The Me's of Life

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



The bell sounded and people started piling in. Huh? Why are they all late? That's unusual. I might just ask someone later. English is my best subject, the teacher walked in last, took the role and started off the lesson. 

When class finally finished, Selena followed me to my locker. You know what I only just realised? The reason she keeps following me to my locker is because her locker is right next to mine! Perfect!

"I am going to talk to Hector for a second, ok?" I asked.

"Sure, but why?" Selena asked.

"Well, you know how everyone was late to class. I want to ask someone why." 

"Oh ok."

I walked off in the direction Hector was going. He stopped and opened his locker. I saw him take out two new books and popped in his english books.

"Hey Hector!" I called out.

"Oh hey. How are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine. But I need to ask you a question."

"Ok, go ahead."

"Why were you late to class today?"

"Didn't you hear? Michael was telling everyone about his party over the weekend. Only the coolest people were invited. Nearly everyone in the school was listening to him talk. Including the teacher." 

"Oh of course." 

I just said that because I didn't want to sound like a loser, but I could tell by Hector's face that he didn't buy it. 

"You didn't know about it did you?"

"No actually." 

"Doesn't matter. You're new." 

"OMG! No one can use that as an excuse for everything. Don't ever say that again! OK?! I haven't heard anyone saying that to Selena. Why is that? She's new!" I screamed.

"Wow, calm down. I didn't mean any harm. But I'm not sure Selena is new." 


"Selena has been going to this school since she was little."


"Yeah, didn't she tell you? I see you hanging out with her all the time."

"She said she was new, that use to be homeschooled."

"Yeah she did, before she came to this school a couple years ago." 

"How old is she?"


"This is a high-school isn't it?"

"Yeah, she skipped a lot of grades. She has been in the 7th grade for three years now."


"Yeah, complicated really." 

"Ok, thanks for everything. I guess I'll see you around?" 

"Yeah. You too." 

I walked back to my locker, hoping that Selena was still there. 


Hey everyone! Thanks for reading the fifth chapter is it? I am glad you read it, leave a comment if you enjoyed it. This chapter was a little crazy, I have to admit, but I can't wait until the next chapter, even though I am the writer of it. I am thinking about it right now. Leave some ideas in the comments, I might add them! 

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