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When Skye mysteriously goes missing during a normal school day, no one thinks too much of it to begin with. Everyone but her boyfriend, Oliver and while he is looking for her, he stumbles across a scene that will make him more paniced than ever.

Allie has been shot. Found by Oliver. Laying in Kyle’s arms.

This leads to an array of questions and suspicions. Are Allie’s shooting and Skye’s disappearance linked and who is behind it all? Nobody can figure it out, nobody can keep calm. Now Skye is still missing and Allie is in a coma.

One thing has become apparent, however. No one is safe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Secreta

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Submitted: June 23, 2013



Ordinary Miracle
Essay by Kyle Simons

A cloud in the sky or a dandelion seed in the breeze; they fly around with no real way of knowing where they’re going, or any way to predict what will happen. But, they always find their place and when they do, they can start to find peace. This peace will bring them everything they need. I see it as a purpose.

In life, we all need to find a purpose and the journey that we take to find it may be long and it may be tiring, but it’s extremely important that we keep moving forward, no matter what. We can’t stop, because even if we don’t see it at the time, everything will turn out alright in the end. This is a guarantee.

Everyday someone discovers their purpose, some without realising it. It’s still clear however, that either true happiness or a time of sadness will follow. It’s easy to get through the struggles if you stick with who you can trust and who is important. Your heart is what you should follow.

Head or heart, it’s one of those choices that can leave you with a puzzle that is almost impossible to solve. But, normally in these most desperate times, the solution is right in front of you and you need only open your eyes to everything around you to find it. Your head will guide you towards who you should be, whereas your heart will help you find who you are and staying true to who you are is always the most important thing.

I guess you’ll never really know if you have found your purpose, but if you believe in something strongly enough, you can make it into your own purpose. Anything is possible, so why shouldn’t creating a purpose be? Finding a purpose or creating a purpose, both things are greatly challenging, but they are also quite possible. The choice shouldn’t be the hard part however; it should the accomplishing that tests you. 

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