did u mean it when u said i love you ?

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013



\" Hi I'm Tania want to go get coffe some time ?\"I blurted out without Thinking .omg I moved too quick .why did I say that!!!i was about to turn and walked away .ready to change my name .but he grabbed my hand and told me to wait .i started blushing ..y was I blushing .whats going on with me .it was just his hand touching me .his really soft warm hand .omg focus I told myself . \"Coffee sounds good but first id like to know you better \" \"Uh yeah that sounds like a plan \"I said taken back . \"Do you want to go for a walk I'm not a fan of crowds\" \" sure \"i said grabbing a vodka bottle ,I was always more outgoing when drunk .and at the moment I was really going to need it. \"so why were you at the hospital \" \"Don't wanna talk about it \"I said looking down . \"It's alright im not judging \"he grabbed my chin making me look him straight in the eyes.my face was so close to him .all I needed was to move and inch closer and our lips would touch .it was so temping . His hazel ayes ,light skin ,and black hair made him look mysterious .my mind got distracted I wondered what his story was .i was quickly brought back to earth when I felt his hand on mine . \"You are cute \"he said . Oh god ,I felt butterflies in my stomach .i wanted to kiss him badly ,and his bad boy grin was not helping either.then ,he started pulling me closer i could feel his breath .i closed my eyes expecting a kiss .nothing happened .i opened my eyes he was smiling . \"I'd kiss you but I bet your bf wouldn't like that \" I wanted to scream ,slap him for making me feel like a dumb ass .\"I don't have a boyfriend and you aren't cute when you smile like that\" i answered .after that we walked I Silence .the sky was full of stars and it was starting to get cold .i shivered and crossed my hands trying to warm up .he noticed and hugged me from behind .goosebumps ran down my spine as I felt his breath on my neck .i wanted to kiss him .my mind was going crazy .\"why are you messing with me ,that doesn't make you hotter\" \"So you think I'm hot \"he said as he bit my ear.my heart started beating faster .yet I was scared ,I was letting him get too close .but I couldn't help it \"you are ok I but ive seen better \"i finally answered . He laughed and I felt his hands go up my shirt . \"I want to kiss you\" he whispered in my ear .i turned putting my arms around his neck .he was almost magical .i had not felt this warm feling in my heart since my break up. With Damien .i got closer and looked him in the eyes .our lips were literally touching but I was not going to kiss him just yet .i bit his bottom lip staring at his eyes .he was going to be another one of my victims .i was going to make him fall in love with me and then trow him away just like Damien had done to me .this was just too easy .then he grabbed my hips and pulled me into a kiss I couldn't help opening my mouth and letting his tongue in .i was no longer In control i left a soft moan leave my mouth , as his hands went up my breast .then I heard myself screaming I felt pain anger .it was a flashback of that night .i pulled him away from me and ran ,tears running down my eyes .why was this happening I thought I was over this .I thought that hospital had taken those memories away .

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