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This is just an idea I have at the moment so I may change things up and edit on the fly. It is somthing I want people to read and see the progression prior to giving away whats going on, The reveal is what I am building for here as well as the content. It going to be a wild ride with all sorts of interesting plots and twists in play, some history and some ethical as well as moral quetions.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Insurrection

Submitted: August 14, 2011

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Submitted: August 14, 2011



I must have died!

I can't hear a thing, I can’t move, my legs feel like I have just run a marathon and suffered muscle meltdown.

Senses still alert but the feeling of claustrophobia is all around me. Am I dead is this it, what it feels like? I can’t see a tunnel of light and I am not flying at the speed of sound towards it. I feel – almost at ease! Like waking up on a sleepy Sunday morning at 11am totally relaxed but tense because the muscles are screaming at you for being inactive for so long. .

Why can’t I open my eyes or are they but it’s just too dark for me to see. I feel my eyeballs sliding around in my head looking from side to side but no light is available at all. That enclosed feeling is back again and I have a feeling of foreboding that this feeling is not going away this time. The pressure I can feel what is it? It’s like being underwater 60 meters down just laying there on the bottom but I am not laying on anything, I think I am upright. I can’t tell. Where am I.


Remember where was I what is the last thing I remember, Gym I went to the gym, its one of those 24hr a day jobs so you can go whenever you feel like. Yes that’s it I had an early dinner with Lisa and then after she left I couldn’t sleep so I thought a good work out would tire me out it’s a Friday so I can sleep as long as I like. I spent an hour on a treadmill and then hit the free weights just before I finished up it was 1am and MTV were playing the top 10 hit mix as I left. I remember driving home, showering then crawling into bed with my Kimble in hand for a read before nodding off. That’s about it.

So where the hell am I – Am I dreaming? Maybe but then why do I feel this overwhelming desire to panic at any second, the feeling that I am free and floating but secure and tied up or encased so I can’t move. Breathing how am I breathing what is it that allows me to feel like this and still breathe. I tried to shake my head – movement at last just a little and a slight sound of swishing as I moved my head from side to side.  I am in some fluid, each breath was a tad laboured and not easy to get – a mask that’s why I feel enclosed it’s a full face mask so I can breathe in the fluid. 


I was reading then all I can recall is being here now like this. Slowly I am starting to feel parts of me as I concentrate and come around more. My heart is still working as now I can hear it in my ears pounding away the more I try and move of panic. Must try and stay calm so I can think.

Light! Almost muted light where is it coming from I can’t see properly why? It’s the mask. What do they want? Who the fuck is it? How did I get in here for god’s sake? Slow down Jack slow down so far you feel intact and ok I am alive and I suppose that’s all that matters isn’t it.

More light – muffled sound – movement

“let me out” I scream “who are you” “where am I”

Again I compose myself!  Shit what the fuck is happening to me. There is a slight yellow tinge to everything; my fingers move that’s a good thing!

Pain in my arm what the hell like a bee sting no like a blood test, there taking blood what the FUCK is going on here!

Oh Jesus what the hell is going on now, this is fucked up something or someone is on my cock oh shit oh shit I don’t want to but I’m hard already oh shit its warm and fuck what’s going on oh shit I’m coming, tears slide down my cheeks inside my mask as my orgasm erupts within my being and I sob uncontrollably in my floating abyss. More light – still muted can’t see well it’s like looking through a distorted lens twice over. OH shit I’m in a tank for fucks sake what are they doing to me. Fear sets in I was raped by something I could not see Blood taken by an unknown persons or persons and I am floating around a tank like a common gold fish.

There is two figures I can make out moving around its still yellowish but I can see other colours starting to show in the spectrum. More tanks lots more I see at least another dozen tanks around the room, I don’t know if there full or not but the few close to me are occupied and all I can make out is blurred figures hanging in the same fluid I am.

I strain to look down but can only make out that I am naked and there is this proboscises like tube near to where my penis is now resting almost like a portable pussy and if I wasn’t so fucking scared I might even think this was funny.  I could feel my heart beating faster and faster with both anger and fear rolled into one big bundle of anxiety

That’s when I passed out again!

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