Downloading Your Love

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Brendon Urie story... Ashlyn McAdams was always the girl across the street. Little did she know that the boy across from her was soon to be a very close person in her life... But when they take up in intrest in each other, is someone going to stop them?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Downloading Your Love

Submitted: October 10, 2008

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Submitted: October 10, 2008



"Ashlyn wake up now! It's time for school!" I heard my mom yell from downstairs.God I don't want to get up right now!

I slowly woke myself up and went into the bathroom to start getting ready.I took a shower,did the normal [brush hair,teeth,ect..]and put on some make up.
I only put purple eyeshadow and eyeliner on,with a little bit of pinkish lip gloss.I grabbed my Rolling stone t-shirt,black pants,and my vans.After I was done changing,I went downstairs to get my bag.

"Morning honey.Want something to eat? I can make you something," My mom offered.

"No thanks,I'll get something at school or on the way," I told her.

"Hey dorkass! What's up?" My annoting brother asked.His name is Kyle and my little sisters name is Lacey,but we call her Lace.

"Nothing scumbag!" I shot back at Kyle.We both gave each other glares before I walked of to the door.Cal and Pixie should be here any minute.

"Oh your already leaving Ash?" my mom asked when she relized I was getting closer to the door.

"Yeah I'm gonna go wait for Cal and pix,see you later!" I yelled trying to get away before she starts a convorsation,which always lasted forever....

"Oh okay then...tell Calvin and Pixie I said hello okay? Bye honey!" But I was already out the door.Cal and Pixie are my best friends.I've known them since I was in the first grade.
I sat on the porch waiting for them when out of the corner of my eye,I saw a guy maybe my age sitting on the curb by the stop sign looking down at his hands.
I continued to stare,wondering what was up with him and if there was a reason he was sitting there.Then he looked up at me and we stared at each other for a moment,he smiled then I looked down since he new I was watching him now.Can you say awkward and uncomfortable?
Thankfully Pixie and Cal pulled up in the car.

"Yo Ash,c'mon! We're gonna be late!" Cal yelled from the window of his truck.

I quickly glanced toward the boy on the curb.Oh god he's staring at me! Shit.Whoa he has a gorgeous smile! What do I do? Oh 'bout smile back?
I gave him a small friendly smile and got in the truck and put my seatbelt on.

"Ooooo! Who is he? He's hot!" Pixie said to me,turning around to look at me.

"I don't know...I only smiled to be polite." I replied,praying theat she would change the subject.I knew she would be throwing questions at me like crazy.

"Yeah right! Do you think he's hot?"

"I could barley see him Pix,and hello Cal."

"Ello Ashy babe!" He said,looking at me in the mirror.

"Don't change the subject.From what you saw,did you think he was hot? God! We should try to find him.Did he look like he was still in school?"

"Pixie,I don't know okay? God I look at one guy and I'm gonna fuckin marry him."

"Oh whatever! Your so over dramatic," She said and turned back around in her seat.

"Over dramatic my ass." I muttered under by breath.

Pixie tries to set me up with every guy she knows,every guy in school,evryone that walks by us! Seriosly she even tried to set me up with a couple girls...'Explore' is how Pixie put it.

By the time we got to school,me and Cal were already hyper because we heard on the radio that the band Blink 182 was coming to town! Yay!! Hopefully we have enough money to go....

"So do you think your dad is gonna let you go to the concert?" Spencer Smith asked his friend,Brendon Urie.

"I don't kno,.I hope! Dude,that would be so awesome."

"Yeah you can't miss it.What if Travis Barker got shot or something? Then you would have missed it and be depressed,or yo ucan go and be happy." Ryan Ross said in a cheerful voice,and Brendon,Spencer and their other friend Brent just looked at him weirdly.

"Travis Barker shot? What are the odds?" Brent asked as he shoved his backpack in his locker.

"Well I was jus-" Ryan began but Spencer cut him off.

"You were just nothing.Anyways back to the world where Travis Barker won't get shot,and if he does,it better be after the concert.So Brendon are gonna be stalking that girl again today?"

"I don't stalk her!-" Brendon shot back.

"Yeah you do Bren." Brent said plainly.

"Alright first off,I do not stalk her! Second...She actually looked at me AND smiled-"

"Were you across the street? Cause it doesn't count if you were across the street or farther." Ryan said.

"Well was....I wasn't.....Yeah I was across the street...." Brendon said,mubbling the last part under his breath.

"Good god Brendon just talk to her and get it over with.You have been following every move she makes for over the past eight months since you relized girls actually have boobs." Brent said as he and the others laughed and Brendon got embarrassed.

"Whatever." Brendon said as the bell rang.

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