The Day Before We Were Fine, Now Look At Us...

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Kendal had gone through many things in her 17 teen years of life, but when she meet a boy named Tom her whole life changes. She feels happy again since the death of her family, but how will Kendal handle Tom cheating on her? Will she forgive him, or do something drastic?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Meeting

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Submitted: July 13, 2011



Chapter One: The meeting


It was a very cold winter morning in northern Washington State. I could feel the cold through my heavy winter’s jacket. I walked up a quick pace to the bus stop, trying not to miss it because I was late as usual. Silly me, always late. I knew I was going to be in trouble with my boss. I’m always in trouble with him but he put up with me. I don’t know why anybody does but I don’t care, as long as I have them. I got to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up. I got on and swiped my pass and nodded to the driver. I immediately walked to my seat in the back, sitting down avoiding the stares of others. I always wondered why they stared. So what, I’m albino and I dye my hair crazy colours. Shouldn’t matter what I look like, jeeze. But I don’t let it get to me. I turned my iPod on and started playing Every Time We Touch by Cascada. I tapped my feet along to the song. I checked the bracelets on my arms, making sure I had them all. I always had to have each one on. Each one represented a member of my family I had lost. The sad thing was I was wearing at least twenty. We had a big family. One for my mom, one for my dad, one for each of my sisters; I had six, one for each of my brothers; I also had six, and one for each of my cousins. They had all died in a plane crash when I was little, but I was the only one of them to live. Scariest moment of my life. I lived with my foster family who loved me like I was one of their own. I looked out the window and saw the light post that I always remembered as a marker for when I needed to get off. We rounded a corner and I pulled the cord to signal my stop was approaching. The bus was just as cold as it was outside, but as we reached the stop and I stepped out the doors in the back of the bus, it seemed even colder. I shivered as I walked to the Starbucks where I worked every day. Being seventeen sucked sometimes, but I like working here. The smell of coffee was calming to me. Plus the building was always very warm so everybody was there. I mean people may not like me very much, but it made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And that’s what I needed the most. I walked inside and the smell of the coffee hit me first, then the warmth of the place itself. I walked over to the counter and told my boss I was there. I was shocked that I made it on time, usually I’m always late. It wasn’t my fault though; okay it was but still, shut up.

“Yo, she showed up!” My boss, Roger, yelled to the place. “On time too! Well I’ll be damned.” He was laughing at me like he always did. I went to the back and grabbed my apron; I wore the black one instead of the green one, and took my place making coffee. Costumer after costumer, coffee after coffee, nobody really interesting came into the place all day. But one boy in particular stood out to me. He had brownish blonde dreadlocks and a lip ring. He had on skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. He looked new to me, I knew everybody in this town by name. He seemed in a hurry and he just mumbled his order like he was trying to hide. I fixed his coffees, four of them and wrote on a napkin like I do for all distressed looking customers. Hope you have a great day! :) I put the little note in the center of the coffees and handed the tray to him; he gave me quick thanks and left hurriedly. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt slightly sad. Well whatever, probably nothing. Anyways I just continued making coffee, enjoying the warmth from inside the building.


“Bill, will you shut up please?” I shouted. “My head ache does not need your babble!” Bill just would not shut up, for a twin brother he couldn’t be quiet like me. It was just annoying. I pressed my head against the cold window of the van, my head throbbing intensely. I closed my eyes wondering why our parents sent us here of all places.

“Hey I know! We should go get coffee!” Bill shouted loudly next to me. We pulled into the nearest Starbucks and I volunteered to go in. I was annoyed to no end, but when I walked in the warmth and smell of coffee hit me and I was almost instantly calmed. But I was still aggravated because of Bill. Gosh he could get under my skin, that boy. I walked up to the counter, reading the girls name tag, her name was Kendall. When I looked up at her face I noticed her hair first, bright blue, almost teal. She had bright silver looking eyes with a hint of blue, and they were gorgeous. Come on Tom, get yourself together!

“Four regular coffees, extra light and sweet” I mutter lightly. Great, now I seem like a wimp. Gosh Bill knew how to put me in a bad mood. She walked away and began making the coffees, but I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was beautiful, pale, blue eyes, bluish purple hair, most words couldn’t describe this. Damn it Tom pull yourself together man, she’s just a girl! You don’t even know her! I took a deep breath, today was just not going my way. She came back after a few moments with a tray in hand, sliding it across the counter. I said quick thanks and got out of there before I did something stupid, I always do. I walked back to the van, stopping just outside. I noticed a napkin with something written on it, I opened it. Hope you have a great day :) I smiled boldly and put it in my pocket, climbing into the van, giving people their coffee. I put my head phones in to drown bill out till we got to the new house, I was starting to like this place a little, because of one girl. Come on Tom, what’s happening to you man. I smiled at my silliness, turning my head so Bill wouldn’t notice, and we headed on to our house. This place really was starting to feel like home…

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