JuSt RaNdOm ThInGs

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



I look up into the sun. Bad idea. I quickly cover my eyes and wait for the pain to go away. Eventually it does and I look around. Everything is blue, I hit my head to make it go back to normal. Now everything is red! What's happening?! I hit my head again. Yellow! My eyes have changed. I am now the thing that is different. I have magic eyes. Not the same as anyone elses.

I run home as fast as I can, then I think. I really think. Should I tell anyone about this? Or should I keep it to myself? It is a question that needs to be answered. I decide that No, I shouldn't tell anyone about any of this. I will secretly be a magic eye person. 

~Later that Day~

I am in my room. Messing around with my eyes. I can see people's heart beat. (Tested on my brother, who snuck into my room). I can see things that are really far away. I didn't notice that until I went outside though. I can also see through things. (If I hit my head twice really quickly). Most of these things require hitting my head, I am going to soon get a massive head ache.

  1. Don't try to look at the sun and get powers, it won't work
  2. This is fictional
  3. I might turn some of my JuSt RaNdOm ThInGs stories into novels (not this one though)

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