Saved By A Kiss

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Hey guys! My name is Jessie Wells. Officially a Sophomore in Westfield High School! After the summer of '12, my life completely changed...My bestfriend isn't my bestfriend anymore all because of STUPID LOVE!!! Now I officially hate love. But let me not spoil u from reading the novel. So go ahead and read it...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Saved By A Kiss

Submitted: April 09, 2013

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Submitted: April 09, 2013



*beep beep* My annoying alarm goes off. I stopped it and went back to sleep. It still remained a mystery why I have an alarm clock when I don't even wake up whenever it goes off. Still, I never disposed it. 

There I was, heavily sleeping on my comfy bed. You could almost say I'm married to it which I, sort of legally, am. Again, dreaming about this "mysterious guy" with the darkest mask. Every morning after when my alarm goes off, that's the time when I start dreaming about that. I always hated it that whenever he tried to take off his mask, I always end up waking up. Like, it happens every single time! It gets me so pissed off but that's life. But actually, this morning I'm up to the part where I saw his eyes but thanks to my good-for-nothing mom, I never saw it completely. But I was actually grateful she woke me up cuz it was already 8:30am!!! I was already late for the first day of high school which wasn't any surprise at all cuz that's usually me: always late for everything. I had to get ready fast so I just skipped breakfast.

"Jess, let's go!" mom cried. I had to do fix my shoes and hair in the car, which was no luck cuz school was just 10 minutes away. 15 if there's traffic. But mom drives really fast so I get there about 5 minutes. 

"You got everything?" 
"Yeah mom."
"Hey listen, I'm not gonna be able to pick you up later cuz I have a very important meeting with one of my clients. Just catch a ride with Nate." 

Just hearing that name makes me wanna barf inside. Well, let me just introduce my 'bestfriend-turned-stranger': He's Nate Morgan, a sophomore. We were bestfriends since preschool and he's always been there for me. Well I have 2 other girl-bestfriends but I think I'm closer to him. But everything changed this summer when he told me that he loved me and he wanted us to be together. I told him, I'll let him know soon. The next day, I told him yes but shockingly, he said he never loved me and all he could call me was just a 'friend' nothing more than that. He got me pissed off that we just starting shouting at each other. After that incident, we never talked. We went our separate ways since that day.

My mom knew that we weren't talking anymore but still she insisted that I should ride with him. 

'Phew!' I thought to myself because I was finished fixing my shoes and hair.

Mom pulled up at the front of the car, exactly at 9:00 on the dot. 

"Have a great day honey! Remember to behave." I closed the door and went inside. The first person that I ran into was my new bestfriend in the whole entire world, Sarah. 

"Jessie! So nice to see you again. How was your summer?"
"It was ok, nothing really changed. How was your trip to Paris?"
"C'était incroyable!!! That's how they 'it was amazing' in french." "You sure nothing changed? Cuz remember when you called me that you and Nate weren't friends anymore? That's change, actually that's a BIG change."
"Can we please not to talk about it? That's what I've been hearing all of this morning."
"Fine. So I have a present for you all the way from Paris."
"Awww, you didn't have to. What is it?"

Sarah handed over the gift to me. It was a necklace that says 'Loving Paris' and a bracelet which had the engraving 'Jessie'. I was so surprised that she gave me both 14k bracelet and necklace.

"Woah! Sarah, this must cost a lot."
"Nah, no worries. It's just a little something to say thanks for being my bestfriend."

-bell rings-

That was the bell for first period. We both went to our first class: History with Mr. Adams.

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