The Me's of Life

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Kristy loves to read and is a tomboy. But when she starts school in Shepparton things are different. People are all over her and she is having trouble finding the right people to be her friends.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Me's of Life

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



"Come eat your breakfast Kristy!" Mum called from the kitchen.

"Ugh!" I shouted back.

I flopped back down on my bed. I'm too tired to move. I had been running and swimming most of the day. Mum was at work, not realising how much sport I had done. Same with Dad.

"Kristy! Hurry." Mum said.

I managed to pull myself out of bed and make it down stairs, but that was pretty much as far as I had gotten. I lay down at the last step. Mum glared at me.

"Sorry, I'm just...tired." I explained.

I'm Kristy. I am 13 years old. My birthday was only 3 months ago. My family moved to Sheppartion just a week ago. The public school hasn't started yet, which is lucky, I will be at the same stage as everyone else. I won't be the 'new girl.'

"Well get up, school is starting in a hour."

"I know. Thanks for reminding me." I said sarcastically.

Dad packed up his newspaper and grabbed his briefcase and walked outside.

"Bye?" I asked.

"Oh right. Sorry sweetie." He kissed my head. "Bye. Have a nice day at school."


I watched as he walked out the door. I won't see him until he gets home at 8:30. It's like I never get to see him. He usually leaves first thing in the morning, just before I wake up, and doesn't get home until an hour before I get to bed. 1 hour a day with your dad is not enough. I know lot's of people never get to see their mum or dad. But when you know you have one, and he only goes to work, you'd think the times are a bit...strange.

That's pretty much how my life is. I never get to see my dad, my mum barely works, I have to move pretty much every three years. I am only going to get through high school by getting use to making new friends every year.

I quickly ate the food my mum had placed on the table for me. She was right, it is cold. Then I raced up to my room and chucked on the uniform. That's right. This school has a uniform. I guess it's not too bad. I won't get teased for what I wear anymore. It will just be the same as everyone else.

I walked back out to the kitchen, kissed mum on the cheek. "See you later. I don't want to be late for the bus."

"Good girl. Bye." Mum said.

I walked outside and the cold breeze smashed my face. Whoa, it's cold out. The bus pulled up in front of my house. A couple of the kids on the bus looked at me coldly. What did I do?

I walked on the bus and looked around for a place to sit. No where. No one was asking if I could sit with them, so I scanned for the perfect person to sit next to.

I saw someone near the back. She has glossy brown hair, no make up and no earrings and stuff. Seemed like my kind of person. I sat next to her.

Hey! Sorry this is kind of short. I think that all the chapters will be like that. (If you have seen my other novel, I think I might discontinue that one :( Sorry!)

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