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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Aurors Arive

Submitted: May 05, 2013

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Submitted: May 05, 2013



Chapter 5

The Aurors Come



“Yes, it happened about ten minutes ago,” Ava Said to the phone “I just came down stairs and Bellatrix Lestrange was cursing her!”  The woman on the other end of the phone seemed a laugh but at the scenario Ava was in, she didn’t have much time for jokes.

“It’s ok. We’ll get some Aurors down there! They’ll help you stay guarded!” The woman at the other end was an animagus called Tonks (Nymthedora Tonks but she hated her first name) Next to her was her best-friend, Esmee.


A few minutes’ later cracks as loud as fireworks went off and 3 Aurors as well as the minister for magic himself appeared right by the entrance to the door. Fudge walked forwards first

“So sorry Rosmerta; this has never happened before. We’ve already decided a whole plan on keeping Hogsmeade Guarded!”

Tonks Gave a slight Cough before stepping forwards,

“Wotcher Ava!” She said cheerfully “I’m Tonks and this is Esmee and Remus”

Esmee and Remus gave a slight nod before casting a spell and muttering the words: “Expecto Patronum” Huge Flashes of light appeared and two Patronuses started to jump around Hogsmeade. Esmee’s was a small otter and Remus’s was, strangely, a wolf.  This made Ava Shiver as the memories of the story came back to her: The story of the woman who was attacked by a werewolf. Remus was small and skinny with a pale face and brown eyes whereas Esmee was wide awake and smiling.


Ava invited them inside for a Drink. That was when they went over all the plans on the safety of Hogsmeade and, of course, Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry!


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