Fallen Angel part one

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An angel falls from Promise, sent to carry out the task to defeat a whole quarter of demons, known as the Diablos. But young Voltaire doesn't even know why he was banished. All he knows is that the love of his life has not only been just his...and that's the reason he fell.Now Voltaire must defeat the Diablos, but will he want to or not?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fallen Angel

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Submitted: May 05, 2013




I was alone. For the very first time, in a very long time, I was alone. Completely and utterly alone. I don't like this feeling. Not even in the least bit. a guard on my left pushes me up the stairs.  The other ran up the stairs to open the door in front of us.


"Hurry up", he yells at me, like he's the one in authority here. Stupid foot servant. I as awake all of the night so this part i don't fully remember. But I do know that my head hurt very badly, and his yelling only made things worse for me.


Once we got through the doors, they shut with the loudest thud I've ever heard making my migraine worse than before. One of the guards tightened his grip on my arm.


I remember this next part no matter how badly my head and eyes hurt. The room was so brightly lit it made my headache  a hell of a lot worse, and made my eyes water. On the surrounding walls there were seven candle holders each supporting seven candles. The linoleum floor was cold and hard against my bare feet. There was a gigantic golden throne,covered with all types of gems and diamonds. They were all askew, unsorted and without any kind of order.It was a combination fit only for a king. Sadly enough to say, the man sitting in the throne was not fit to be king.


Politically speaking, he was a king, but in every piece of actuality he was a tyrant.I never liked Odin the simple fact that he didn't like me. For what reason I don't know, but its true.  But that wasn't the only reason that I didn't like him it was also because of what's happening right now. He loves doing this. Captivating angels, keeping them locked in a cell for days, without even letting them know what they're here for .Then he gives them a votive.

The votive is a promise we convicted angels must complete before were ever allowed back into Promise, our heaven. Odin Ignatius was everything I hated.He liked doing what he was about to do to me. I've could smell his satisfaction scurrying up the walls. I've been detained in this empty jail for weeks. I don't know why but I'm about to find out.

The guards and I stop once were about five feet away from Odin and his undeserved throne. Odin and I glare at each other for a while before anything is said.this Isn't this first time we we've met this way. Not even close. I've been given plenty of votives. Each one was completed flawlessly in a week. They only took that long because I wanted them to. It's almost relaxing being on Earth for a period of time without anything especially important to do. But nonetheless all of the votives I've been given have been easy. So far.

Cutting the silence with a warriors sword he says , "You've been given six votives in the past year. Three of which have been in the last month. Really this is ridiculous. Can you for any reason explain why an angel would want to act so incoherently?" Odin was already angry and we had only just begun.

But I can't give him the upper hand. Not this time at least. This time I'm fighting him. "No" I say, "I can't make any excuse for the things I've done.especially things that I don't even know that I've done." That should put this into my favour.

Glaring at me again, he asks a guard for my "disgrace sheet" . The reason I call it a Disgrace Sheet is because it does nothing but make you look bad. Basically it disgraces you like the name suggests. It disgraces you in every way possible. It tales your offense andbreaks away from it to produce more charges and subdivisional offenses to help what kind of votive you'll get.

He reads over it several times quickly then says something I can't understand. My heart sinks as he looks as if he's come up with the most brilliant thing since flying. Odin smiles up at me eyes as red as a bulls'.

"You have been charged overall with demoralizing a womans public relationship and spousal status ", he says to me.


I'm not lying when I say , "I dont know what you're talking about." The poorest self-defense I've ever given.What he means, I know, but when did i do that? I've never been with an angel who  was promised to someone else. I've only been with one angel and she's only been with me.

"My daughter" he yells making my headache jump back into life, "is no whore. She is just as pure as any other angel in this beautiful heaven. Except you obviously."

Now  I'm  really confused. Innocence, his daughter , was my girlfriend but she wasn't promised to anyone. If she was I would know. We tell each other everything. We promised each other that we would tell each other the most important thing to us every day. Angels take promises serious here in Promise. I've never broken one. That's the point of the votive. You're forced into promising to do something and if you can't fulfill that promise, you're not fit to  live in a place called Promise.

Continuing his assualt on my migraine, he screams, "She's been engaged for months now. There's no way you couldn't have known. Now, I knew that you two have been friends for a long time and even that you considered yourselves a couple, but this just crosses the line. You have just stolen the icing off of the angels' food cake, Stradavari."

At this point I know that I am not getting of easy. Savouring in my defeat I realise that this may be the worst votive that I could ever get. He takes a long to consider his bright idea silently in his kingly head. I could say a complete five minutes went by in painful silence.In my head i was still trying to piece this situation together. I hadn't even started to sort the pieces yet. so so as for my jigsaw puzzle of this situation, I haven't gotten anywhere at all. Innocence has been with me and only me. We've been together for years; since we were young. None of this made any sense, none at all. I been gone completing a votive for a month but that's not enough time for someone to get engaged

The silence of forever ends when Odin looks directly at me, "Voltaire Stradivari, in the sense of this heinous offense you have committed, I sentence you to complete a votive that will undoubtedly benefit Promise as a whole with or without you. Whether or not you complete this task will not matter to us angels." His sickening smile becoming more vicious by the second. "I've tried to teach you and give you chances but you don't heed any of my warnings. Since you don't learn the easy way, I'll have you learn the hard way.I sentence you to...",taking a very deep breath to enjoy all of my suspense and self-pity. "Sentence you to defeat the Diablos"

Bad. That's all i could think was how bad this was. I still couldn't understand how I got into this mess. But what makes it worse is the size of this mess. And it's very big I should say.

The Diablos are enormous. Not in size but in number and power.There's just no way in hell I could defeat them. Not even one. I'm good at sword, but they're lead by Mephistopheles. That guy is one of Satans' sons. Pretty much all of them are really. I don't even have the Light Brigade here to help me this time.

Standing up out of his throne he walks towards me. "Good luck and God bless you ex-general Stradivari", he says taking the seal of the Light Brigade that I lead into battle to fight for Promise. My fleur-de-lis taken away from me like a punished child."Looks like I will have to find a new general for the Light Brigade, and my daughter wil have to find a new best friend. B ut thank you for saving her life so many years ago."

Turning  and walking away he says, "you have a month to kill Mephistopheles or you'll never come into this paradise again."

After that I decide to let the first tear fall.3


Chapter 2


This is the part I hate the most. The Abyss.It's a pit that you jump into to get to Earth. It's not the only, exit but they make you jump it because it's filled withvery contrasting temperatures. It also weakens your light energy down to the same strnght as dark energy. Light energy is the strongest type of energy there is, whereas dark energy is the weakest. With dark energy being the weakest, it's easy to say that most Supernaturals have it. that's because most Supernaturals aren't angelic, and are demons. I  call the weakend light energy chaos energy, because that's what it feels like. Dark energy mixed over light energy. I've had both before, but that's another story for another time.


The same gaurd that's been with me the whole time (the one who tightened his grip on me)takes to my property, where i put on my shoes, hoping to warm my frosty feeling feet. After my feet are sheltered,he throws me my sword, Discord.Discord has helped me out of many situations, and I pray that it will halp me through this one.It was forged by my father when he first found that I was concieved. He promised that he would teach me all that he knows about sword fighting and that he would make me the greatest swordsman ever to walk, breath, talk, and see. If i complete this votive, then that promise will be well kept.

But now it's off to the Abyss. The guard gives me a reminder about my time limit; exactly a month. Right now it's July 16, 1:00 down to the nano-second. On August 16, 1:00 I should be returning to Promise. Just as I'm about to leap into the Abyss, the gaurd stops me.

"I know you probably won't make it back from this ... votive, but I just want to say good luck and I hope you make it back because I plan on joining the Light Brigade. I think you are a very good captain, and I just want to join you out in being on the front lines", he says. Sincerity written all over his face. I actually feel sorry for him that he has to stay here and serve Odin. But something he said bothers me.

"What do you mean 'I probably won't make it back',kid?", I ask him."Are you doubting me?'Cause if you are I suggest that you didn't. Underestimating me is always a bad thing. I have to remind myself that a lot. I'll show you I can defeat the Diablos." He's stunned, which is the effect that I wanted to have on him, even though I just lied to him and myself.Very big lies!

I turn from my condemner and stare into the colour coded tunnel called the Abyss. The Abyss has two stages in it. The first is decorated with blues, greens, purples, and every shade in between. It's coloured that way because it's cold. Well maybe not cold but freezing, like Antarctica, but thousands of degrees worse. Luckily angels can't die from temperatures or I would be dead by now. Frozen completely through.

The second stage is made up of reds, yellows, and oranges. This stage is hot like the colours suggest that it is. It feels like what I imagine the sun to be like. It's blistering hot ;unbearable beyond imagine imagination. I have heard that some angels actually die inside of the Abyss because of the overwhelming temperatures cause them to have seizures. Obviously that doesn't happen to me, I usually only get dehydrated in the second stage.


While you're in the Abyss falling for what feels like forever, there's nothing for you to do but think, so that's exactly what I do. Not just to pass time, but about this votive. Can I really even to attempt to do this or will I just fail for once and die? I don't even have to attempt to do this at all; I could just let the time go by and not even try and live the rest of my time as a permanant Fallen. I'd rather do that than die by the hand of some filthy demons.

The Diablos are strong and plenty, while I am weakened and all alone. This doesn't look good for me at all, especially considering that I don't even have a clue on how to defeat them. There's no way to catch them off gaurd, and even if I could a one man ambush would be a suicide attempt. How could I even hope to win such an overshadowing battle all by myself. I don't even know half of what I'm up against and I feel like the only soldier on my side of an otherwise empty battlefield. Oh, wait I am.

At the same time another thought jumps it's way through my brain. Do I even want to live in Promise anymore? For the past two years Odin has been banishing me to do his dirty work hoping that I get killed, I think. He sends me alone to do things that the Light Brigade can handle easily, just wanting the operation to sour for me. Is that why I live in Promise? Just to keep a Promise I shouldn't have been forced to make. The whole situatuin is still unexplained and hazy. Vague.

Promise is home to me. It's all I've ever known until the first time I was given a votive.That's when I met Earth. I love Promise. It's where my friends, family, and Innocence are. But I don't want to keep being sent down to this glorious place called Earth; I'd rather just live there permanently.

I've fought in wars for Promise. I've killed people, angels, and demons for Promise. I've lied for Promise. All because I love my city. Because I love the people in it. But I never get to relish in any of the victories I've won, because Odin loves to deliver his votives to me.

He's really the reason I don't want to be in Promise anymore. Everytime I make a small mistake (if I've made any at all) there's another week I have to spend away from home, while he sits on his throne; seeking to be what Promise can call a true king.


I cant feel my light energy weaken throughout my body now. My body goes numb for this. Like you've been beaten with a hammer for days but only lightly enough to be kept alive. It's hard to think during this part of the Abyss, and I lose my train of thought. As I exit the Abyss my body becomes a deeper numb than what I've just felt. Like I've been eating anestetics for years.

I plunge towards earth at lightspeed. From the sky, I look like what human scientists classify as a comet. It's really just me, frozen solid on the inside and thawing from the outside. The humans get close with thier comet theory, but just not close enough. If only they knew that was what happens inside the Abyss they wouldn't want to know about us so much. I enter the atmoshpere and crash down to Earth. I'm used to this part, and since I'm frozen solid an the inside and my muscles and nerve are completely shot, I don't feel a thing. From this point on I have exactly 30 days, 23 hours, 48 minutes, 8 seconds, and 16 nano-seconds to finish this votive. But I have time. So I'll wait.





Chapter 3


Every time I go to Earth I sleep before I do anything. It usually depends on how much time I have to complete my task, for how long I sleep. This time I have a month and this is a votive I don't think I can complete anyway, so I'll sleep a little longer than usual. Maybe I won't sleep this time. Maybe I'll think for a while first. The only real problem about that is what and who. Now that I've got that figured out there lies the problem that I still can't think straight because of the Abyss.

So I strain my brain as hard as I can. This halps to ease the headache ( I honestly don't understand how but it does). I call this Resurgence. Pushing back everything that's inefficiant, irrelevant, and unimportant to me and gather my thoughts around one solid thing until the ache is completely gone and I can think clearly again. grab one thing and it will resonate with another. I believe all thoughts are built like chain links connected to each other and can be remembered by the simple thought and reasoning of another.

I do this to regain my train of thought. Once I one think I can begin to think about other things that branch off from and are triggered by these prior thoughts. I do this until I can think about other things clearly and  by then I'll have totally regained my train of thought. I start to repress everything but one thing.

Innocence. The most important thing in my life. But why is she so important and why is he in my life? She's in my life because she's important and she's important. But who is she and how do I know these things are true? How can i know she's so important to me if she's a mystery to me? But she isn't a mystery! I remember now! She's the one that I love. The woman who retains plaintivenesss in her eyes every time we depart from each other. She loves me and I love her.

Is that true or is it just something that I want to believe? Are we truly this madly in love or is it something i make myself believe to ease the pain of the truth? Is that a facade we put on to look like perfect little angels? Does she really love me or is it just something she says so that she doesn't hurt me? Is there somthing else she loves?

Yes! There is someone else. She's engaged and I'm not so that could only mean that she loves someone else...who isn't me. If she loved me she would be engaged to me and not whoever else. That is one thing I know for sure.

But why would she lie to me? There's no point in that. Is there? Not unless she got something out of it. Did she? Was I used as a substitute whenever her true lover, her fiance, wasn't around? I guess it's true that I was used. I have nothing else to go off of.

The person that I love is in love with someone else and that's why I'm here. Because once she got tired of me she told her big bad daddy Odin to get rid of me before I run my mouth to much to people and her fiance finds out. She got all that she could want from me and threw me to the side and wanted me gone permanantly. She had her father get rid of me by giving me a votive that he himself couldn't even complete himself.

So here I am now and I have this crazy mission in front of me. Defeating the Diablos. That's supposed to be impossilbe right? Well I'll show them that it isn't and after I do I'll have them arrested and then seize the throne for myself. I'll become king and I'll have Innocence as my head servant. That'll be payback enough I think. Life as your infedels' servant! I'll be a king that Promise can be proud of and I'll rule fairly unlike that tyrant Odin Ignatius.

That's why I'm doing this. For me. Not because Odin told me to but because I will take everything that he owns as mine. And his lying, heartbreaking daughter will be my slave. Right now, i can't worry about anybody but me, myself, and I. I've got it all back now.


I open my eyes and realise that I have precisely 30 days, 5 hours, 17 minutes, and 40 seconds left. I think it's about time to get a move on.




Chapter 4


The sky is beautiful right now. Blissfully perfect. The stars ar shining bright right now. Some say that the stars are subordinate to the moon, while it is truly the complete opposite. The moon bows down to the stars. He knows that there is strength in numbers and he can't fend off all of his enemies at once. He is brave because every night he leaps silently from behind the sun, his daily perch, to be apprehended and turned back around. Banished back to where he came. Even though he knows what the outcome will most likely be he travels on into the barricade of stars everyday.


The same goes into this situation. where I am the moon, adn the Diablos are the stars. I don't really like that analogy because I love the stars. I will settle for being the moon because the is always a season in which he wins his battle even if only temparary. All the stars are gone away from the stars weary of battle and afraid that the moon, their adversary, will soon overcome them unexpectedly. That is exactly what will happen. I, the moon, will seize and destroy the stars all by myself.

Still lying in the same position I have been for hours, I try to find something in this world more beautiful than this sky. There is only one thought that comes to mind. Innocence. But thinking of her only brings up familiar, and hurtful memories. We would just come come to Earth for absolutely no reason at all. We would lie on the ground for hours and days talking to each other. We told each other our deepest secrets. She confided in me, as I to her. We shared everything with each other. I told her everything about me, and she did the same to me. Or at least I thought that she did. I told the truth, while she only lied, abused, and used. I dont understand. I'm still staring up at the sky. It's a salted wound, stinging me and reminding me of my failures.

I wander if there was ever a time when I wasn't being used. If ever there was a time when I could have actually been the one she loved. If there was ever a time when she didn't lie to me and make a fool out of me. If there was ever a time when I had the chance to be something more than her fiances' replacement. If there was ever a time when she actually felt something for me anywhere near what I felt for her. If there was ever a time that she loved me.

I can't feel my arms since they've been spead like an eagles' for so long while I lay in my self-made crater. I struggle to move them and I lift myself out of my crater. This one is by far the biggest one I've ever made, and I've made plenty of them.

I need to move on and get started. I have exactly no clue of where I am. That's another thing that I hate about the Abyss. It is constantly moveing so everytime you get spat out in a completely different place. You will never know where you're going to come out at. You'd just better hope that it is somewhere close to wherever it is you need to go.

Taking around I notice that there is a river to my left and a bridge to cross it about eighty yards away from where I stand. I could easily fly across the river, but angels aren't suppossed to use thier powers so freely while we're on Earth. Imagine how the humans wold react if they fund out for sure that angels exist. Not to mention a Fallen Angel. The entire Earth will change completely. We have to keep our existence secret from the humans. We're really not even supposed to help them much unless God asks us to, but he lets us do it on our own sometimes.

I reach the bridge and see that it is old and made of concrete, so I come to the conclusion that I am in Europe. That's good. I like Europe. It's always fresh and exciting. I also have a couple of destinations to head to as well. Innocence and I bought a small luxury house in Cambridge and there are some things that I want to go and check out.

We made small human lives, Innocence and I. The small luxury house. A modest savings account. A few cars. We could have actually lived here for a while. We were set to in about six months, when she turned eighteen. Looks like that won't be happening now.

Before I exit the bridge, I fix my messy black hair in front of my eyes. They are pure gold and that could attract a lot of attention that is obviously unneeded. That is one of the many thing Innocence said that she loved about me. She told me that these eyes would be the last thing she would see if she had any say-so in the matter. Too bad it was a lie. There she goes again, creating havoc in my mind.

None of the humans can see my wings and glow. They can see me but none of my heavenly attributes. My Grace allows me to cause this. Grace is an angels' magic. We used it to fly, work miracles, and most importantly fight demons and other evil Supernaturals. We can't live witout it for too long. If we run out, we have to sleep for three hours to completely restore it.

In the city, I stop out side an antique shop with a television set playing in the front window. I was correct about being in Europe and subsequently I am in Cambridge. That is the best thing to happen to me since this whole ordeal started. But the bad news of this is (there is always some bad news to everything) is that England officials suspect my crater that they are talking about, to be of supernatural fault, and are"searching for the extraterrestrial creature." That was bad, but at least I know they won't find me.

I'm not surprised that my guess was correct. that's one of my many talents. There are a lot of them that most angels don't have, like keeping perfect track of time, movement fluicity, precision, guessing, and approriation, because I don't do anything without a reason. I've also studied Earth so I know what thing are made of and what they look like in certain places.

At this point I was wandering if i should just live the rest of my days as a human, and let this votive go uncontested. It would be nice to live on Earth and be unaware of the world of the supernatural. I would be able to everything except die of old age.

I realize that I'm the only supernatural being in Cambridgeshire which is good because supernaturals like to stop and chat when they know you're on Earth for some reason. I'm not in the mood for conversation, except with one person. I need answers and truth.


In about an hour I find my way up to the luxury house. Seeing the house from the street I would say (if I didn't know any better) that not even the wind and rain touched this house in Innocence's and my absence, It's been nine months since we've been here. There's no reason why anyone should have been in the house during that time, and it looked like that was still true. The last time we were her was before my last string of votives. Ir was her and I, and we had fun those two weeks.

Putting my foot on the first doorstep, I feel a heavy supernatural pressure coming from inside the house. Supernatural pressure is what we us to feel if there are any supernaturals nearby. I checked about an hour ago and I was the only one in Cambrigeshire. I grab the hilt of my sword as I search under the doormat for the key. I may need Discord earilier than I thought neccessary. I don't know who it is in my house but they were obviously waiting for me or they would have repressed thier supernatural pressure. The pressure is heavy, bashing my body in waves.

I'm guessing that I have two intruders because no ones' pressure ever gets as high as this. I am famous for having one of the highest pressures among the supernaturals, and this on is leagues above mine.

Turning the key and opening, the door I smell a house full of energy. With 29 days, 18 hours, 42 seconds left, a sleepy, tired, and sore angel makes his way up the stairs of his Earthly home, while sweat drips down my face.

Chapter 5

Silence was the only sound in the house.  If you could all it a sound. It was an erratic silence, that filled the house to the brim.  I was scared of what could have been upstairs in my house. The silence threatened me with an ambush that I had no control over.
The supernatural pressure in the house was rubbing against my body so much, that my flesh became numb and I could feel the blood inside of my body gyrating.  The pressure was so heavy and thick that it feels like you could just reach out and grab it.  I could almost touch and feel it in the air.  But I could't.
Before I touch the first step of the stairwell, I surpress my pressure even more than it is now.  It's completely suppressed so any ambush that could be awaiting me upstairs can't be acted out flawlessly.  At this rate I would see them before they saw me.  I start to feel as though my unknown enemies want me to come to them.  They want me to walk into their trap.
Upstairs, I awaken Discord from his sheath, readying myself for any surprises.  Down the hall, in the master bedroom, to my right I see a blinding wall of light, through the cracked door.  I'm as cautious as I have ever been, creeping down the hall of my own house.  I felt like I was the criminal in the house.  Creeping nimbly and quietly.
Discovering through what we supernaturals call pressure sensory, that I have two opponents, my heart races like a derby horse.  Deciding that my adversaries were unaware of my presence, I am about to rush through the doorway, when suddenly I peek in and see that my opponents were two Seishin. 
Seishin are mysterious and rare.  even when they weren't rare they were mysterious. But now that they are rare they are even more mysterious.  They don't even know much about themselves.  They only know that there is Promise and the Underworld, and that they need to get to one of them.  We supernaturals know that they are human souls who weren't taken back up to Promise or below to the Underworld when their human lives ended.  Nothing else is known of them, despite the fact that they have enormous supernatural pressures.  This sighting is even more rare because they ususally don't travel together.  These wierd spheres of light don't easily become friends with anyone, espeecially each other, unless of course the aquiantance can get them to Promise. That I can do.
That is all they are really after. They want to find thier afterlife.  Thier only three problems are that they don't know how to get where they are going, they only have two months to find thier afterlife, and if they don't find thier afterlife in the set amount of time thier soul will return to God and they won't be able to become angels.
These two Seishin are still very bright, which means they are still very young and have a lot of time left.  I guess that these two Seishin are no threat, particularly because they don't seem like ordinary Seishin, and I could work this situation to my advantage, because of thier greed.
As I am about to open the door, the Seishin fly out of the room through the door like ghosts.  One blue and the other yellow, I could tell that one was male and the other a female, respectively.
I need the upperhand in this situation to get what I want from them. "What are you doing in my house at this time of the day?", I ask them.  When they don't answer me, I decide to be more furious in my interrogation. "If you don't tell me why you're here in my house right now, I'll kill you both were you float!", I shout. That ought to do it.
"Out of respect we will answer you", the female says camly, " not out of fear. We will answer your questions. I am Lori the Seishin, and this is Alfred the Seishin."
Alfred, in plain, thick English accent says, "We are waiting here for someone."
"Who could you be waiting for in my house?  This is private property!", I yell back.
Lori flies over to me and I thrust Discord in her direction. She transfixes her way through it the way she did the door, and floats in front of me.  "Will you raise your supernatural pressure back up for us? It will tell us if you are the one we are waiting for."
I do as she says and all of our pressures rock the house.  In unison they exclaim, "You're the one! You can help us! You can get into Promise! Will you ppplleeeeaase help us?" If they had bodies they would be bouncing up and down on thier toes.
"Lori I can not believe that we have found him so easily! This is most acceptable!", said the English soul. "At this rate we can be in Promise by the end of tommorow." Alfred is pure English, while Lori is American. Theyt have become evn more strange to me because Seishin weren't supposed to travel together. But somehow, these two have joined together and despite cultural discrepancies, are mutual in this journey of theirs. How these two met and get along, I have no clue.
"Umm, no", I interject into thier celebration. I need to use thier "happiness" of finding me against them.
"What do you mean, 'no' ?", Lori asks. "You have to help us, please." Her voice is staggering and scared. My plan is working.
"I know all about you Seishin. You go wandering around from place to place, looking for someone to take you to Promise. But you won't pay me so I won't do it.", I say confidently.
"Well of course we will!", Alfred cheers, thinking he has found the answer. "We will pay you handsomely for your service. We can pay money, or if you would like, even credit."
"I don't want money", I tell them. "Can't you see by my house that I have enough of that?"
Lori joins the coversation, asking, "what is that you want sir, we promise you it will be give if it is not beyond our power." With that sentence finished, my plan is completed. They've promised themselves to do whatever it is that I ask of them. Anything.
As supernatural beings, they too are bound to the laws of Promise, and breaking their promise to pay me in whichever way I want would prohibit them from ever entering Promise to begin with.
"I want energy.", I tell them.
"Ohh!. That's no problem, we have lots of energy. We can give you as much energy as you need.", Alfred tells me. I didn't expect this to be so easy, as Seishin are very cunning. "I do have to ask, sir where are you going that you may need our energy with such a high pressure of your own? What will you be doing?"
I may as well tell them so I do. "I am going to the Underworld to defeat Mephistopheles. I will most definitly need your help."
"So you plan to go to the Underworld brfore you take us to Promise?", Lori asks. "Are you sure that you will make it out of the Underworld alive?"
"That is my plan and yes, I am sure that we will make it out alive. You two are coming along with me. After I defeat Mephistopheles, we will have definite transportation to Promise."
I rush them to swear thier promises and I decide to head to another location in Europe that I should see.  It's the only way in this continent that I know how to get to the Underworld. Romania. I have a friend there, Crystiya an angel seer, who can help me get there. Crystiya is a really good friend of mine. Plus, she owes me for saving her life, even after she tried to destroy my relatioinship with Innocence. If Innocence was the person I thought she was, she would be angry to find that I am going to see Crystiya.
With twenty-nine days, eighteen hours, and forty-two seconds I run into the master bedroom to gather some things of mine for the trip.

Chapter 6

The Seishin are nice. Very nice but also very annoying. They continuosly ask me questions about why I'm on Earth and my votive. 
"How do you complete the votive?", they ask. And I tell them. 
"How do you know when it's finished?", they ask. And again I tell them.
I answer all these question that I don't even know the complete truth to myself. But nonetheless I answer them wholeheartedly and to my best ability. Around these two I don't see how anyone could any peace of mind. Their constsnt pesteringand supernatural pressure beating down on me makes it hard to concentrate.
To get a little bit of alone time and some things that I'd originally come here to get, I go up to the master bedroom while my accomplices wait in the living room. On opening the door, I feel as "at home" as I have ever been in my entire life. The black and blue bedsheets, chalk white carpet floor, the sound of the waterfall penetrating the plexiglass windows from outside. All of it puts me into a husheed calm state. I love this place, but just like staring into the stars, it is only a cancer in my mind reminding me of Innocence. I bought this place just for me and her.
I reach under the matress of  the bed grabbing a wallet with three black credit cards in it. I was a wealthy angel. I was even wealthier than Odin, truth be told. I was going to need these credit cards to fly to Romania. I was akwardly surprised that everything was still in place here and not stolen. Being here kinda makes me want to stay.
I don't have to go back to Promise. I could just stay here and not risk my life. But doing that would be perilous, becuse even though I wouldn't be an angel anymore, my Grace would leave a residue. Other supernaturals can pick up on that just the same way I did with the Seishin. That's probably how they found me.
As I'm about to leave the room I look to my left and out of my periphrial, I see Innocence. I actually see both of us. Ther were two large Victorian paintings of us on the wall. One was her and one was me. I stared at her while she, full of sorrow stared back at me. I had never noticed how painful she had looked in this painting. She had only looked like this once before, when I told her that I hadn't been able to see her because I had Fallen. It was angry with a hint of sorrow.
I decided that I needed to take the painting down. That would be a lot of work to do since the painting was fifteen feet tall. I sprout my wings into life and visibility, and fly up to the painting. I lift it up and over the three hooks supporting it, surprised that they hadn't fallen already. I set it down gently, not wanting my guests to think that there was any need for them to come and "help me with anything" as they were so eager to do.
Taking another look around the room I notice planty more photographs of Innocence and I. I stand there to let the tears well up in my eyes. The pictures were scattered abnout the room and along the walls. A burst of resentment flew through me as I obliged myself not to leave the room until I could no longer see her face in it. As I take down all the photos I think, Why did she have to lie to me? I would have done anything for her. She only need to ask me and I would have accepted that I was only a boy-toy. I would have been the dog she was walking
Wanting to believe that I was truly done the most harm that could ever be done, I say to myself, "Love does not exist." I tell myself that even though I know that I still love her with all of my heart. I actually believe myself. It feels horrible to have to lie to yourself to try to feel better. At least I'm the one lying to me now. Not someone else.
Once all of the pictures are all facedown I exit the room and head back downstairs. The Seishin are mingling looking at more pictures of Innocence and me.
"Who is this splendid venis, Voltaire?", Alfred asks. I knew the question would come so I waited for it.
"The reason I'm here.", I snap. "Her name is Innocence Ignatiuos, Princess of the Angels. Now let's go!" I head towards the garage.
"Wait I thought we were all going to fly to Romania. Why are we going to the garage?", Lori questins.
"We are flying. In an airplane. Now let's go, the next plane leaves in forty-five minutes!" I hope they didn't expect me to fly all the way from Cambridge to Bucharest.

Chapter 7

"So how long have you two been waiting for me to show up?", I ask my companions.
They don't answer me.
"You can tell who's supernatural and who's not so why just wait around for someone to show up?"
We reach the car, which is a white, sleek, senescent thing, but dispute its appearance through description, it is a very special, and splendid rara avis. I pull out of the four car garage and ask them again, "how long have you guys been waiting for me?"
"We were sent here to help you and guide you on your way to victory. It is true that you aspire to be king of the angels, isn't it?", Alfred asks. How they know my motives already is a complete mystery to me, much like other things lately.
"How would you have known that?", I ask back.
"We were told of all your dreams and past before you fell", Lori puts forward.
"Who sent you guys to come and get me?"
"Trust us", the english spirit pleaded. "You will find out soon enough, and when you do you be so rapt with emotion you won't know what to do."
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I don't see why it's such a big deal you can't tell me. But it doesn't matter." These two are so odd in thier own little way, that you would think they know a lot about Earth. "How long have you been here on Earth?"
"Hmmm...", Lori procrastinated. "I would have to say about three months. Alfred was here before me though."
Alfred jumps in to say "three weeks before to be exact. We met in Florence, two months ago, before we met who sent us to you."
This couple only gets weirder as you continue to converse with them. Seishin are only supposed to wander Earth for two months, until they pass out of existence. These two are somehow able to surpass that time limit and continue to live.
"How have you been able to stay alive for so long as Seishin?", I shout out of surprise. "You should be dead by now, you know. Most of your kind stay alive for two months before they pass from existence, but you two are still here. That shouldn't be possible."
"That's because we have a special purpose to fulfill. We aren't normal, simple spirits." Alfred tells me, " We are still alive because of the rules of Promise. We made a promise and we can't die until it's fulfilled. We don't die until you fail this votive. If you succeed then we get to go to Promise. Now wouldn't that be dandy? " Well that's obvious now!
Even though his question was rhetorical, I reply "oh, it would be merry, indeed!", with an english accent. I even added a smile.
The thought of these two constantly surrounding me in Promise when I'm king is so unwanted. At least then the humans will have a correct view of what angels look and act like.
We pull into the airport and the Controversal Couple, as I like to call them, float away, transfixing thier way through people, suitcases, cars, and anything else they want. I shrug off my abandonment, glad to be alone for a little while. Making my way into the building, I feel a supernatural pressure. One that isn't my accomplices. I could feel that it wasn't something that I could let go unchecked. It wreaked of malapropos. I could feel the malice seeping from it and pulsating against everything in the area. Whoever that is has the intention of hurting a lot of innocent people.
I forego towards the malefic pressure and push mine down. I want to do this swiftly, without any struggle. I materialize Discord as I creep around the corner of a bathroom corridor i've been led to. Many people pass by the entrance, so to keep them ignorant of the situation at hand, I shut and lock the door.
"Thank you.", A demonic voice tells me from around the corner. Whoever he is then uses dark magic to barricade the dark beyond a keys' possibilities. this magic is strong so it'll take concentration to expel it.
Edging around the corner slowly, I see blood dripping from the walls. This demon has already killed someone.
"Well, long time no see General Stradivari", he taunts. It's then that I look up from the dead body, adn recognize my opponent. no wonder he knows my name. It's Belial, Prince of the Underworld. Belial and I have fought plenty of times because he was the general of the Underworld Army and I was of course in charge of the Light Brigade.
"Belial isn't it quaint to meet you in a place like this?", I goad at him. "It is rather unfortunate of you to have to run into me here seeing as I have to defeat all of the Diablos."
Sarcastically choking he says, "the Diablos will chew you up and spit you back out. Why are you here anyway, Stradivari?"
I point to my chest where the fluer-de-lis should be. "I'm a Fallen. The badge is gone isn't it?" I walk over to the dead human and kneel down to close his eyes. He died in horror. He was completely shocked, my guess was that he saw Belials' true form. I also take the liberty of closing his contorted mouth. Dispite the blood, he looks peaceful this way. Or at least more peaceful than he did.
"Hmph! General Stradivari getting cast down to the realm of men and demons. Is that the image of the perfect little angels you want to represent? And for what might I ask?" His demonic voice doesn't fit his teenage human shell. The two have absolutely no synch. Black hair shrouding his pale white face, while red eyes shine through the black veil of hair.
Hearing that question again, I unconsciously scowl, flipping my hair from my face. "I honestly don't know the answer for that question." Having answered his question I decide to throw a few of my own. "What brings you here to England, and to an airport no less?" This is actually a legitimate question seeing as demons don't usually go to airports.
"Just here to cause some trouble, you know", he says nonchalantly. "crash a few planes, cause problems on the runway. I don't know I'm bored, okay?" Normal demon stuff. 
"You know I can't let you do that, Belial. I'm going to have to kill you anyway so I might as well do it now."
He laughs again. "Stradivari do you really think that you can defeat me, not to mention the rest of the Diablos. If it were possible for you to kill me I would be dead by now." That probably is true, but I have to try anyway. "Why did you even go back up to Promise when you were ruptured by my father? You've never liked Odin, so why run his Light Brigade?"
"Because I am the strongest seraph." Seraph always lead the Light Brigade because we are the strongest angels. "Besides, I love being able to fight you demon idiots eery chance I get. This is actually the perfect opportunity to kill you all."
"Whatever will you do when all of us are gone, then?", he asks. "There will be no demons left to fight. Just go on about your way and forget about this rediculous votive. It's a death sentence in disguise and you know that." I did know that.
"After I kill you all I'll be the king of Promise", I say.
Belial laughs at me again. I didn't know I was a comedian. Composing himself he says, "you and I both know that isn't going to happen. There's no way in hell you've got a chance."
"I'll show you", I retort. "Oh. No I wan't, because you'll be dead." I lung Discord horizontally towards him. He jumps backwards, landing on top of a sink. 
"You know you'll have to do better than that, General Stardivari", he crones. "But don't say I didn't warn you." A red cloud forms and swirls around his left hand as he materiali

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