The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Well, this chapter is sort of short but it's just because I'm going to be out of a town for about nine days, starting sunday, and I want you guys to have something to read! And I'll write as much as I can while I'm gone, I promise ^_^

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Fight and Flight

Submitted: April 25, 2008

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Submitted: April 25, 2008



Chapter 7: Fight or Flight

“What are you talking about, Lia?” Alyssa demanded, but Lia remained silent, Alyssa let out a frustrated groan, “Why can’t you tell me? What do you know that I don’t? What happened?”

Lia’s lips curled into a satisfied smile, “How does it feel, Alyysa?”

Alyssa stopped and stared at her sister with confusion, “What in the world are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about knew a whole lot more than I did and you never told me anything. So why should I tell you anything?”

“Two wrongs don’t make a right Lia! You can’t go on blaming for this forever!”

Lia shrugged, “Maybe what I’m doing isn’t very right. But I don’t care, and I don’t think you should either.”

The two girls went silent and an angry, stuffy silence hung in the air. While Alyssa simply sat down on the ground with a grim expression on her face and tears welling up under her eyes. Lia was anger in human form, her eyes flashed and her angry paces echoed through the small forest. She never paused; all she did was walk then violently turn around when she reached a tree.

Because of Lia’s loud walking, the two sisters couldn’t hear the other set of footsteps, and only realized they were there when Jiey appeared. He seemed to be holding some sort of off-white cloth in his arm.

“Hello Ladies,” Jiey said cheerfully, but he fell silent when the tension in the air hit him, he coughed nervously, “ are your clothes.”

He earned two intense glares. The two sisters both snatched their clothes out of his hands and Alyssa waved him away so that they could change into them.

Lia examined the clothes she’d been given. They were rough but they were also soft at the same time. The shirt was long and baggy, it actually reached her knees. The shorts that went under were exactly the same and only the very edge of them was visible. They reminded Lia of boxer shorts. She also discovered strings on the bottom of her shirt and at either side of her, around her ribcage.

When Lia stepped out, Jiey was waiting patiently for the two of them. When he caught sight of Lia he gave her a small smile.

“Hey,” Lia greeted awkwardly, “Um...what are these strings for?” she held up the two strings helplessly.

“You tie the strings like this,” he instructed, stepping closer and pulling the strings from the bottom up the top ones and tying them together.

“Alright,” Lia said, “Why are they like that?”

Jiey’s shoulders rose and fell in an elegant shrug, “The top can also be pajamas when it’s untied I guess.”

There was a second of silence, they both found it odd that Alyssa still hadn’t finished changing.

“So...” Lia began, “Before...what the hell happened?”

“I don’t really know...” Jiey replied with a sigh.

Then he shot a million dollar smile at Alyssa, when she didn’t crack Jiey turned to Lia, “C’mon sweet heart, tell big sister I’m totally safe” giving Lia a million dollar smile of her own.

It was then that Lia caught sight of the chain around his neck and the world faded around them, they appeared in the white space again.

“You have the last necklace,” Jiey stated, he said it with a complete lack of emotion.

Lia almost subconsciously stepped back, “Yeah...”

She wasn’t all so sure about him anymore, the way those five words left his mouth gave her shivers up and down her spine. Without thinking she turned on her heal and ran. She knew that she couldn’t control when she went out or into the room, but she knew she had to get away from Jiey. She knew it, somewhere deep inside her gut.

“Hey, wait up!” he called, starting off at a run after her, “Seriously!”

They were running a good ten minutes of sprinting before Lia finally started to slow and Jiey caught up with her. For a few moments, all they did was breath, panting in and out. Finally the both caught their breath.

“Running isn’t going to do anything,” Jiey pointed out, “We just have to work this all out.”

“Work it out? Work what out exactly?”

“Everything! What we’re supposed to do, who the last person is, all that stuff.”

“Alright. Do you know what we’re supposed to do?” Lia questioned, her eyebrows raised in a disbelieving manner.

“I have a vague idea...” Jiey began, “See, we’re here to stop this thing that we don’t know from doing awful things to Osariden. So we have to find this thing and we have to somehow destroy it. As for the second question, I have no idea who the last person is. But my guess is that it’s someone from another world. Because you were from another world, Earth, I know because you were dressed like Lael, and Lael are exiled to Earth. I’m from Osariden on the last person has to be on some other world.”

Lia shook her head and rolled her eyes, “This is all so weird...”

“Yeah, it was weird for me, but I mean I’ve been jammed with a lot of this information all my life, so I’m used to it.”

“Where did you go?” Lia suddenly burst out, Jiey looked at her with a confused expression, “Blob—someone said that you were found as a baby but you disappeared, so what happened to you.”

Jiey shrugged, he seemed to be trying hard to act casual, “Well, I could tell you, and spoil the fun. Or I could not tell you and remain mysterious and charming.”

“Spoil the fun. Tell me,” Lia both begged and demanded at the same time.

“Oh no, I’ll keep myself mysterious, thank you,” Jiey replied waving off Lia’s demanding face.

“Fine,” Lia spat, and took off again.

Jiey reacted quicker this time and managed to catch Lia’s wrist right before she whipped out of his reach.

He clicked his tongue, “Now remember what I said about running.”

Lia glared at him, “Look. I just want to make this clear. Even if I act otherwise, I don’t trust you.”

Jiey laughed, “I don’t trust you either, you realize you’re dressed like a criminal. But that’s the thing, we don’t have to trust each other. All we need to do is work together and do what we need to do.

With those words the white space faded around them and they came back to Osariden.

The world was exactly the same as they had left it, absolutely no time had past. The echoes of Jiey’s “C’mon sweetheart, tell big sister I’m totally safe” were still in the air. Both Jiey and Alyssa were looking at Lia expectantly, as they waited for her reply.

“He’s totally safe.”

“Ok, where is Aly?” Lia finally questioned, snapping the two of them out of their memories, both of them recalling the exact same thing.

Jiey shrugged, “I dunno. Why don’t you go check?”

Lia nodded and peered through the trees that Alyssa had gone to change behind. Alyssa was no where in sight. More frantically Lia looked left and right, side to side and even up and down. Lia was mad, very mad, at Alyssa, but the love for family that is under all emotions felt about them was still there.

“Aly!” Lia shouted out, putting more anger in her voice than she meant to. Her voice simply echoed around the empty forest. She then called back to Jiey, “Help me find Aly!”

Jiey took a few steps and looked around for himself, he didn’t see anything either.

Alyssa was running hard. She had to run away. Lia was mad at her, she didn’t trust Jiey, nothing was turning out as she hoped it would. What she hoped would happen was that when they arrived in Osariden, the boy that had visited her all those times would come for them, and...she hadn’t quite planned that far ahead. All she knew was that Jiey shouldn’t exist in their story. Somehow, Alyssa assumed that if Jiey had never found them, Lia wouldn’t be mad at her.

Her lungs felt as if they hadn’t had air in them her entire life, she knew she had to stop. She slowed to a slow jog and finally stopped as she caught her breath.

A hand covered her mouth, it was big and had the same odd black gloves that Jiey had been wearing. Alyssa tried to scream, but it was muffled, she tried to kick around but her kicks seemed useless against her captor.

“Shh...” the calming sound was whispered into her ear, “What’s with all the kicking? It's just me..."

Lia was in an odd sort of trance, she was walking around in circles, it seemed as if she expected her sister to just pop up out of the bushes. Alyssa didn’t. Jiey didn’t know what to do either, he just watching Lia walk around, eventually, he lost him patience.

“Alright,” he said, as he jumped up, “We aren’t going to just sit here.”

“What are we going to do, though?” Lia demanded with worry, “How are we going to find her?”

“We’re going to go somewhere,” Jiey stated.


“You’ll see. But, there is where we can search for your sister better,” Jiey tempted.

Lia was convinced just like that, “Ok then, so, how are we going to get to this place?”

Jiey swung onto Cookie and motioned for Lia to get on her own. She obeyed and gave Kim an affectionate pat, mostly for her own comfort than Kim’s. Jiey turned to face Lia, he gave an encouraging smile.

“So, you ready?”

Lia sighed, “I’m ready.”

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