The monster of Dirgelwch

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The first part of a story that I may continue if the response is positive. The first part follows David a colonist to the island tracking a beast that is attacking his sheep.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The monster of Dirgelwch

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013



The monster of Dirgelwch

David crept slowly though the wooded terrain of the north western forest of Dirgelwch, rifle in hand. He had been walking for a good half hour, he had gone at a brisk pace to begin with but as he got deeper into the forest with the sun almost cut off by the great tress and the murmur of nature more profound he began to creep so as not to scare off what ever he was hunting. He was uncertain as to what the creature he was hunting was but following the trials he was sure he would soon find out.


This creature had been attacking his sheep at night and dragging them back to the forest to eat. At first David had wrote this activity off as one of the many unfathomable practices of the natives intending to appease their God, David had heard that many tribes in this archipelago worshiped deities that required scarifies and David had figured that the natives must of thought his sheep were a novelty that the thought their God would enjoy as sheep were not natives to this land.


Though after several nights with continued slaughter with no sign of relief he decided that this was not tribal activity at all, indeed on Sunday night the fence was charged though leaving bits of wood scattered over the enclosure and the culprit had not even waited till it was out of the enclosure to eat the pitiful sheep, it was killed and eaten then and there. The noise had awoken his whole household and he had just entered upon the scene rifle in hand to hear the retreating tramping of feet and the shuddering of the bushes that led on to the woods. No David was sure this was no tribal and besides tribals don’t sacrifice to their God on Sundays he would be too busy recovering from his routine hangover, well that’s what tribals had told him anyway.


He advanced close to a clearing where the sun shown down upon the flowers and grass. He was able to discern footprints quite recent judging by the defined prints pressed into the ground. David looked upon them they were the same prints found around the enclosure yesterday night. The prints were that of an animal of which there was no question the heel to claws a good 30cms and the claws digging into the ground and pulling it up ground around them. David guessed that it may be a bear but he was unsure if Dirgelwch even had bears he also believed that it couldn’t be far now probably resting by a tree further on from the clearing, he advanced onward.


David pushed aside the leaves of the near trees with his rifle and entered once more into a darker section of the forest, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw next. Lying on the ground before him was a man, no native but a colonist like himself. Blood was dripping from his neck where his throat had been torn out. The blood fell upon the man’s sleeve as his arm was stretched in David’s direction as if the dead man was beckoning him forward, his head lay peacefully upon the tree next to him, David hoped that the man had stuck the tree falling onto it and had fallen unconscious so that he wouldn’t have suffered too much. David advanced upon the man and stood before him studying the man as closely as his nerve would allow. The dead man as well as the aforementioned bleeding neck also had his shirt apart to reveal where the creature had struck, it had torn though the man’s belly as if it was tissue paper and had feasted upon the contents inside.


This was too much for David he turned from the body turned to a nearby tree to lean upon while he collected himself. What creature could have done such a monstrous thing? Certainly no bear. He saw a bloody trail leading towards a hilly section of the forest that lead to the mountain of the island that native’s tended to live near. He decided that he would follow the trail as far as he could and inform the natives of such a hazard if he was unsuccessful in finding and killing the beast.


The trail led to a small cave entrance big enough to allow passage. David peered into the cave it seemed to decline downwards into the earth with little prospect of another entrance on the other side of the hill. David pulled out his matches and gathered some fallen leaves burned them and set the end of a piece wood to it. With his makeshift torch he descended into darkness.  


The cave began reasonably wide but soon retracted as it depressed, it was roughly ten minutes before David reached any sign of inhabitancy but not what he expected. It was crude drawings on the walls it depicted thin grey figures restraining what appeared to be an average tribal upon a alter, further on the grey figures descended upon the figure in a mad frenzy. Crude as drawing was he could see the grey extended their mouths back to reveal blood drenched teeth and the poor tribal’s panic stricken face as the figures tore at his stomach and feasted on his innards a black figure stood at the centre of the drawing his long beastly hands upon his brethren’s shoulders welcoming them into this despicable feast.


David was taken aback, he had not expected this place to be at one time the dwelling of people, in fact tribals tended to be adverse to underground ventures as was proven when the colony had come to them asking for cheap labour for mining purposes months ago. David preceded further stopping occasionally to scanning for drawings. After a while he came upon a crossroad with two passages to continue down. David stopped he shone the touch though both passages trying to uncover how far the passage deepened, he then looked at the ground no alien footprints could be uncovered and any trail of blood left behind had long ago trailed off.


After much deliberation he decided to take the left passage with the intention of searching the right if nothing reached him after a while. He was walking for only a few minutes when suddenly he tripped and fell down a sudden decline and fell into a pit. The fall proved not at all fatal and his nerves were more injured then his body for the sudden shock of the fall, he turned to his look at his watch to discern the time and found it was 10am. David sighed deeply “this was foolish” he thought whatever the creature was he was not going to find it in here alone he would have to turn back and gather others to help him search.


He turned to his torch to lead back towards the exit when he discovered this torch was out on the floor beside him and that the light was coming from torches placed upon the surrounding walls which opened out from the pit. David walked inside the wide room and was amazed.


The room was filled with mats on the floor leading to the end of the room where a alter stood he moved towards the alter as he did this he discovered multiple passages on both sides of the room all were well lit also. Finally he reached the alter, there was not much to it small holes had been placed into to it as a primitive drainage system, crude instruments rested at the side of the alter and at the centre of the alter there contained bines of rope that hooked tough larger holes than the other ones also on the alter.


David had seen enough he turned to leave but was struck by the presence of multiple eyes upon him from all the lightened passages. David froze, momentarily dumbfounded he guessed that they were just as surprised to see him as he them. He soon gained his bearings and raised his rifle to shoulder length “I’m armed, get away!” David did not think they would understand him but thought he stood a chance of scaring them long enough to flee the area. The eyes remained fixed upon him as their owners moved forwards in clear view, David recognised them immediately as the gray figures on the wall he had seen earlier. The gray were tall and very thin, their hands were long and skeleton like and their yellow eyes were large and mesmerising. The gray wore a simple robe with the robe hanging down over their heels with the females. They advanced towards the alter.


David fired off a round at the closest gray that fell jerking lethargically on the ground as if still trying to advance towards David with no interest in its own wound the others still moved slowly towards David taking no notice of their fallen comrade. David began to reload the rifle ramming another bullet down the barrel, raising it and firing again point blank at another grey as it moved towards the rifle. The bullet had entered though the heart and left an exit wound the size of an apple but still the arm grabbed at the rifle and tugged it out David’s reach.


David was unarmed and tried to barge by the grey though slow and lethargic they may be their strength was irresistible they all grabbed at him and brought him to the floor of the alter. They then proceeded to bind him to the alter and fetch the instruments on the ground while David overcome with fear could only watch as they moved ever closer with their instruments, he could not even scream the fear was too much.


One of the grey took a knife and drew blood from David’s arms and let the blood pour down the drains. They grey then proceeded to turn to the mats and lay and murmured a simple prayer. Bellow David a growl began from bellow the alter and grew louder as the grey’s recitations did. From the pit from where David fell a creature appeared and the last thing David saw before his death was the pouncing of this beast upon him followed afterwards by the grey. Beast and grey alike feasting on David’s innards all scrambling for a piece and rejoicing in a mad frenzy.


End of part one

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