The Royal Mark: Lia (Temporary title only)

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - People in the Woods

Submitted: May 27, 2008

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Submitted: May 27, 2008



Chapter 9: People in the Woods

“Blobby!” Lia suddenly screamed, “You’re back! You’re back! Do you have any idea how much harder it was without you?”

Blobby entered her brain. Lia’s body flushed with pride, since she didn’t scream that time.

Don’t flatter yourself, a lot of people don’t scream. Anyway, this Jiey guy—

You better not say I shouldn’t trust him. I’m sick of people saying that.

You mean your sister? Anyway, I wasn’t going to say that. I was going to say that you should just keep an eye on him. He could be trustworthy and your strongest ally, but he could also be the traitor in this story. That’s all I’m saying.

So you’re saying he could be anything?

Basically. But going back to your sister. She’s safe, don’t worry. Remember the boy? Ok, you remember the boy. Well she’s with him, they’re safe but we aren’t going to look for her. Your job is actually to stick with Jiey.

Fine. Look, keep me updated on Aly, ok?

Sure thing, now let’s see where this Jiey guy is taking us.

“So, are we going?” Lia questioned Jiey looking at him expectantly.

Jiey ignored her question, “You have a brain bug?”

“Yeah, I’ve had her since I got into this whole thing.”

He nodded thoughtfully, “Interesting...anyway, just follow me, we aren’t too far away; maybe an hours worth of riding.”

Without another word he rode off, a split second later, Lia started off on Kim and they rode through the forest. It was tricky maneuvering through the trees and roots, but Lia eventually got the hang of it. Keeping up with Jiey, however, was much more of a challenge. He didn’t seem to even consider the fact that she wasn’t as skilled at riding as he was. Before long the only direction Lia got was the occasional flashes of his white shirt in the distance.

“Jiey!” Lia yelled, her voice seemed so lonely in the silent forest, “Jiey! Where are you? Wait up!”

There was no reply, just the echoes of her own cries. For a moment Lia felt so alone and hopeless, she didn’t know what to do. She suddenly recalled what people had always told her “When you’re lost, just stay put. Someone will come find you.” and that’s what she did. She stopped Kim and hopped off. The second Lia got off Kim’s back, Kim sat down and looked around with a lazy look in her eye. Lia shivered, the clothes she had weren’t very warm: she sat down next to Kim and snuggled into her warm fur.

It seemed like hours had before anything happened. Lia had just started to get worried when she heard someone’s footsteps. She looked up to see a kind looking girl. Her hair was a fiery red and it framed her lightly tanned face. Her eyes were a plain brown, but they looked kind. The girl was probably ten or eleven, but she was tall, tall and willowy. She was wearing a similar outfit to Lia’s, but it was brown and was extremely tattered with a lot of multicolored patches.

“Who are you?” Lia asked kindly, providing a smile, to show she was no one to fear.

The girl shrugged, “Who cares? Not even you, you’re just asking to be polite,” when Lia opened her mouth to protest the girl shook her head and gave her own smile, “It’s true, and I don’t really mind. I actually came to talk to you.”

Lia’s wary side snapped to attention, she regarded the seemingly innocent girl with a more suspicious eye, “I won’t ask why. Talk.”

“I’ll answer why even though you didn’t ask. Everyone knows you, Lia. Well, anyone up to date with current issues here, which, unfortunately is a rather low population here. Everyone knows what that necklace means. Everyone, Lia. Don’t go waving it around,” the girl paused, waiting for Lia to say something, when she didn’t, the girl continued, “I can help you. Jiey has left you, abandoned you. Betrayed you, even. But I won’t do that. I’ll take care of you, we can be like sisters!”

The girl stopped and sighed, a toothy, girl-next-door grin appeared on her face, “Wouldn’t that be fun?” Lia was still silent, so the girl continued, “You aren’t hearing me, Lia! Your sister was right; Jiey is no one to trust. Everyone is telling you he can’t be trusted, and he can’t! You should know that Lia.”

“Look,” Lia finally managed to say, “I’m sick and tired of people telling me what I should think of certain people! I have my reasons for what I do and I think that I have the right to keep private why!”

“That’s an interesting way to put it,” the girl paused but then continued on, “I’ve known Jiey for a long time, Lia. He’s not what you think. He’s not—”

Just then the sound of a Grax sprinting at top speed came to their ears, in a few seconds Jiey appeared, sweaty and tired.

“Go away,” he commanded; he had that powerful yet “I can’t stand you anymore” look in his eye.

When the girl didn’t budge, Jiey drew a small dagger, “You know I left. You know what happened. And over my dead body will you drag her into the hell you put me through.”

The girl stammered for a few seconds but then gracefully exited, her footsteps slowly became mere echoes in the forest. Jiey and Lia didn’t know what to say, they simply looked around, purposely avoiding each other’s eyes.

This is so boring, say something. Sitting around here isn’t going to do anything, and I’m getting nervous.

Say what exactly?

I don’t know, say something interesting and dramatic...

“Jiey. You were going to take me somewhere?”

...That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Lia sighed with exasperation build a bridge and get over it, Blobby.

Someone’s happy today.

I really am, aren’t I?

“Well,” began Jiey, “It’s not far; I’ll just call up a stable boy to put these two,” he motioned towards the two Graxs, “into the stables.”

Jiey put two fingers into his mouth and blew out three loud bird cry-like sounds. Almost instantly he was replied by a long, calming whistle that resonated through the forest, it made Lia feel so relaxed and safe it was almost scary.

“Are you calling the stable boy?” Lia asked.

Jiey shrugged, “Well, that was who I was calling....”

Lia suddenly observed that he looked nervous and he was looking around more anxiously. He was also fidgeting, his hands clenching and unclenching his fists as well as shifting his weight from one leg to the other.

“What’s wrong?” she questioned, his worry causing her to be uneasy as well.

“Who replied was a guard...” Jiey replied after a slight pause, “Which means that an outsider is nearby.”

“An outsider?”

“It’s not good.”

“Shouldn’t we like...get away?” Lia suggested.

“No, then we’ll lead whoever this person is to where we’re going, which we is something I’d rather die than doing.”

Lia was shocked by the seriousness of the matter. But it also made her so much more curious to see what type of place Jiey was bringing her. She snapped to attention when there was the sound of soft and ragged breathing, somewhere behind her. Jiey had obviously heard it too.

“Lia, turn around, keep you eye right behind you,” Jiey whispered quietly.

Lia obeyed, Jiey stayed at facing the other side. For a moment Lia wondered why he didn’t turn around himself, when she realized that he faced the other way in case there were more people.

At the moment Lia had not paid attention, because of her thinking, Jiey let out a strangled cry. Lia whipped around to see Jiey was being held up by an arm around his neck, his attacked was tall and muscular, but not bulky, which meant he didn’t have excess muscle that would slow him down. Lia silently thanked herself for begging to take Martial Arts. She’d never thought she’d ever have to actually use it though.

Her instincts kicked in and she brought a high roundhouse kick to the head of Jiey’s captor, the heal of her foot just brushing across the top of Jiey’s head. The opponent stumbled back a bit, allowing Jiey’s feet to touch the ground and for him to escape the choke.

Through hard breathing Jiey sighed something that sounded like, “Thank you” to Lia. But there was no time for thanking, this was a fight and they couldn’t be distracted.

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