The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - One is Silver and the Other is Gold

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Submitted: May 10, 2008



Chapter 8: One is Silver and the Other is Gold

The captor released his grip on Alyssa and she immediately whipped around to see who had captured her. There was not much to see, just a tall boy, the gender guessed by the pitch of his voice, wearing a dark cloak that covered his face. However, Alyssa knew exactly who he was.

“Is it really you?” she questioned, wide eyed and astonished.

He nodded, Alyssa could tell from the strip of face visible that he was smiling.

“Prove it,” she demanded, Alyssa had always been cautious, unlike her spontaneous and reckless sister.

With a graceful shake of his head the cloak came off. Alyssa instantly knew it was him, he looked exactly like the picture she’d drawn, with a few distinct differences. His hair was longer, the longest tips brushed lightly against his broad shoulders. A nasty looking scar went from the middle of his cheek to the middle of his chin, it looked like it had only properly heeled a little while ago. Shy and barely there stubble grazed his upper lip and around his jaw line. He was very tan and he looked tired but also mature for his years. As Alyssa surveyed him she decided that all in all he looked good and healthy.

A thought suddenly hit Alyssa, “I don’t know your name...”

His smile grew bigger, “Of course, I never told you, did I? Well, Alyssa, my name is Arke.”

“Arke,” Alyssa repeated nervously.

“Yup. So, Aly, how are things?” He asked, as if they had simply not seen each other for a summer, not almost six years.

“Why did you go? Why so suddenly? What happened?” Alyssa demanded, her mind was full of questions and she couldn’t stop asking them, “Why did you tell me in the first place? Why not tell Lia, that would probably have proven to be more useful. All I want to know are the answers, Arke. Why didn’t you ever answer anything?”

There was a pause, Alyssa watched Arke as he thought, “The reason why I never answered anything was because I didn’t know the answers to most of your questions. The first three questions, I could answer, but I won’t. The third, was because I was told. I can’t give more away.”

He sighed, his face was slightly pained and a nervous smile spread across his face, “You never answered my question. How are you? How are things?”

Alyssa made an exaggerated thinking face, “Well let’s see. I’ve been dragged into a world that I’ve dreamed of going to since I was four, but not by choice, by my sister’s “duty” and she seems to suddenly know so much more than I do. I hate the guy that Lia seems to be willing to trust with her life...yeah, that seems to be about it. Oh, a couple weeks ago I broke up with my first boyfriend. In short, I’m just peachy.”

“Just be thankful that this is what you think is bad,” Arke replied instantly, staring at Alyssa with intense eyes, “But about this guy that Lia trusts. Tell me about him.”

“Well, he’s named Jiey, with—”

“His name was Jiey,” Arke interrupted, Alyssa nodded, “Alright. This could be a problem...but maybe not. Things could be different now.” Arke seemed to be talking to himself, but partly to Alyssa as well.

“Wait, if he’s even possibly dangerous I don’t want him near Lia,” Alyssa demanded, “We have to go back and get her away from him. She’s half way in love with him and she’s known him for less than a day! We have to get her away!”

Arke shook his head, “No, that will hurt her even more. We’ll send someone in. She’ll report back to us constantly. You heard us, come on out.”

There was a popping noise and a familiar creature popped out of his ear. The small blob that was Blobby appeared. She looked exactly the same. When she caught sight of Alyssa a kind smile appeared on her small face.

“Hello Alyssa. It’s been a while.”

“Well, you know what to do,” Arke was talking to Blobby, “So hop to it, Al.”

“Al?” Alyssa questioned, “Isn’t her name Blobby?”

Arke shook his head, “Every owner has a different name for their brain bug. Al is short for...Alice.”

Blobby, or Al, snorted, “Liar,” when Arke gave her a truly murderous look she gave a frightened squeak and with a soft pop she disappeared.

Once Blobby had left there was an awkward silence that was painfully obvious to both Alyssa and Arke.

Arke coughed, “Well...”

“I missed you,” Alyssa admitted, she spat the words fast and blushed when she realized she actually had said them out loud.

“Don’t be embarrassed, I’ve missed you too,” Arke assured, “Well, c’mon, I’ll show you to my house, it really isn’t far away.”

Alyssa sighed with relief that he didn’t mock her in any way, “Ok, show me your house.”

Without another word Arke started off in a seemingly random direction. He didn’t turn around to see if Alyssa was following him or not. She guessed that he somehow just knew she’d follow. She didn’t know whether she should be offended or not.

“Aly,” Arke called to him from in front.

At that moment he slowed then stopped his quick strides and bent over, pointing at a small tree. It was baring a single fruit so big that it was bending over with its weight. The fruit was a pearly white and looked soft and squishy.

“That’s a very rare fruit; at least people outside of this forest think so. They thrive around here. It doesn’t have a name, but it tastes really good and there’s a lot of things you can do with it.”

He picked it from the stem on the tree, which bounced into a fully upright position. Arke got a small knife and cut the fruit in half. The inside contrasted with the skin, it was completely black and seemed to be a liquid. Brown star shaped things floated inside as well. While Alyssa studied it Arke had started taking a sip from the fruit, using the skin as a sort of bowl or cup.

Arke held out the other half, “Here, try some. Those star things are seeds, they don’t taste good, leave them. When we get back to my house I’ll make them into a soup. That’s really good.”

A nervous giggle left Alyssa’s lips, just imaging Arke cooking was a very odd image in her mind. She took the fruit and took a small sip. She thought that it was delicious. It tasted like a sugary water, but with more texture a hint of strawberry mixed in as well. Remembering what Arke said about the seeds, Alyssa kept her lips close together, to make sure none of those little stars entered her mouth.

“It’s great,” Alyssa commented.

Arke shrugged, “I know.”

He started off again, Alyssa thought he seemed nervous. The forest was a lot like any forest you’d see. There were just a lot of trees. A lot of trees. Sure, there were a few bushes and flowers, but mostly there were trees. The fact that Arke seemed nervous made Alyssa nervous. The tension was building and Alyssa was having trouble dealing with it.

“Are you nervous?” she finally asked.

He shrugged, “Not really. It’s just weird. I never imagined that you’d actually be here. I knew you’d come eventually but now it’s just a shock, that’s all.”

“Oh. I know what you mean. But I’m here and you knew I’d come...which is kind of weird,” she sighed, “But I’ll ask about that later. For now, let’s just catch up or something.”

After that the conversation started to flow easily. But Alyssa noticed how she was doing to most talking, Arke was just giving his opinions on situations and nodding along. He wasn’t revealing much about himself. She realized that this was just like before, but now it made her nervous and feel a little egotistical. The second the thought passed her mind she fell silent, right in the middle of a sentence.

“Something wrong?” he sounded concerned.

Alyssa just shook her head, afraid that if she opened her mouth she’d start talking again, and she’d say too much.

“Alright, anyway, you were saying?”

“I don’t know,” she stammered, “Why don’t you talk?”

“Well, it’s a little late for that,” he nodded forward, Alyssa followed her eyes to a house in the middle of the trees.

It wasn’t like a classic forest cottage with smoke coming from a chimney. It looked like a modern masterpiece. It was three stories high, reaching to the top of the trees. It was painted multiple colors and graffiti littered the walls. All the words were in a different language and symbols that Alyssa didn’t recognize. Stairs went in and out of the walls. The windows were all different colors as well. The door wasn’t even a proper door, just strings adorned with beads of all colors, sizes and shapes. Being an artistic person, Alyssa instantly loved the house.

“You live here?” Alyssa questioned with disbelief, Arke never struck her as the type of person to live in a house like that.

“Yup, with someone else though.”

They walked through the beaded door to be greeted by a girl. Her hair was every color possible, from neon green to pumpkin orange. She had a broad smile that looked genuine. Her heart shaped face was very, very tan with a mole or two visible. Her eyes were chocolate brown they were alight with that light you get when you tease someone. She was eying Alyssa with interest.

It wasn’t her hair that struck Alyssa, it was her clothes. They looked like something out of Hot Topic, leather, fishnet and black was everywhere. Even a rose tattoo that went from her hip to right below her chest was visible.

“Evxy,” the girl introduced, holding out a hand, it too had a tattoo, of an intricate purple and black heart this time, “And you are?”

“Alyssa,” she whispered, wondering who this Evxy was.

Her eyebrows practically disappeared they raised so high, “So your Alyssa. Well, welcome. I’ve been dying to meet you. Where’s your sister? Lia, was it?”

Before Alyssa could respond Arke walked forward, pushing Alyssa fully inside.

“Lia isn’t here, Ev,” Arke explained, “Alyssa you can stay in the room down there. The door is right ahead of us. I’ll talk to Evxy and update her.”

Alyssa nodded and awkwardly walked into her room.

“There are painting stuff in the room, have a party with it,” Evxy called just before Alyssa entered the room.

The room was pretty average, like a guest bedroom; which is probably was. There was a plain white bed with a rickety wooden frame. The walls were covered with a lot of drawings. One, was actually of Arke, half of him was cut off by the window frame, but it was a really good picture, and it was life sized. The wooden floors also had drawings littering it. The only plain surface was the bedspread and bed frame.

It took only a minute or two before Alyssa grew bored. She picked up the tray of paints and other types of art materials and pulled it closer to the bed. After a moment of brief thought, Alyssa began to paint on the bedspread. She worked quickly, she actually finished painting before Arke and Evxy were done talking. Alyssa stepped back to admire her work. It wasn’t really anything, just shapes and colors, all blending together. She thought it was a very acceptable bedspread.

She could hear them talking in the background, straining her ears, she started to eavesdrop.

“Are you crazy?” it was Evxy, she sounded mad. “Why the hell didn’t you do something? You know what he is! Of course he’d never change, you know him!”

“I have my reasons Ev, I’m doing the right thing, don’t worry. Trust me,” Arke sounded tired and weary.

Lia saw the scene her head, Evxy mad and angered, Arke trying desperately trying to calm her. His hand was probably on her shoulder, he was probably staring at her, using his eyes to command her anger to go away.

Suddenly, an image of them kissing came into her head. Whoa she thought, slightly disgusted with herself where did that come from? Nevertheless she was curious so she flung the door open, to see what was really happening. Nothing was. They were even sitting at opposite ends of a table.

They both looked up when the loud noise of the door banging open echoed through the room.

“Do you need something?” Evxy questioned, getting up to help.

“No...No, don’t worry, sorry,” mumbled Alyssa, retreating back into her room.

In the safety of her room Alyssa curled up in a little ball, hoping to forget her recent embarrassment. She felt her burning cheeks lose temperature and her breathing return to normal. Just as she had regained her composure and uncurled herself from her little ball, there was a soft knock on the door.

“Come in,” she called timidly.

“It’s just me, Aly, don’t worry,” Arke’s voice assured.

The door creaked open and there he was.

“Let’s go walking,” he suggested, “We still have a lot to catch up on.”

Alyssa nodded in agreement and followed him out of her room and out of the house. The forest was really beautiful, Alyssa couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t noticed that before. During the actual walk the talked, but not about themselves, more on things like “wow what a pretty bird” and other comments of the sort.

Suddenly, Arke stopped by a log, “Let’s sit down,” he suggested.

“Ok,” Alyssa agreed. She sat on the log; her legs could barely touch the ground.

They were silent for a little bit, until Arke finally asked, “Are you ok?”

“What do you mean?”

“You seem sad and worried,” Arke pointed out, “She’ll be ok, don’t worry.”

That’s when Alyssa broke down, “No, that isn’t it. She’s so mad at me, because I didn’t tell her. I don’t know it just seems like sometimes she has a good reason to be mad at me, but sometimes it just seems silly. And I hate her being mad at me, especially since I ran away as well.”

“Yes she’s mad, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. She’s your sister, she’ll understand, maybe not immediately but eventually.”

They fell silent. Alyssa nervously leaned her head on Arke shoulder, when he didn’t react she relaxed into it and they just sat there. Somehow, being silent was the most comfort that Arke could give her at that moment.

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