Dream of a Dark Knight

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Gian is not the usual thing most people think of when one says "Drow". He is considerate, even kind to those he meets. Of course this always comes at a cost. His mother Kimber Darkdream was once of a line of surface elves that despised Drow, but when she met his father who only ever called himself Dark she changed her name and lived secretly with him. Their romance was short lived as Dark was ever on the run. When the Drows caught up with him a secret would be shared that only she would know for many years. This is the begining of their lives as a family. Darkness would always shroud their children, but Gian would have a cloud of chaos that would soon cover his fate till the end of his days. Will Kimber be able to protect him till he is grown, or will the Spider Queen come to claim what she believes is rightfully hers?
(in Memory of Drkelfft82 my dear friend in Florida whom I may have lost forever)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dream of a Dark Knight

Submitted: October 26, 2007

Reads: 557

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Submitted: October 26, 2007



"Hurry!" Dark called out to her quickly motioning for Kimber to slip into the cave behind him.

What had once been their home, the place where she had joined with him and taken his seed now was a pile of rubble. They had lived in this forest for years with no sign of the Drow army that persued her Drow lover. Now it was swarmed with them and she could only wonder at what the cost of escape had been for him. He had his weapons drawn and was peeking around the edge of their hiding place when it happen. A soft glow surrounded her belly and then his hands drawing them further from the mouth of the cave. If the Drow came now they would all be doomed.

"What is this?!" Dark turned to her his eyes wide.

"The babies! They are coming!" Both Kimbers voice and his own were soft despite the exclaimation surrounding them. "You have to hurry or they won't be born as they should be!"

He quickly went to his knees beside her, laying his blades down as he did. "What do you mean? isn't this your job?"

His expression made her laugh quietly reddening his cheeks. "No, love. We made them, and we both have to help them arrive. Put.." She paused as they heard the lightest of footsteps outside.

If they had been human they might not have heard the sound. Drawing back to the side of the cave and cloaking them both with a keyed cold spell to match the temprature of their surroundings they waited. She tried hard not to push, knowing the devistation of birthing her bloodline the human way, once the danger had passed they relaxed and she took his hands and lay them on her belly.

"Call to them with your mind and heart." She whispered.

He nodded and closed his eyes.. he heard them, but not the way he expected. A rush of emotions and pictured thoughts told him they knew he was their father. The little girl was first to answer. He had tears forming in his eyes as she appeared whole and quiet, somehow sensing the danger around them. Opening his own eyes he nearly sobbed. She was beautiful, but trapped within the same curse that had been born on him. Dark blue near black skin from head to toe, though rather than the Drows usual white hair she had her mothers black curls. Laying her gently on her mothers chest he called out for her twin. The second child had much strength, though it seemed uncontrolled. When it formed it took the child longer than it's twin and seemed to cause the light to grow brighter even. Dark opened his eyes, frightened that their location might have been given away. When he saw the boy in his arms he hugged him close, muffling the little warriors cry of life. He wept silently. The boy barely had a tinge of blue to his skin it was so black. His stark white hair stood out brilliantly against it making him appear like a full blooded Drow elf. The violet eyes had lines of red decorating them giving the baby even more of such a curse.

"Dammit!" He swore softly.

"What is it love?" She whispered softly back to him.

"I had hoped..." He pulled the now quiet boy away to look at him once more and wrapped him in his cloak to hide him.


"I was not born this way, Kimber my love. I was taken by the cursed creatures from my home in the woods. They experimented on me to see if it was true that they once were like us. They made me one of them." He sighed looking at the now sleeping bundle. "I had hoped that it would not be passed on to them."

"The looks might be, but we will raise them differently, love." She placed a hand on his shoulder.

"If we survive... I hope you are right. I hope the killer instinct is only trained. Only raised into them." He whispered back.

She smiled and then wrapping the baby girl in her own cloak they stood and hand in hand they fled the cave and flew into the night.


Dark watched the two little ones sleeping in their bed. Samael blood, she had told him, they grew so fast! It was hard to believe that in the week since they had fled their children now looked and acted like five year olds. He had seen her blood in them, the vampire blood. The girl seemed to be eager to learn her mothers love of life and nature. Selina was more like a forest elf every day in personality. It was Gian who worried him. The boy studied so much. Spells, weapons, war. What was it that made Gian so chaotic inside? He was very protective of his mother and sister and wanted to learn from his father how to use the blades.

He had planned to do so this evening but on scouting he had seen the scouts closing in again. He wiped the tears from his eyes and moved in kissing his children on the forhead. He saw Gian shift and almost open his eyes.

"I'll be back, son." He murmured. "Know that I love you." He closed his eyes and sighed as he stepped away. If I make it... he thought to himself, I will teach you anything you want to know.

He moved towards the door and slipped out into the morning light. He couldn't let them reach his family. He would give his life to protect them....


Gian woke the next morning earlier than the rest as usual. He felt as if his fathers presence lingered in the room but he could not sense him. His eyes shot open and he scanned the room with wild fear. He reached out with his mind even calling to Dark, ~Father! Father!!! FATHER!!!!~ He didn't know he had screamed outwardly till his twin sister flew to his shaking side and his mother tore into the room and swept him up into her arms. He was weeping. "He's not answering!!" He sobbed and tears flowed down his cheeks for the first time in his young life. "Why isn't he answering?!"

Kimber closed her eyes trying not to cry herself. She had felt Darks loving embrace before he'd died. How could she console her children if she herself was weeping.

"It will be alright, Gian." She whispered softly. "We will find a way..."


Months had passed since his fathers death and Gian had found Darks blades while scouting the woods. He and his sister had grown to the age in which their bodies had chosen to stop. He had used his fathers journal both to learn what he could about fighting and war as well as to write out his own growing and chaotic thoughts. Today, he had decided, was the day he would move out on his own. He would find the Drow that had murdered his father and kill them all. He was sure he knew enough by now to take them on. His sister had met an interesting male as well. He wore strange war make up and rode a creation of the outside world that seemed to him a metallic horse that spit smoke like a dragon. He left flowers wherever he cried his black tears, and these black roses were capable of both saving a life or taking it away dependent on how they were used. She had taught him these things then had given him a pouch full of their petals. She had known he would eventually go like this, but he refused to say goodbye.

Summoning his own horse, a Nightmare from the other realms he set out in search of the Drow. He left no message and spoke not a word either to his mother nor to his sister. He rode for nights. When he found their trail he would pause to eat, drink or rest. They would not escape him. A few days into the journey he caught sight of a castle in the distance and decided to mark his trail and seek real shelter for the night. if the shelter proved to be theirs, all the better.

Turning his steed towards the large overbearing place he recalled his mother telling him of such a place beyond their woodland home. His family stemmed from it's royal branches. He had to think as he approached. What was this place called?? If only he could remember!!

Oh... Oh! Yes!! Thats it!! That was it's name!! Here be on the Isle of Avalon, there is a place all call home...


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