The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - All Hail the Prince!

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



Chapter 6: All Hail the Prince!

“We have a “pet” of our own, thank you,” Alyssa finally spat out after she got over the shock of her sister behaving like one of the girls she normally hated, the type of girl who fell under the spell of good looks and a cocky smirk.

“Yeah, I can ride Kimmy,” Lia pointed out, “And you can ride with Jiey!”

Alyssa decided to ignore that her sister obviously couldn’t tell Alyssa had problems with this Jiey guy.

“Why do we look like criminals?” It was actually Lia who asked, though Alyssa had been thinking the same thing. Lia’s voice was curious, whereas Alyssa would have acted like a interrogator asking questions of a known criminal.

Jiey shrugged, “You guys are dressed like the Lael, is all. C’mon, we should get moving before someone finds us in this place...bad luck.”

While he was talking, Lia swung herself back onto Kim while Alyssa reluctantly clambered onto Jiey’s own Grax.

“So,” Lia began, her tone of voice showing she was trying to start a conversation, “Why is this place bad luck?”

For the first time since they met him, Jiey’s face hardened and a shadow of sadness passed quickly and silently over his face, “Osariden has it’s secrets, sweetheart, and secrets are best kept unsaid.”

There was that word again, Alyssa thought dryly. She knew that she had absolutely no reason for not trusting this boy, but Lia had no reason to trust him either. He was a mystery and he could be an axe murderer, yet they were following him around like puppies following their master.

They rode in silence, Alyssa had expected that her sister would be talking her head off, as she normally did with new people, but she too was silent. Alyssa looked around with interest. Small houses were starting to pop up, one had an old couple stooped over their garden, watering plants, another a pretty girl around seventeen, was looking after her younger siblings. As she watched Lia thought about how these people had lives, they lived here, and they knew a completely different world to was scary for her, to think about that.

A few miles onward streets started to appear and houses became more frequent. The streets were odd, they was split into two lanes, one lane was for Grax’s and their owners, the other for an odd animal, much bigger than a Grax, more the size and height of a Giraffe. Some people rode on it’s back, the others sat on the ledges that jotted out of the creatures sides, their legs dangling off the edge.

Jiey caught both Alyssa and Lia staring at the creatures and explained, “Stypods,” he said knowingly, his voice was loud so the two could hear him, Stypods, as he called them, made odd seal noises every so often, “They’re for transporting goods or a lot of passengers. The weird things on their sides are actually really sharp and in the wild they’re used for self defense, but when domesticated the things are filed down so they don’t hurt people.”

It was simply fascinating, for both sisters. The streets weren’t made out of pebbles or black top, but a liquid, a few inches of a thin water like substance and under that some sort of metal. The water came from jets at the side of the road.

“What’s the water for?” Lia called out to Jiey, he motioned to her to speak louder.

“WHAT’S THE WATER FOR?” She yelled, even louder this time.

“For the Grax’s and Stypods, they drink it when they’re thirsty.”

Lia nodded and went silent. It seems there was a traffic jam, they were going about an inch a minute, and Lia was growing impatient. There was some loud grumbling from behind her. Lia looked around to see a gruff looking old man, who was shaking his head, causing his long white beard to sway from side to side.

When he caught her looking he lifted his head a little, it was full of disgust, “Stupid Lael, what are you doing here?” he spat down at the ground.

Jiey must have heard the old man because he easily leapt off of his Grax onto Lia’s, a long sword pulled out. His sword seemed pretty all purpose and simple, it just seemed to be a sword.

“Watch what you say to her,” Jiey advised, his tone casual, “She may very well save your sorry butt one day.”

The old man opened and closed his mouth a couple times, “I—I’m sorry,” then he did an odd thing, he bowed down on his animal, “I didn’t know, your majesty.”

Everyone suddenly seemed to noticed Jiey, they all started bowing and whispering things along the line of “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you, Prince Jiey.” Lia watched as Jiey’s cheeks flushed with color.

“Jeez,” he muttered, “Stupid old man...” with that he leaped back onto his Grax and made an odd whistling noise.

The Grax instantly veered off the road and started charging towards the woods that inhabited the area beside the busy street. People parted to allow the Grax to pass, all the while giving deep bows to Jiey, some even dropped to the floor, with shock or appreciation Lia couldn’t tell. As he was going Jiey waved his hand to signal that Lia should follow.

“You saw him, Kim,” Lia stated, “Follow him!”

Kim followed him without a second thought. Lia actually found it disturbing that Kim followed her every order. She’d never had that power over anyone, though she always wanted it. Now that she did, she wasn’t so sure she was cut out for the job.

In the safety of the forest Jiey slowed down and Lia followed suite.

“What,” Lia demanded, “Was that?”

Jiey shrugged, “Nothing, just normal, everyday life...”

Lia giggled but then snapped back to herself, she rolled her eyes and raised her eyebrows, “Exactly what sort of everyday life are we talking about here?”

The “Prince” was about to answer but Alyssa cut it, “And why didn’t you tell us like, Hello, I’m Jiey, the Prince of Osariden?”

“But I’m not the Prince, I ran away about five years ago, causing my younger brother to be the heir to the thrown.”

Lia nodded with acceptance, but Alyssa was still suspicious, “OK, Prince Jiey, tell us the truth. All of it.”

He looked confused, his head cocked to one side and his brows furrowed, “Huh?”

“Tell us who you are, tell us your past tell us what you expect of your future,”

Jiey snorted, it was soft, but a snort all the same, “And you expect me to just tell you these things, huh Princess?”

Alyssa did a double take...the way he called her “princess” struck a chord of memory in her mind, if she could just place it.

“Pun not intended,” he added, obviously realizing he was either suggesting Alyssa was his sister or his wife, “But I will tell you. Why? Because I’m a nice person, unlike certain other people I might happen to know,” he cast am inconspicuous glance at Alyssa, she didn’t take offense, “My parents aren’t actually the real King and Queen, they were the next in line, until he grows old enough, so I would technically never be King, but I was Prince.”

Jiey started to sit down and the two sisters followed suite. They could somehow feel that this was going to be a story, and Lia could tell that Jiey was going to be a fantastic storyteller.

“Anyway, I just got sick of it, which is why I ran away,” he started off again, “I just didn’t like the whole way of life in the kingdom, how you had to do certain things at certain times, be nice to people who clearly had truly evil ideas. I told my parents I was going to run away if they made me put up with this, and they just laughed it off, I was nine or ten. I can’t remember. Anyway, so the next day I packed up my Grax,” he motioned to the Grax he was riding, “Her name’s Cookie, like the food. We left, along with my good friend, the Duke and Duchess’s daughter. For a while we just camped out in the forest, having a wonderful time. But then about two years ago, we decided that we need recruits, more people of the Kingdom who didn’t want the life they’d been given.”

Jiey paused for a second, his voice had started to go slightly horse: so he took a swig from a water bottle that was attached to his belt.

“It was surprisingly successful, about twenty or thirty people wanted to join us, then about ten Common Folk wanted to join, of course we let them. We traveled off and we found this place. It was hidden from the world and easy to protect and large enough to house everyone. So we started to build. It’s been really good, people haven’t seen any of us in years, but we wrote my father a note saying we were safe.”

Jiey stopped. Lia started to wonder.

“So that’s why we had to run when everyone recognized us?” Lia asked, and Jiey nodded, “I’m sorry...”

The Prince simply waved it off, “It’s no problem. Look, you guys stay here and I’ll get you clothes. Wait, first, your measurements.”

He set down the faded bag and searched through it, eventually pulling out a strip of brown cloth with strange markings all over it. The two sisters both guessed that the strange object was some sort of tape measure.

Jiey first stepped towards Lia, she obediently lifted her arms as Jiey measured her, recording everything on his hand with a thin pen-like object. Alyssa was next, and less obliging to be measured. Jiey had to asked Lia to literally hold her down and her arms up for him to get Alyssa’s measurements.

After a few of Alyssa’s mutterings, which were all mentioning things like “against my will” and “practically sexual assault” Jiey was off.

The second he left their sight Alyssa launched into a rant, “Why are we following this guy, Lia? Did he like hypnotize you or something? Why do you trust him?”

Lia shrugged, “I can trust him, Alyssa, we both can. No he did not hypnotize me.”

“Why can we trust him?” Alyssa prodded, she had a feeling that her little sister knew more than she was letting on.

“Did you notice what was around his neck?” Alyssa shook her head, thinking back, then gasped.

Lia nodded, a confident smirk spreading across her face, “Yup. He has one of the necklaces. One down, one to go.”

“Are you sure though,” the older sister was still skeptic, “I mean, it could just be a normal necklace.”

“Oh no, Alyssa, I know it’s the necklace.”

With the measurements written messily on his hand, Jiey weaved his way through the bustling crowds. He kept his head down low and his hair over his eyes, hoping that no one would recognize him for who he was.

The market was not like markets on Earth. Everyone had a booth and then behind the booth a hole in the ground. The hole in the ground had stairs that led to all the merchandise. Anyone who wasn’t an owner of the store who tried to climb down the stairs would instantly be knocked out for exactly two days, giving people enough time to find the thief and punish him or her. The streets that intertwined with the market were busy and loud. People would be shouting at each other, children were playing, older children were pick pockets, merchants were atop Grax’s yelling fruitlessly for people to get out of the way, business people trying to keep their nice clothes clean on their way to work.

Jiey finally managed to stop at a safe looking stall advertising “Clothes for Women and Girls! Cheapest Prices! Best Quality!” The person managing the store was a short brunette. She had a strong jaw and an easy smile; her lips were full and pouty. She eyed Jiey with large, doe-like hazel eyes, she had the longest eyelashes. Her was small and turned up perfectly.

An uneasy sensation tugged at Jiey’s heart, this girl was too close to...

“What do you want?” she asked, her voice was high pitched and squeaky.

Jiey cleared his throat nervously, “Umm...two standard white outfits, shorts not skirts. One small and one medium?”

The girl smiled, “Of course, I’ll be right back.” she disappeared down the stairs and in no time came up with what he requested in her hands, “Will these do?”

She handed the clothes to him and Jiey examined them. They were certainly very well made and very durable. They would definitely work.

“So, how much?” Jiey questioned, trying to stay calm and casual, even though his heart was beating like a hammer against his neck.

“Oh, just six Shells,” she replied, shrugging and holding out her hand.

Shells were the Osariden currency. They were made of a light metal, that was copper colored. They were about the size of a locket heart and the middle had a shell-shaped hole, hence the name. Each coin was one Shell; there were no other types of coins, just the one Shell.

The Prince reached into his pouch and handed the girl six coins. Just as Jiey was to take the clothes and go, the girl caught him by the wrist.

She smiled, her smile was different, almost evil as she tugged him closer. Her hand was cupped over his ear to make sure no one else would here what she had to say. The girl’s long nails dug into the back of Jiey’s ear.

“What an interesting selection, Jiey,” she whispered, “Considering you’re a boy...I told you Jiey, it’s inescapable, I’m inescapable.”

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