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This is a synopsis for an idea I had

Chapter 1 (v.1) - "Glams"

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



The year is 2018 and the world is in a mess, Governments have fallen into ill repute and no-one can put a finger on why the global economy is so flawed. China is the new wealthy state with India and the Arab countries not far behind. There seems to be no way out of this mess we are in, and the young are restless and looking for a role model.

A musician branded by the world media as a renegade for his outlook on the current state of the world is locked away by the now governing world body that was self appointed by the ruling world leaders.

His crime: “Inciting violence against the state”, an unruly lyric that caused riots and pushed the younger generations into bloodshed towards the ruling governments and officers in charge.

His name, Paul Duncan or as he is known to his listeners “Rita Ridgeway” a play on the older Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson of the late 1970’s to 2000’s fame. Utilising the first name of a fifties movie star and sex kitten Rita Hayworth and the second, that of a serial killer Gary Ridgeway, better known as “The Green River Killer”. The song in question was one of his many called “Take up arms”, which was a sordid anthem for a generation unsure of where they fit into society today. The fifteen to twenty three year olds who have been displaced by a world that no longer can support the world and the lifestyle their parents and grandparents enjoyed. Housing is unaffordable and the “Glams” as they are called run riot with little care for a society that has forsaken them. An eclectic mix of emotive and highly intelligent and motivated teens and twenty something’s that are seen as outcasts, not only by their peers and elders but also the world at large. Not the old Emo or Goths or Punks of old these youths possess some of the traits of all of these sub genera and not the best parts. They are smart organised and tech savvy mixed with the underlying need to bond and see their hero as the guiding light for their future.

Some call them terrorists others saviours the governments of the world see them as an insignificant pustule on the face of the earth.  The teachings of their so called leader has by his own admission asked them to take up arms upon the regime that is oppressing the world, controlling wealth and creating divisions in the societies they live in. The gap between the haves and have nots is broadening and the Glams want to see this removed and for all people to be equal.

From his cell in a Guantanamo, Paul Duncan hears of the violence and chaos they perpetrated around the globe in his name and through an elaborate network of collaborators and followers he orchestrates his people via his music. The powerful few cannot hold him in a cell and he is forced underground where a seemingly unimportant boy from the American state of Ohio is now the most sort after and influential human being on the face of the planet at age twenty six. The fame has gone to his head and his alter ego is on a rampage, but how long can he keep it up before he comes back to earth and reality sets in as he is hunted by many as a war criminal, after a violent clash at a concert in New York City.

Only time will tell and will the Glams succeed in bringing the world to its feet or will Paul Duncan realise his destiny and rise above it all. There is only one man who knows and he is not saying the truth will be seen but will it be too late for humanity to come back from the brink of all out civil war.

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