally safe,” Lia repeated—and she was sure she was telling the truth.

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